Dirty Disco 548: Harmonic Horizons & Vibrant Vibes – A Voyage Through House and Nu Disco.

Kono Vidovic April 25, 2024 116 6 5

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Hello, music lovers and groove enthusiasts! Welcome to another electrifying episode of Dirty Disco, the go-to podcast for your fix of electronic music, hosted by yours truly, Kono Vidovic. In episode 548, we navigate through the pulsating realms of house, the profound depths of deep house, and the spirited beats of nu disco. Together, we’ll journey through a sonic landscape where each track celebrates the creativity and diversity of electronic music. Get ready for a playlist that’s not only engaging but also deeply connective, linking us through the universal language of music.

Featured Artists & Tracks in Dirty Disco 548:

This week, we feature a line-up of exceptional talent who bring their best to the electronic music scene:

Dirty Disco 548 isn’t just about playing music; we’re curating a soundscape that reflects the dynamic spectrum of the electronic scene. Alongside the vibrant house rhythms of Beatune with ‘Pulsing Fumes’ and the soulful explorations by Alton Miller in tracks like ‘Light of the World’ and ‘No Fomo ft Giinga Flame,’ we introduce a lineup brimming with diverse talents.

  • De Facto & DJ Fruit Salad bring an energetic high with ‘UR SO GOOD – Everything I Need (Extended Mix),’ a track that’s as invigorating as its title suggests.
  • Ben Gomori & Kevin Aviance command attention away from distractions and towards the dance floor with ‘Get Off Your Phone! (Wade Teo Extended Remix),’ combining meaningful messages with irresistible grooves.
  • Jamie Jaq ensures the vibe stays cool and classy with ‘The Jazz Room’ and the main title track ‘The Summer Wind’. released on Fluid Funk Records These tracks fuse classic jazz elegance with contemporary electronic beats, delivering a smooth, genre-blending experience.
  • Moodymanc spreads ‘Joy Dub’ across our playlist, injecting a positive energy that’s bound to get listeners in a joyful state of motion.
  • Lyle M revisits the roots with ‘Back to the Old School (Extended Mix),’ merging the beloved classic house vibe with a modern flair that resonates across generations of dance music aficionados.
  • Jwalker adds a layer of thoughtful introspection with ‘Bad News,’ combining profound narratives with captivating beats for a track that’s as thought-provoking as it is rhythmically engaging.

Not to be overlooked is the enigmatic The Coney Island Rhythm Band, whose ‘Paradise’ track envelops us in nostalgia while simultaneously propelling us forward with its fresh, modern spin by Jerk Boy.

Each featured artist and track in this edition of Dirty Disco creates a rich tapestry of sounds that push the envelope of house and electronic music. Together, they form the heartbeat of our show, the beats that unite, the rhythms that invigorate, and the melodies that harmonize our collective experience.

Dirty Disco Full Tracklist 548:

Immerse yourself in the essence of electronic music with the complete tracklist for Episode 548, celebrating the innovative and traditional in the genre:

  1. Beatune – Pulsing Fumes
  2. Frank Ru – Just For You (Original Mix)
  3. Jamie Jaq – The Jazz Room
  4. Frank Ru – Cold Drink Of Water (Original Mix)
  5. HIROWS – Her Night (Original Mix)
  6. Jamie Jaq – The Summer Wind
  7. DJ Rocca & Mike Riviera – Saturday Bounce
  8. DJ Rocca & Mike Riviera – Sunday Mass
  9. Toronto Hustle & Sean Roman ft. Javonntte – Deep In This
  10. Alton Miller – Light of the World
  11. Alton Miller – No Fomo ft Giinga Flame
  12. Alton Miller – Vibe Check  ft Giinga Flame
  13. Alton Miller – Reverie (Digital Only)
  14. Toronto Hustle & Sean Roman ft. Javonntte – Fall In Love
  15. Moodymanc – Joy (Piano Dub) (Exploited)
  16. DJ Rocca & Mike Riviera – HAUS
  17. De Facto!! & DJ Fruit Salad – UR SO GOOD (Everything I Need) (Extended Mix)
  18. Ben Gomori & Kevin Aviance – Get Off Your Phone! (Wade Teo Extended Remix)
  19. Lyle M – Back To The Old School (Extended Mix)
  20. Grace Bones – To The Rhythm 16bit 44.1kHz (Master)
  21. Jwalker – What U Put Me Through
  22. The Coney Island Rhythm Band – Paradise (Jerk Boy Edit)
  23. Kano – I’m Ready (Mousse T’s Special Edit)
  24. Nickelson – Children Of Saturn (Always Friends Remix)

Wrapping up Dirty Disco 548:

As we close this episode, we celebrate not just the beats that have filled the past two hours but also the connections these rhythms foster among us all. I’m Kono Vidovic, and it’s been a true pleasure to guide you through this rich landscape where each track entertains and enlightens, enriching our collective musical journey.

Stay connected by joining us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Dive deeper into the heart of the electronic music community through our website, where the rhythm never stops, and each discovery leads to more awe and wonder.

As we part ways today, carry the spirit of Dirty Disco with you. Let the diverse sounds you’ve encountered inspire you to explore, experience, and embrace the joys that music can bring into our lives. Remember, each beat isn’t just a note—it’s a call to unite under the universal groove that moves us.

Look forward to the magic that awaits in our next episode, where we continue to break boundaries and build bridges with every track. Until then, let the essence of Dirty Disco resonate within you, igniting curiosity and guiding you towards the next beat of your heart’s adventure.

Here’s to the rhythms that guide us and the melodies that unite us. Until we meet again, keep dancing, keep dreaming, and keep discovering.

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