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Dirty Disco 554: House Horizons – Journey Through Deep House and Electronica Podcast

Kono Vidovic June 7, 2024 85 2 5

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Hello, music lovers and rhythm enthusiasts! Welcome to another exhilarating episode of Dirty Disco, your go-to podcast for the finest electronic tunes, hosted by Kono Vidovic. In episode 554, we’re diving deep into the vibrant worlds of house, deep house, nu disco, and electronica. Prepare yourself for a sonic adventure where each track is a testament to innovation and diversity in electronic music. Let’s embark on this journey together, connecting through the universal language of beats and melodies.

Featured artists & tracks in Dirty Disco 554:

This week, we spotlight an exceptional lineup of artists who not only define but also push the boundaries of the electronic music scene. Each artist brings their distinctive style and innovative spirit to our eclectic mix:

JB Edits:

Kicking off our session, we have the smooth vibes of JB Edits’ “Super Mama’s Jam” and the funky beats of “Snakeskin B Boy.” JB Edits is a mysterious figure in the electronic music scene, known for his rare vinyl-only releases that have become cult classics among DJs. His knack for blending vintage grooves with modern beats creates an irresistible dance floor energy.

Rosie From The Block:

Next, we dive into the soulful tones of Rosie From The Block’s “Let Him Go.” Rosie has a compelling backstory, having transitioned from a successful career in classical music to electronic production. Her unique blend of orchestral elements and electronic beats sets her apart in the scene.

Tom Fills:

Tom Fills brings us “Is It Loud Enough (Extended Mix).” Known for his intricate production style, which often incorporates live instruments, Tom used to be a session musician for several well-known bands before turning his talents to electronic music. This track showcases his deep understanding of rhythm and melody.

Hidden Spheres:

Hidden Spheres, hailing from Manchester, creates lush, dreamy soundscapes with tracks like “Hold On Me (Club Mix – FM008).” His unique blend of deep house and atmospheric sounds makes his music a staple in DJ sets worldwide.

Michele Mininni:

Michele Mininni’s “Slipped Air” blends traditional Italian melodies with modern electronic sounds. Known for his atmospheric depth and emotional resonance, Michele’s productions always bring a unique vibe to the mix. Most recently I had the pleasure to talk to him about his Pop Archetypes album in this interview.

Special segments:

Artist spotlight:

Today, we shine the light on Alton Miller, whose track “Just Saying” brings a soulful, deep vibe to our mix. Alton Miller, a Detroit native, has roots in the city’s legendary house scene, and his music reflects that rich heritage.

Behind the tracks:

Let’s talk about Dr Packer’s remix of “Sunrise” by THE WILD VIOLETS. Dr Packer is a legend in the nu-disco scene, known for revitalizing classic tracks with his unique touch. This remix is a perfect example of his skill in blending nostalgic elements with modern beats.

Producer’s corner:

“Show Up!” by Moff & Tarkin showcases their quirky and experimental approach to house music, often incorporating elements from their Nordic roots. This Icelandic duo is known for their innovative soundscapes and rhythmic depth.

Dirty Disco full tracklist 554:

Immerse yourself in the essence of electronic music with the complete tracklist for Episode 554, showcasing a blend of established and emerging sounds:

  1. JB Edits – Super Mama’s Jam
  2. JB Edits – Snakeskin B Boy
  3. Rosie From The Block – Let Him Go
  4. Tom Fills – Is It Loud Enough (Extended Mix)
  5. 4 THE WILD VIOLETS – Sunrise (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
  6. Michele Mininni – Slipped Air
  7. Sean McCabe & Shamrock – Somewhere Out Here
  8. JR From Dallas – Housey Fresh
  9. Rob Redford – Never Said It Was Easy
  10. Hidden Spheres Ft Private Joy – Hold On Me (Club Mix – FM008)
  11. Pete Philly & Perquisite – My Stereo (Ascension & Shirazi Vibe Remix)
  12. Eric Sharp – Confluence
  13. Moff & Tarkin – Show Up!
  14. Good Call – Speramus Meliora
  15. Pete Philly & Perquisite – My Stereo (Fouk Remix)
  16. Tommy Rawson feat Ria Reign – On My Mind
  17. Infinity Plus One – Say The Truth (CYPHN11 – 02)
  18. Infinity Plus One – Context Is Broken (feat. JaronX) (CYPHN11 – 01)
  19. Rodney Dinkles – Movements (Original Mix)
  20. Piers Kirwan – Nero
  21. Infinity Plus One – Utopia (CYPHN11 – 04)
  22. Alton Miller – Just Saying
  25. Moff & Tarkin – Boyhood

Wrapping up Dirty Disco 554:

As we close this episode, we celebrate not just the music that has filled our time together but also the connections these rhythms help foster among us all. I’m Kono Vidovic, and it’s been a pleasure guiding you through this rich tapestry where each track entertains and enlightens, enriching our collective musical journey.

Stay connected by joining us on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Dive deeper into the heart of the electronic music community through our website, where the rhythm never stops, and each discovery leads to greater awe and connection.

As we part ways today, carry the spirit of Dirty Disco with you. Let the diverse sounds you’ve encountered inspire you to explore, experience, and embrace the joys that music can bring into our lives. Remember, each beat isn’t just a note, it’s a call to unite under the universal groove that moves us.

Tune in now:

Immerse yourself in House Horizons with JB Edits, Rosie From The Block, and more! 🎧 Discover the Hottest Electronic Beats Now! 🔥

Embark on this journey of enthralling beats, where every rhythm is crucial, and every melody brings us closer to the collective heartbeat of our global community. Let Dirty Disco 554 guide you through new musical terrains, be the rhythm to your steps, and the harmony to your soul. Dive into this sonic expedition now.

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