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Christmas Special, Dirty Disco #287 – Under the tree edition.

Kono Vidovic December 24, 2018 377

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That’s right! The date of recording of this episode is the 24th of December, week 54. Which means that even without Christmas music, this is your under the tree edition and Dirty Disco Christmas Special. Welcome to music podcast 287! Once again it’s great to have you here, so let’s start grooving and celebrate Christmas together.

What’s so Christmas Special?

The only reason why I’m calling this music podcast a Christmas special, is because of Christmas. ;-). I’m not playing any Christmas music, I’m not Santa Clause and I’m also not giving away presents. But since it’s Christmas and i like to give the Dirty Disco community something special, this is an extra long episode filled with great new electronic music.

Under the tree in Dirty Disco 287.

Like every week I’m featuring a few EP’s and albums. I really hope you enjoyed last weeks music essentials and PLAY in episode 286. This weeks episode is the second last of this year. It’s extra long. In stead of 116 minutes, you can now enjoy 154 minutes of listening pleasure. Just because it’s Christmas. Let’s see what we have under the tree in Dirty Disco 287.

Maya Jane Coles - Waves & Whirlwinds EP

Maya Jane Coles – Waves & Whirlwinds.

Let me right away start with on of the finest ladies in electronic music. Maya Jane Coles has been doing her thing since 2006 in electronic music. Creating some of the best Deep House music tracks out there and doing remixes for Massive Attack and the Gorillaz for example and just to name a few big names. Last week she released her new Waves & Whirlwinds EP on the I Am ME Recordings Label.

  • PLAY (Track of the week)

The Waves & Whirlwinds EP includes 5 beautiful atmospheric dreamy landscaped electronica tracks including this weeks PLAY. I Chose the track Visionary as this weeks play because we play music by Maya Jane Coles very often. I love her laid back style and creativity to create dope and playable deep house and electronic music that is accessible for many people. Whether you like Deep House and Tech More, Or if you are a lover of those Disco grooves. Maya Jane Coles fits in more genres and playlists than you can imagine. Thinking and producing music beyond the border is the result of this.

Talking House Vol 7 - Local Talk Records

Talking House Vol 7 – Local Talk Records.

Art Of Tones, Soulphiction, S3A, Marcel Lune, Tee Mango are just a few of the many names that frequently release music on the Local Talk Records label. These names are also very often played by us here in the Dirty Disco music podcasts. Wether their music is released on Local Talk or on another imprint. We really love the sound of Local Talk Records. Every year they release their Talking House series. This year they are up to volume 7 that includes tracks by the mentioned producers. In this episode I’m playing at least 5 tracks from this new various artists album. Check out the track-list on the bottom of this page to see what tracks i play for you. Click here to buy the full album.

Harrison BDP - Yearning For Yesterday

Harrison BDP – Yearning For Yesterday.

Harrison BDP (Big Dick Playaaah) I did not made that up. You can read it here in this interview with Harrison BDP on the Euphonics blog. Anyway, Harrison BDP is a producer that we play often the last year. We really love his music and last week he released a new EP on the Lost Palms imprint. His EP Yearning For Yesterday really brings some deep electronica to our DJ decks. And since we really like the deepness and the touch of tech in his tracks we decided to play at least 2 tracks from 4 on the new EP. Our favorite track on the new release is ‘Machine Ghosts’ This tracks is a real deep tech groover as i would like to call it. It has beautiful elements of electronica and a very dope arrangement. This track is everything but a straight forward house music track. Check the full EP here.

Urulu - Minor Forms

Urulu – Minor Forms.

DJ and producer Urulu is a name that frequently comes by in our music podcast. Last week Urulu dropped his Minor Forms EP on Tartelet Records, and once again he made us smile with this awesome release. We know Urulu as a versatile producer when in the beginning of this year he dropped some great Disco sampled tracks, but slowly but steady he found his way into more electronic deep beats. Creating those atmospheric dreamy house music landscapes. The Minor Forms EP is a great value to every DJ that likes to enrich his or her DJ set with not so straight forward music, but keep things special and surprising the crowd from time to time. Music from Urulu is exactly what you need. More information on this EP can be found here.

Most of the tracks that i play are available on 12”. If you want to know more about 12 inches and where to buy them. Check out this article i wrote on where to buy vinyl online and do some crate digging.

Best whishes.

That’s it for this weeks music podcast. I really hope you like what i have under the tree for you in this Dirty Disco Christmas Special. Do not forget to e-mail me for the DJ only mix, or just to say hello. I will be back with you on the 31st of December to bring you the last podcast of this year. Let’s see if we can go out of 2018 with a bang 😉 Until then i’m wishing you a wonderful Christmas, stay safe, stay healthy and be happy!

#287 Track-list.

Artist Track title
Kiwi Tifock
NYAK & Franc Syx Bound
KRL Confession beat
Soulphiction Bizzness
Jad & The Disco Hold Down
Bobby Analog Luvwomanboogie
Kapote Monogamie, Kannibalismus unserer Zeit (Kapote Rework)
Art Of Tones Where The One Is
Tee Mango Tryin Times
DJ Differrent The Undisputed
Carlo Little Talks (Ft Nikoss)
Carlo Boogie Nocturno
Bobby Analog Some Aul Horn On Me
S3A Searching Force
S3A End Track For A DJ
Bobby Analog It’s Hard To Be A B-Side
Ossie Unified (Soulphictions Classic Mix)
Harrison BDP Machine Ghosts
Maya Jane Coles Visionary
Lake People Vivacity
Sei A Inter Spaced
Harrison BDP Dust
Harrison BDP Seperation
Urulu Minor Forms
Urulu Destino Tikal (Cuerpo Pulsante Mix)
Urulu D.R.M.
Maya Jane Coles Isolate


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