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Dirty Disco Radio 125, Hosted & Mixed By Kono Vidovic

Kono Vidovic June 22, 2015 540

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Dirty Disco Radio 125.

What’s up in this weeks episode of Dirty Disco Radio 125?

In this weeks episode there is a lot of Broken Deep House going on, so i will play you new promo’s from Brame & Hamo – Lamaj EP on Dirt Crew Recordings, The Newest promo EP from Nachtbraker – Le Troubadour on Heist Recordings, to stay on Heist Recordings i will also play their latest release from Fouk – Kill Frenzy, next to that i have some more new released EP’s.

I will play 2 tracks from the Bodhi – Polysizer EP, i will play the full new EP from Laurence Guy – Kojak The all new EP from Sebb Junior – Move It.
Next to those awesome Ep’s i will play more music from Kartell, Wayne Snow, Klaves and Die Grote on Diepside Records.

Ten Walls Gate

You must have noticed all the commotion about Ten Walls the last couple of weeks, now called the Ten Walls Gate. So What happened? Ten Walls aka Mario Basanov made a statement on his social media channels about gay people and that being gay is an illness, he was very racist about gay people, so as soon as he did that the whole world fell over this and banned him from clubs and festivals, promoters worldwide right away canceled the booking of Ten Walls and almost the whole world was against him because of his statement.

Because of this i made a very special mash-up of his track Ten Walls – Sparta, there is a message for Ten Walls but also for all of the Ten Walls haters at this moment, it’s not right what he did being respect-less and offensive towards gay people. But the real problem lies in the people who respond to these kind of statements, the last couple of months we are all talking about the freedom of speech and the right to have the freedom of speech, especially after what happened in Paris, where the people from Charlie Hebdo were killed because of there rights of freedom of speech, we all agree that it’s pure insanity to kill someone for his freedom of speech, am i right? well what are we doing with Ten Walls? We are doing the same thing here, not killing him of course but treating him as a big criminal and destroying his career because of his freedom of speech.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to talk right what he did and what he said but the man is making awesome music for a very long time, and he worked very hard for his career that he still deserves, for years people world wide were dancing on his music, and now we are condemning him because of a silly statement.

If you really want to make a difference without condemning and judging to hard you can do that by sharing and playing this mash-up of his track Sparta that i made and you can download for free right here: Ten Walls - Sparta (Freedom of Speech Edit) (991 downloads )

The mash-ups brings the message just enough to make Ten Walls aware of what his music is about and that he should have better not said what he said, we might just convince him to think different from now on, just share the track and make the world a better place. 😉

Sample Quiz – Who Sampled Who?

Next to the Ten Walls drama we also did a bit of a quiz in last weeks episode of Dirty Disco Radio 124, where i played the new track from Ten Snake – The Walk and i asked you which original track Ten Snake was inspired by to create The Walk? Ian Skeavington our DDR brother came up with the right answer that it had to be Robin S – Show Me Love.

I also played the new track from Nicholas – Stop Playing With My Heart that also contained a very famous sample, which was a bit harder to guess, but for most of you you would recognize it as the sample from The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff – Summertime but i have to tell you that The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff also borrowed the sample from another track, the original sample is from Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness.

With that being said we have a new sample quiz this week and I’m wondering if you can guess it, just listen to this weeks episode.

Again enough reasons to listen to this new episode of Dirty Disco Radio 125.

How To Make A Podcast.

I’m very curious on your thoughts on my “How To Make A Podcast” Article, in this article I’m talking about the basics on podcasting things that you need to get you started making and creating your own podcast. Podcasting is becoming the next big thing. If there is interest in the article i will write more article on the podcasting subject.

Ian also released his latest mixtape “FunkySexyCoolDeep” Volume 3 where he selected and mixed 12 beautiful tracks.

As you can see more than enough reasons to tune in on this episode.

Since the last couple of weeks we pimped up our Dirty Disco Radio Youtube Channel, where we from now on will upload the same #dopeness music and tracks that we play in our podcast every week, we will curate new and very good music for you. there are play lists for your listening entertainment. Make sure to Subscribe to our page.

Tracklist / Playlist – Dirty Disco Radio 125

Wayne Snow – Drunk
Brame & Hamo – Four Lights
Kartell – Mood
Fouk – Ken Sent Me
Borrowed Identity & Mechanical Soul Brother – Groove On
Klaves - Come on (1267 downloads )
Brame & Hamo – Garlic Fist Pump
Fouk – Kill Frenzy
Nachtbraker – You’re Out Of Your Element
Nachtbraker – Gurl
Laurence Guy – Stavros
Laurence Guy – W.L.Y.B.
Brame & Hamo – Lamaj
Laurence Guy – Rizzo
Laurence Guy – Kojak
Fouk – Lefty’s Bar
Sebb Junior – Move It
Sebb Junior – Let You Go
Sebb Junior – Don’t Stop
Bodhi – DP7
Die Grote – Change
Ten Walls - Sparta (Freedom of Speech Edit) (991 downloads )
Bodhi – Haute

If you listen to us through the Itunes store please support us by giving the show a rating (by Clicking on the stars) and leave a little review about Dirty Disco, this way you will help us rank higher in the Itunes podcast charts. We would very much appreciate this from you.

Listen to it right here below, you can use the pop-up player that way you can keep surfing the web while you listen to this episode. Or you can choose to download it and take it with you on your device where ever you go.

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