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Classic House

Dirty Disco Radio 138, Hosted & Mixed By Kono Vidovic.

Kono Vidovic November 2, 2015 469

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Dirty Disco Radio 138.

Finding new tracks and making the mix for this week was very ease, sometimes i have a lot of tracks but because of the big differences in harmony or in BPM (Tempo) of the tracks it makes it harder to arrange them and mix them, so sometime it go’s very easy and some times it takes more effort to do it, but in either way I’m always enjoying doing it, and just because I’m a guy who always wants whats best and works the best in the music.

The musical selection.

In Dirty Disco radio 138, i’m having a couple of new EP’s and a very new remixes EP on the by now classic track Pizza Guy from Touch Sensitive, which was released two years ago on the Australian Future Classic label, by now the track is indeed a beautiful classic in my opinion. I’m going to play you two tracks from the new remixes ep on this one, next to that i have a brand new track from the Swedish Producer Jonas Rathsman who we all know for his House sound, with his new track he is clearly taking things into a new direction, and even though he is from Sweden the track sounds like it’s coming from Germany, think of sounds like Diynamic, Solomun, Adriatique.

Just take a look at the tracklist down below to see whats more in this episode and if you like it, click on the link it will take you straight to the Itunes store where you can support your favorite artist if you please.

Soundcloud & Mixcloud.

In last week’s episode i told you about that i’m stopping with uploading Dirty Disco Radio to Soundcloud, so if you like to listen to us on Soundcloud i want to ask you to come over to Mixcloud with us where the show will be available, Mixcloud works the same as Soundcloud for mixes and podcasts.

The most listeners come from the Itunes store, if you would like to subscribe to Dirty Disco Radio over there follow this link to the Itunes store and hit the subscribe button, this way you will be updated with a new show every week, you can do this from all sort of devices and that wy you can listen to DDR wherever en whenever.



As i mentioned it above we are looking for way’s to cover our monthly costs here at Dirty Disco Radio, think of hosting, the music we are buying to make anew selection for you every week and other costs with our range of thousands of listeners who love electronic dance music in a very wide range we can advertise your product, service or events through our channel for a small fee. If you are interested you can contact us right here.


Since the last couple of weeks we pimped up our Dirty Disco Radio Youtube Channel, where we from now on will upload the same #dopeness music and tracks that we play in our podcast every week, we will curate new and very good music for you. there are play lists for your listening entertainment. Make sure to Subscribe to our page.

Tracklist / Playlist – Dirty Disco Radio 138

You can click on the tracks, they are a linked to the Itunes store so you can support the artists.

If you listen to us through the Itunes store please support us by giving the show a rating (by Clicking on the stars) and leave a little review about Dirty Disco, this way you will help us rank higher in the Itunes podcast charts. We would very much appreciate this from you.

Listen to it right here below, you can use the pop-up player that way you can keep surfing the web while you listen to this episode. Or you can choose to download it and take it with you on your device where ever you go.

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