Dirty Disco Radio 142, Guestmix by Niek Godeke.

Dirty Disco Radio 142.

Another week means another brand new Dirty Disco Radio, already 142 episodes in a row for over more than 2,5 years of DDR, in tonights episode we have another guest-mix for you by the dutch DJ Niek Godeke, expect a perfect fusion of jazzy, disco, soul, funky vibes with a touch of afro and house. In the second hour i’m going to try to top things off with some house groovers and rolling beats!

Niek Godeke.

Niek GodekeNiek Godeke is a regular seen guy on the Dutch radio station Deep FM, where he frequently plays his music in the program Protechnive, for once i borrowed him and asked if he could bring his vibes to the Dirty Disco Radio studio. So Niek made a perfect DDR guest-mix for us. Expect a funky fusion between soul, disco, afro and house, played with Vinyl and passion.

Niek Godeke on Soundcloud

Niek Godeke on Twitter


As i mentioned it above we are looking for way’s to cover our monthly costs here at Dirty Disco Radio, think of hosting, the music we are buying to make anew selection for you every week and other costs with our range of thousands of listeners who love electronic dance music in a very wide range we can advertise your product, service or events through our channel for a small fee. If you are interested you can contact us right here.


Since the last couple of weeks we pimped up our Dirty Disco Radio Youtube Channel, where we from now on will upload the same #dopeness music and tracks that we play in our podcast every week, we will curate new and very good music for you. there are play lists for your listening entertainment. Make sure to Subscribe to our page.

Tracklist / Playlist – Dirty Disco Radio 142

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