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Dirty Disco Radio 154, Hosted by Kono Vidovic.

Kono Vidovic February 22, 2016 540

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Dirty Disco Radio 154.

In Dirty Disco Radio 154 i selected tracks from a wide range within the electronic dance music. Like every week i curate tracks that i love and make me move in every single way, tracks that make me feel good, emotional or just simply are very good because they are real dance floor bombs. Once again i dropped all those track in to a 2 hour mix hoping to please and tease you with electronic music.

First of all I’m here to play you some fine music to listen and move too, next to we created a platform for talented producers to get their music heard and to promote the dopest music out there made by real passionate producers. The Electronic Dance Music scene has growed into something very big over the last 10 years and it’s a very BIG business nowadays. Where is a big business there is also a lot of junk and people that just are here to profit. We try to keep the quality stuff that is made by people with passion and love for what they do separated from they people that think they can just earn some easy money or profit from somebody else who is working very hard.

No matter if it’s music or anything else related to the scene, the people who make music are mostly real passionate about it, here and there you have some DJ’s that use ghost producers but the most people are very real and true. But behind the scene there is so much filth going on, services that try to get you r money to promote your music to thousands of people as they promise but who are all fake. Radio stations that reach out to me because they like my show and they want me to join there station, but to join you need to pay a fee. Crazy thing are happening and these 3 examples are just nothing compare to what more out there.

That’s why we here at Dirty Disco Radio try to stay real, and to bring music with passion, from where it all started with in the first place, when i was a young teenager and decided that i wanted to play music for people as a DJ and to curate them the best unheard tracks, create beautiful moments and new emotions.

In this episode you can expect music from: The very new EP from Wantigga – Pillow Talk on Roche Music, The new EP from Seb Wildblood, new music by Low Steppa on the UK Based Label “Simma Black”
I’m going to play you 2 new tracks by Ben Pearce from his newest EP Pomelo on “Moda Black” Music from Pedestrian and Maribou State, yeah you know that i love those electronic vibes. The newest EP from Waze & Oddysey on our favorite German Dirt Crew Recordings and not forget to mention the latest track from Man Without A Clue Ft Meleke – Bless Her Soul on Defected.

Ear Protection.

Make sure to think about your hearing protection,  Ian Skeavington did a review on DUBS Acoustic Filters you might want to read it and start protecting your ears.

Defected in Croatia 2016.

With the news that Defected In The House is leaving Ibiza after many years of being one of the most promising events at the island, it’s now moving to Croatia to host their very own mini festival. I said it many years ago and over the last couple of years more more organisations are focussing on Croatia, now with also Defected being there I’m starting to think that I’m right with Croatia being the next best party destination. Read it here in this article about Defected Croatia.

Funky Sexy Cool Deep.

Ian Skeavington dropped his newest mixtape “FunkySexyCoolDeep Vol 2” It contains some very dope tracks by: Diplo, Craig David, Duke Dumont, Million and more.. Make sure to check it out.
You can find Volume 2 of FunkySexyCoolDeep right here.

Guest-bloggers wanted!

As you know i like to invite guest DJ’s to the show to do epic mixes to show there skills, next to that I’m also looking forward to get more out of the Dirty Disco Radio website with more articles related to the electronic dance music scene. I’m inviting you! if you like to write about: Music, Events, Gear, Gadgets Fashion or anything else related, reach out to me and let’s get in touch. You can help get Dirty Disco reach a higher level.

If you are a DJ or Producer you are also very welcome to send in a link to your music and maybe i will play it in one of my episodes.


On the 28th and 29th of May it’s the Bank Holiday weekend in the United Kingdom, and in that weekend the WeAreFSTVL is being held in Upminster, Greater London, a very dope festival with a lot of the great artists that will play there. Since I’m an official WeareFSTVL Ambassador i can get you discount on all the tickets, if you are planning to go there or if you know somebody who is going, just let me know check out the article on the We Are FSTVL Tickets. right here.

If there is enough interest in the tickets through DDR it would be nice to meet up for a nice little meet and greet with me and you, so let me know if you are heading there and we can arrange a meeting point to say hi. 😉

FSCD 2016.

Ian Skeavington recently dropped three parts of his Funky Sexy Cool Deep Volumes with his best tracks of 2015 which you can check out here.
Now that 2016 has started he created the very first volume 1 for 2016 which you can check out right here.

Tracklist / Playlist – Dirty Disco Radio 154

Booking Dirty Disco Radio.

If you are a promoter and party organizer looking for information to book Dirty Disco Radio or me Kono Vidovic for your party please use the contact form and i will reply within 24 hours.


As i mentioned it above we are looking for way’s to cover our monthly costs here at Dirty Disco Radio, think of hosting, the music we are buying to make anew selection for you every week and other costs with our range of thousands of listeners who love electronic dance music in a very wide range we can advertise your product, service or events through our channel for a small fee. If you are interested you can contact us right here.

If you listen to us through the Itunes store please support us by giving the show a rating (by Clicking on the stars) and leave a little review about Dirty Disco, this way you will help us rank higher in the Itunes podcast charts. We would very much appreciate this from you.

Listen to it right here below, you can use the pop-up player that way you can keep surfing the web while you listen to this episode. Or you can choose to download it and take it with you on your device where ever you go.

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