Deep Delicious Summer Vibes in – Dirty Disco Radio 175

Dirty Disco Radio 175

In this Dirty Disco Radio 175 we are celebrating summer with beautiful tracks from: Munk, Jean Tonique in Collaboration with Dirty Radio, Sammy Bananas, Om Unit, Laurence Guy and so much more. We also have an exclusive guest-mix by DJ Stefano, who a lot of people know from his weekly gigs at the Butcher Bar in Amsterdam – NL. DJ Stefano is also responsible for the daytime music programming at where he is the music director. In this episode he is going to do things different and plays you a beautiful Deep House set.

Tracklist / Playlist – Dirty Disco Radio 175

Munk – The Naked Baam
Om Unit – Friend Of Day
NY*AK – Lovess
Om Unit – What It Is
Karma Kid – Thru the Tundra (Ft Amine)
Munk – The Oboe Onyx (Lauer Remix)
Fold – All City
Laurence Guy – Lotus
Ben Gomori – Continuum (Oath & Anna Wall Scallops In The Bath Remix)
Our House – (Pigeon Feet Remix)
Sammy Bananas – Pal Sammy
Jean Tonique – Lit Up
Karma Kid – Shapes (Ft Demo Taped)
Recloose – On & On

DJ Stefano Guest-mix.

DJ Stefano Guest-mix

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Listen to it right here below, you can use the pop-up player that way you can keep surfing the web while you listen to this episode. Or you can choose to download it and take it with you on your device where ever you go.

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