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Dirty Disco Radio 217 – Summer Vibes – With Kono Vidovic.

Kono Vidovic May 29, 2017 98

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Especially for this podcast radio episode of Dirty Disco Radio 217, i used the beautiful weather here in The Netherlands to create the playlist in this episode. Last week was a very hot one, and those beautiful days filled with nothing but sunshine and over 30 degrees Celsius inspired me to create a very warm summer vibed mix.

How to enjoy Dirty Disco Radio 217 in it’s fullest:

  • Make sure to press play and listen to the episode.
  • Get a fresh and tasteful drink.
  • Adjust your volume to an acceptable volume level.
  • Make sure to follow me on my socials like: TwitterFacebookInstagram.
  • Enjoy ;-).


Dirty Disco Livestream?

I want to hear your opinion about the trend of the last couple of months. Live streaming is a very popular thing and almost every social media platform offers to function to live-stream. It’s even not that difficult as everyone can just grab their phone and start live streaming. Therefor you see a lot of Festivals, DJ’s & Producers and clubs live stream their events or way to the events.

Even though live-streaming is very easy to start doing. To create an quality live stream, you will need a bit more than just a telephone. Since you want to stream quality audio and or video. My question about this to you is: What do you think of those live streams? Do you like them? And if yes? What is it that attracts you to them?

The reason I’m asking this is because i would definitely dig a Dirty Disco Live stream. But I’m not yet how to set this up. The main reason is because DDR is a weekly show which lasts for 2 hours. So it would be a scheduled live stream. On the other hand a live-stream is always saved to the web so that people can watch them later again.

For now i do not have the right equipment to set a DDR live-stream up. But if there is interest in something like this we could create and find a way to make this work with your help. For an example we could do a sort of crowdfunding project to get this done. So hit me up with your thoughts on this idea, let me know what you think of those live-streams on the social media platforms. And let me know how this should be filled in when it comes to DDR?

Dirty Disco Radio 217 – Track-list.

Like always with every podcast radio episode, you can find the complete track-list right here. That way you can find the right track if you spotted a track that you would like to buy or listen to in any other way. That also rises the question, if you would dig an exclusive member section on the website? A section where DDR members with exclusive rights get access to so that they for an example can download all of these tracks and exclusive mixes or any other DDR material? Would you dig that? And what would you consider as a fair membership fee?

Marcel Lune – Telephones
Session Victim – The Hatch
Neue Grafik – Modern Man
Neue Grafik – Thanos Interlude
Neue Grafik – Soul Conspiracy
Session Victim – If We Can Make It Here
Folamour – Cult of Operator
Tell – What Can U Do For Me
G Markus – Oktogon
G.Markus – Satin Sheets
G.Markus – Tite
Marcel Lune – How Are You
Neue Grafik – We Are Good
Rick Wade – Feels
Fabrice Lig – Border 2 Border
Marcel Lune – Disco Mantra
TEE MANGO – Until The Light Creeps In
Rick Wade – Guardian Of Forever
Tell – Vamos A La Playa
Session Victim – Bring It Back
Marcel Lune – Astral Palms
Rick Wade – Feels (LK Remix)
Deetron – The Grand Cruiser
Raar – Leave Me In My Broken Dreams
TEE MANGO – Of All The Places Left To Dance
TEE MANGO – This Is Where I’ll Stay With U

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