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Dirty Disco Radio 219 – Summer Chill Vibes – With Kono Vidovic

Kono Vidovic June 19, 2017 64

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Damn! In a very positive way, the last couple of weeks and especially day’s it so freaking hot here in The Netherlands. A clear blue sky so that the sun can shine with it full powers. I call these very beautiful days, and i hope you are experiencing the very same where ever you are. Since i’m in the summer mood, i needed to bring you some new summer tunes as well. And there for i made this summer vibed Dirty Disco Radio mix.

Dirty Disco Radio 219.

In this podcast episode you can witness a selection of new tracks that all together will fit within the description of ‘Funky Discofied Summer Deep House Music‘ Between these great vibes you can expect new music from Session Victim, as he has released a new album recently called: ‘Listen to your heart’ New music from Folamour, Loz Goddard, Leon Revol on the German Monologues Records label. Das Komplex with a very onw track and a remix on a track by Till Von Sein. Blondish and so many more great producers and there music.

Members & Youtube.

I can’t say anything else that to just tune in and enjoy the vibes. Feel free to my reply to my ideas in this podcast episode of Dirty Disco Radio. I’m still collecting feedback on the exclusive member section idea. And also on the idea to create a Youtube channel with Youtube movies. To be clear the Dirty Disco Radio Youtube channel is already here. But now it contains a lot of music. But since uploading music to Youtube where you don’t own the copyrights to is not possible. I’m looking for another idea to create video’s that can go very good with what we do at DDR which is curating music. And being a platform for new talent producers and DJ’s.

So I’m very happy to hear your thoughts on how to create unique content video material without infringe copyrights. You can e-mail me here.

Dirty Disco Radio 219 – Track list.

Session Victim – Castle For Sale
Simiah – Ancy
Session Victim – Unchained
Lord Of The Isle – Bryte
Folamour – Janvier In Bed
Session Victim – Over and Over
Knowsum – Funk Isn’t Dead It Just Smells Funny
Loz Goddard – Lovin’
Till Von Sein & Aera – Dynamite ( Das Komplex Remix)
Loz Goddard – Something Special
Das Komplex – Shadows
Loz Goddard – Moovish
Session Victim – If We Can Make It Here
Loz Goddard – Juicy Lucy
Leon Revol – Sun Is The Place
Leon Revol – Birds
Chrissy – We Ain’t Goin Nowhere (Pontchartain Remix)
Loure – Keep It Real
Loure – Step In
Admin & Trilogy – Used To Love Me
Blondish & Shawni – Wizard Of Love (Modular Project Remix)
Demuja – Turn Me On
Leon Revol – Pink Coffee
Leon Revol – Embers
No Regular Play – Tell Me
Tensanke – Freundchen (Red Rack’Em Remix)
Marquis Hawkes – The Basement Is Burning
Unit 2 – Sunshine (Kink Remix)

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