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Dirty Disco Radio 220 – With Kono Vidovic

Kono Vidovic June 26, 2017 31

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Dear friends, family and members of the Dirty Disco Radio movement, once again it’s a pleasure to have you here and i can play you some new curated tracks in a 2 hour mix in this new Dirty Disco Radio 220.

Dirty Disco Radio 220.

First off all i have some exciting news to share with you. Dirty Disco Radio or at least i will attend the Defected in Croatia festival this year. Do not get to excited since i’m attending it as a visitor and not as a DJ or as a Stage, which clearly would be a dream come true. But I’m there to party. So if you are visiting Defected in Croatia this year, let’s get in touch and see if we can meet up to have a blast together.

In this episode i have a lot of new tracks waiting for you. I will mix them all together in a fine mix of 2 hours long. Expect the stuff like you are used to, Deep House Music combined with the funky and Disco sounds, going on into atmospheric dreamy and tech house music. I want to point out the tracks from the new EP’s from Thrilogy – Would you please me. And the new EP from Luces – Habitual Ritual. These are very much recommended if you are looking for new music for on your iPod, Smartphone or any other device. The easiest thing to do is to just download or subscribe to our podcast stream and every week receive a 2 hour show with new music from me.

Needed Expertise with the travel law.

I don’t want to get to negative, but i’m finding myself in a dilemma. I booked an accommodation in Croatia for me and my family for two weeks. I made a mistake and did not see that the room was not refundable. I booked to fast and noticed that they accommodation was missing some important elements that i needed for the holiday in Croatia. So within 24 hours i tried to cancel the reservation or at least i was looking into the options of canceling with a full refund.

From that point on the drama started, and the accommodation owners started to treat me like shit. I asked for a bit of understanding and humanity but they are holding on so tightly to the little sentence that wrote that is was a non refundable room. And now they have my money and they don’t want to give it back. So the only options that i have is to not come and lose my money or to come. However i wanted to come if canceling with a full refund wasn’t an option. But since they clearly did not liked my e-mails about canceling and the whole discussion went into a strange way. I’m not feeling welcome anymore.

I’m pushed in a corner and i don’t know how to get out. If anybody knows a lawyer or somebody who has experience in travel law or accommodation law in Europe, who can give me a bit of advice, that would be very helpful.

Keep it positive!

I will keep things positive from hear and i do not mean to be complaining. But since i reach a lot of people with DDR, i figured that it might work when i explain my situation right here. And this way i might just find some helpful tips.

Dirty Disco Radio 220 – Track list.

Right here below, you can find the complete track-list for this episode. If you have any request or need information about any of the tracks played in this or any older episode. Feel free to contact me through the contact form right here.

D. Tiffany – Get Back To You Soon
Ozel AB – Sierra Echo
Luces – Habitual Ritual
Thrilogy – The Hustle
Psychemagik – Wildman
Psychemagik – Gotta Hold On Me
Thrilogy – The Body, And The Soul
Alex M – Lakeside Slang (First Mix)
DJ Joe Lewis – Midnight Dancin’ (Dancin’ Mix)
Luces – Once Over Twice
Alex M – It Works
D. Tiffany – Blue Dream
DJ Aakmael – Deep Side
Parcels – Overnight (Produced by Daft Punk)
Jacques Greene – Feel Infinite (Bwana’s Felt Alive in 95 Remix)
Mike Dehnert – Komposit
Fort Romeau – Reasons
Mike Dehnert – Providing Home
James Jacob – Shifty
DJ Pierre – Sexy Aquarian
Floorplan – Made Up In My Mind

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