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Dirty Disco Radio 235 – With Kono Vidovic

Kono Vidovic October 30, 2017 71

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Once again, it’s a real pleasure to take you deep. And with take you deep, i really mean deep into the world of electronic music. In every Dirty Disco Radio podcast episode i play you the latest in Deep House, Nu Disco, Disco Edit,s House Music and any other music related to the Electronic dance music genre. In Dirty Disco Radio 235, next to music we are talking about Crypto’s and Bitcoin for a very little bit. And i’m telling you about the new ‘Kono & The Wolf’ project.

Dirty Disco Radio 235.

Let’s start with some music. In this podcast episode I’m going to play you music from the new album by Letherette – Brown Lounge Vol 1 On Wulf records. Many of you know Letherette as an all-round producer that creates versatile music within the range of House, Techno and broken beat kind of music. This new album is manly focused on slow tempo-ed beats, with a lot of dope sampling from old Soul, Funk and Disco records.

There is also new music from other names that are very common in the Dirty Disco episodes. Expect new tracks by Nebraska, Lindstrom with some Synth influenced music. Uffe, Lieu Saint, Sameed & Lauer. More dope music by DJ Tennis & Fink, Jonna Ft Lady Blacktronika.

For the first time in DDR history this is a extra long episode. I added 2 bonus tracks to this 235th episode from Mount Kimbie and Floating Points. The Floating Points track Ratio is 18 minutes long. And gives a whole new dimension to the show. Some people find these kind of very long electronic music tracks too long. But that is because they might not listen to it the right way. These extra long tracks are not really produced for Clubs or for just plain background music. As these tracks are telling you a story combined with a beautiful atmosphere and a long buildup with additional sounds. You need to listen to these tracks with your full attention and only that way you will understand them i why they are so long.

Dirty Disco Radio 235 – Track-list.

Lindstrom – It’s Alright Between Us As It Is
Letherette – Glitter
Letherette – Leabs
Letherette – Sex Romp
Letherette – Feel Reel
Crackazat – Midnight In Sector Seven
Nebraska – Rien Na Va Plus (Version)
Malouane – Got Robbed In A Forrest
Grant – Calibrate
Nebraska – Don’t You Know (Version)
Pepe – Rainfall (Pts I & II)
Lauer – Tyco
Lindstrom – Spire
Lindstrom – Tensions
Al Zanders – There Is Rhythm
Uffe – Jump Into (Paxton Fettel Remix)
Lauer – Clipper
DJ Tennis & Fink – Certain Angles (Lee Jones Remix)
Uffe – Next To You (Adams No Trust Remix)
Lieu Saint – Saie Paradis
Harrison BDP – It’s Foggy Outside (Roberto S Remix)
Jonna Ft Lady Blacktronika – You Make Me Do Things
Sameed – Pho
Mount Kimbie – You Look Certain (Kelly Lee Owens Rework)
Floating Points – Ratio (Full 18 minute mix) Uffe, Lauer, Sameed. D

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