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Dirty Disco Radio 239

Kono Vidovic November 27, 2017

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Once again i came to the studio to record you a new episode of Dirty Disco Radio. In this episode a new weekly selection of tracks, and a little bit information on Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies. Find the full details and write up right here.




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Kono Vidovic at Dirty Disco

Kono Vidovic

DJ | MUSIC CURATOR & SELECTOR | PODCAST MAKER | BLOGGER Professional online interpreneur. Coffee practitioner. Electronic music culture maven. Total music guru. Infuriatingly humble problem solver. Food & sports fanatic.

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Dirty Disco Radio 239 – Crypto Radio – With Kono Vidovic

Kono Vidovic November 27, 2017 385

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As we slowly enter the last month of this year, things are getting exciting. December is a month full of good vibes, a lot of feast with Christmas and New Years Eve. there will be a lot of good food, good drinks, laughter, happiness and good music to enjoy. So there will be in this podcast: Dirty Disco Radio 239 contains a lot of new good music, and a bit information on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as we will baptize this podcast into a crypto radio show. 😉

Dirty Disco Radio 239.

First let me welcome you to this new episode. Once again i did my very best to find you new tracks where i made a selection from and putted them all in this weekly mix of two hours. It’ has been a long time ago, that we started the show with those low tempo-ed soulful electronic music vibes. As i stumbled upon the newly released album by Darius – Utopia i started this radio episode with 3 tracks from this album. The first tracks are ‘Echo’ Which is a soulful slow groover with beautiful vocals. The same goes for the track ‘Night Birds’ where Darius collaborates with Wayne Snow on. Right after this one, we bring the BPM up to 107 beats per minute with the 3th tracks from the Utopia album titled ‘Pyor’.

From here a bit more soulful disco and atmospheric easy going on grooves are brought in from producers like: Superprince on the Razor N tape records label. Aleqs Notal, Tee Mango, JKriv & Free Magic with two Disco tracks, also on the Razor ‘N’ Tape label. After this more House music will come into play with Huxley & Skapes and their new EP ‘Don’t Call on the Relief Records label. DJ Pierre, Marshall Jefferson and DJ Octopus who are bringing you those solid house groovers. As you can read here, and i hope you are already listening to the show. You will see that there is enough new music that is worth checking out this week.

Crypto Radio – Bitcoins.

If you are a frequent listener, you might have heard me talk earlier about Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies in previous episodes. I don not spend to much time in the show on the subject, as i believe you are not here for that, but more for the music. So if you want me to talk more about Bitcoins, Blockchain and everything that goes on in the Cryptosphere. Let me know, so we can talk more, or when there is enough demand, we can open up the possibility to start a separate Bitcoin podcast. Where we will discuss the subject in a dedicated weekly or bi weekly Cryptocurrencies radio-show. Hit me up with your thoughts!

Bitcoin logo

This week i just want to mention, that if you are not busy with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies just like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. You might just want to start with it. Because there is a big movement going on. More and more fiat currencies are pumped in the market which means that the total market cap in crypto’s is growing faster than ever. You might want to enter to get your piece of the cake.

Market Cap is growing fast.

Just remember, that this is not financial advice, and that I’m not an financial advisor. With that being said, 2018 is going to be a wonderful year for the market as more and more people will invest in these digital coins. More fiat currency like euro’s and dollars are being invested and brought into the market. The overall market cap will rise, as it already rose last year from 50 billion to right now 300 billion dollar. And this is growing fast. Next year this will explode even more which means that coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lite coin will grow very hard. Why? Because these coins are the easiest to buy with your fiat money. So all the new money invested in the cryptomarket will first go to these coins. So these coins will grow first, after that a portion of all the new money will slide into other coins (altcoins) through exchanges. So also other coins will grow bigger in 2018.

This is not advice, i’m not a financial expert and do not know a lot about finance, investing and trading. But you also do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the potential growth that is about to happen and already happened this year. Time to dive into cryptocurrecnies and the block-chain technology ladies and gentlemen!

Educate, learn, read & listen.

If you are interested to invest in crypto. Please take some proper time to educate yourself. There are many resources on the internet that can help you to understand everything there is to know about it. So please take your time to educate and learn about this market before you actually invest your money.  There are benefits, but also risks, so you better get to know them first. Also do not invest more than you are willing to lose, since these digital coins are very volatile. One day your investment will bring you a lot of profit and the other day you can also lose it at the same speed.

If there are any question about this subject, feel free to contact me, to discuss and talk about it. However i love talking about Bitcoins and Crypto, also love to play music so for whatever reason you want t reach out to me, whether it’s crypto or booking me to play at your party, feel free to contact me here.

Enjoy listening to Dirty Disco Radio 239.

Dirty Disco Radio 239 – Track-list.

Darius – Echo
Darius & Wayne Snow – Night Birds
Darius – Pyor
Superprince – Up Up To The Sky
Alleqs Notal – This Place
Alleqs Notal – Infinite Bliss
Amadou Balake – Bar Kono Mousse (Musicien C’est Pas Quelqu’un) (Ben Gomori N’est Pas Musicien Edit)
Tee Mango – The Rhythm (Drums 3)
Aleqs Notal – The Search (Obsession for Percussion Mix)
DJ Aakmael – What iz Deep house
Superprince – Start Again
JKriv & Free Magic – Emmanuel
JKriv & Free Magic – Eunice
Eamon Harkin – Weaker Moments
Joe Goddard – Lasers (Bawrut Remix)
DJ Pierre & Marshall Jefferson – House Music
Huxley & Skapes – Chants
Huxley & Skapes – Shut Down
Huxley & Skapes – Don’t Call
DJ Pierre – What Is House Muzik (Roland Leesker LoveMix)
DJ Octopus – Diastemia
DJ Pierre – MuSiQ
DJ Octopus – The Toy Is Mine

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Kono Vidovic at Dirty Disco

Kono Vidovic

DJ | MUSIC CURATOR & SELECTOR | PODCAST MAKER | BLOGGER Professional online interpreneur. Coffee practitioner. Electronic music culture maven. Total music guru. Infuriatingly humble problem solver. Food & sports fanatic.

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