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Dirty Disco Radio 243 – Merry Christmas – With Kono Vidovic

Kono Vidovic December 25, 2017 58

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This will be the last time you hear me talking and doing a new show in this year. Because it’s Christmas time i’m keeping this episode Dirty Disco Radio 243 very basic and let the music do the talking mostly.

Dirty Disco Radio 243.

There are two things that i would like to point out in this episode. The first one is that, this next Friday the 29th of December you can hear me and my guest-mix for the ‘Plate of 50’ at Protechnive on www.deep.radio. Make sure to tune in 20:00 CET to hear my 10 tracks for 2017 in the mix. Next to me,  also Alex Sharp and the show hosts Jeroen De Wolf and Joe Lennard  added their favorite tracks of 2017. So make sure to be there to witness this annual event in Protechnive radio.

The other subject i would like to address. Is Bitcoin. Yes here i go again. In the last couple of weeks and episodes. I have been mentioning cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Now a lot of you should have heard about it. Maybe not through me, but through traditional media. Since Bitcoin get’s a lot of news coverage the last weeks because of it’s high price. Well many people have been saying that the Bitcoin bubble is going to pop very soon. And these people might just say that this is what’s happening now.

I strongly disagree on any kind of bubble right now. I don’t believe in bubbles. In my opinion this is just a healthy correction. A very normal and common thing in these markets. If you look at the history graph of Bitcoin you will see that over the last couple of years. Drops of 40, 50 % are very normal. So why should this drop be seen ans any different? Just because it dropped back from 19.000 dollars to 11.000? In stead of from 5.000 to 2.500? There is no difference.

A lot of people are taking their money out because of Christmas time. They want to buy themselves and their families nice presents. This is what the price drives down, when a lot of people take money out. Another thing is the people that panic. They see the price drop and think the bubble is about the pop. Let me take my money out now! Well this is very unfortunate for these people when they see the price reach 30.000 or higher very soon.

Buying, trading and holding crypto’s. Is just like an emotional rollercoaster. Stay calm, do not panic accumulate and hodl your crypto’s and all will come good.

That’s it for now. I’m wishing you a very beautiful Christmas time and a very happy new year. Stay safe, drink, eat, party and enjoy each other. I will see you next year with a new episode of Dirty Disco Radio.

Remember: Don’t do things, that i wouldn’t do either. 😉

Dirty Disco Radio 243 – Track-list.

Cody Currie – Loose Joints
Peter Croce – Made In Chine
Pender Street Steppers – Blackboard
Pender Street Steppers – No Need
Anthony Naples – Speak To Me More
DJ Different – Find
Adam Feingold – Energy
Falty DL – Paradoc Garage
Peter Croce – Proietariat Blues
Alma Negra – Afroleans – Parker Madicine Remix
DJ Kush Boogie – Club Tool 6
Four – With Lasers (Nebraska Remix)
Parker Madicine – Heartbreaker (Detroit Swindle remix)
Nebraska – Big Plate Chicken (Alma Negra’s Blacksoul Remix)
Peter Croce – Get Up & Boogie
Nachtbraker – Hamdi (Fouk Remix)
Detroit Swindle – Can’t Hold It (Nachtbraker Swing)
Sweely – Stronger Than Me
DJ Octopus – The Toy Is Mine
Tee Mango – Your Love
Peter Croce – Spirit Dance

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