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Dirty Disco Radio 245 – Computer Problems – With Kono Vidovic

Kono Vidovic January 15, 2018 55

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In the 3th week of 2018 Kono Vidovic is back with a new radio show episode. Dirty Disco Radio 245 contains new music and fresh tracks in a beautiful 2 hour DJ mix.

This week in Dirty Disco Radio 245.

First let me start with giving you my apologies. I know that last week a lot of you, where out there to get your hands on the latest podcast episode on your preferred platform like Mixcloud, iTunes or even here on the website. Unfortunately you came out disappointing because you weren’t able to find the latest episode. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience but there is a good reason. So let me explain.

Computer problems.

Let me start with saying that I’m still very satisfied with my computer. I’m using an iMac from late 2009 currently with the latest OS X High Sierra. Which is really running great! Here is what went down. Last week i wanted to do the preparations for episode 245. My workflow always starts with finding and selecting new tracks that i find in the online record stores like: Beatport, Traxsource or Juno. Next to that i check which promo’s from several record labels and producers i received and which of them i think are great for Dirty Disco Radio.

If you wish i can definitely write out or dedicate a part of the podcast to tell you all about my workflow and work process. But for now it’s just to give you little bit more feeling on what happened last week. So here comes the spoiler. As a smart human being as i are, i needed to turn on my iMac first to start with my preparations. So i pressed the on button and waited for the computer to start up.

Everything seemed alright, it started up with the white screen and the Apple logo with the progress bar just under it. So i waited for the progress bar to fill when normally right after my computer starts up. So i waited, and i waited. But nothing. It just kept loading and loading and hanging in that start-up screen.

So i decided to check what is wrong and i really tried everything that is possible to do when such a thing happens. The first thing was to start my iMac in safe mode. But this did not worked either. Next up was resetting some chips like SMC and some other abbreviations that i already forget about by now. This did not work. So i went on my telephone and downloaded the internet on it so that i could search for a solution in it. 😉

I found several things that i could try but nothing worked out. So i tried a new install but with keeping my files. Yes this is possible on a Mac. But after a very long reinstall it did not seemed to work out and the computer kept staying on the loading screen. So the last thing that i could do was putting back and old back-up. Since i did not had a recent one, just on from a couple of months ago.  Which was the next best thing that i could do.

And yes!!! After i installed the back-up from June this year, everything worked again. Well not everything, but almost everything. You can imagine that in a few months some things changed in my workflow and i missed a few programs that i needed to do the things i do. By now everything works fine again and i’m very happy to bring you a new episode with new tracks.

Music in this weeks podcast.

Let’s get back into that what you came for. The music in this weeks podcast episode! The first 75 minutes will be mostly that funky disco vibe that you are used to with new music from: Chevals, Siriusmo, Red Rack’Em, M.ono & Luvless and Kolja Gerstenberg on the Monologues Record label. After those funky vibes i’m building it up in tempo and i’m taking you deeper and a bit harder, bit still in a nice atmosphere which you will love. You will definitely feel the warmth reaching you deep in your soul. Tracks from the new album by Ejeca, Rick Wade, Demuja and from Dutch grounds Sean Odhran which was tipped by Karel van Vliet.

As you see there once again more than enough reasons to tune in with me on this weeks podcast episode. It’s a real pleasure to have you with me, let’s make 2018 and beyond a beautiful year. Please take some time to share and spread the Dirty Disco love and virus around the globe. Share the shows with your friends family and colleagues. Even with strangers, let’s bring people together with our music and make life even better.

Dirty Disco Radio 245 – Track-list.

Gutinstinct – The Girl You Love
Chevals – Layover
Siriusmo – Comic
Red Rack’Em – Place For Me
M.ono & Luvless – Just Like Magic
Como – 1981
Delfonic – The Flow
Kolja Gerstenberg – Muffsound (G. Markus G-Mix)
Thrilogy – Evanescene
Rick Wade – Classic Deep
Rick Wade – Don’t Look Back
Ambala – Calypso Beach (Folamour Stomp Your Feet Remix)
Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers – National Security
Joe Corti – Don’t Want It
M.ono & Luvless – Stretchin
Garret David – Touched Feb
Demuja – Getting Dark
Sean Odhran – Phunq
Chris Hanna – Up We Get (Ejeca’s 5AM Buckfast Remix)
Ejeca – Ayaha
Ejeca – Mantis

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