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Disco Edits, House Music & DJ Talks – Dirty Disco Radio 268

Kono Vidovic July 24, 2018 400

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Unfortunately the website has been offline for 5 day’s. The problem, overusing CPU processes? The good thing is’ it’s back online again and you can enjoy the latest Dirty Disco Radio 268 episode right here. In this episode the main vibe will be: Disco edits, House music & DJ Talks with me as your host. Tune in and groove on!

Disco Edits, House Music & DJ Talks.

That’s right! This is a clear definition of what i do weekly in Dirty Disco Radio. But in this specific episode i play you a lot of dope Disco Edits from the likes of Folamour, Marcel Vogel, Kapote with a New EP on Toy Tonics and many more. Slowly i build the vibe up towards a more House progression with dope new House Music tracks from Ejeca, Addison Groove, Marlon Hoffstadt, Shan with a new EP and Kerri Chandler. Please enjoy this weeks Disco Edits, house Music & DJ Talks.

Website problems.

If you have been listening recently, than you know that i’m dealing with some website problems. Because of this problems the website has been offline for the last 5 day’s prior to this episode. And it has been offline before because of the same problem. So what is the problem? I really don’t know. My provider shut down my website and tells me that it’s over using CPU power and i need to fix it because of that. Until than it stay’s offline. So i tell them i fixed it and then it goes back online. The problem is that it’s overusing CPU power of the server that my website hosts.

Now i can imagine that when a website has a lot of traffic and runs a lot of processes this can happen and you need to upgrade to a dedicated server or so. But in my case, it’s not all that. First we don’t have that amount of visitors. And the website is very simple, there aren’t many functions running. What i think is, that there is something wrong with the WordPress theme that i’m using. It’s not a very high quality theme and the support that i had was very bad. It’s not available anymore because they created such a bad theme. I bought it because it had al the elements a podcast theme needed and it looked great to fit with Dirty Disco Radio.

So for that matter, i’m looking to change really everything. The whole website and the branding of Dirty Disco Radio. To bring things to a next level we need to create a quality and stunning new website. Also the file hosting of all audio files (all the episodes) need to be better and cheaper as it cost’s me a lot of money and it’s not even optimized.

Therefor i need your help. Your advice, suggestions or skills. Do you want to work with me and make Dirty Disco Radio better? Just reach out to me.

Track-list Dirty Disco Radio 268.

LB aka LABAT – Deep In Your…. (Ft Bruno Hovart)
Folamour – Can’t Live Without Ur Love
Folamour – Roue Arrière ‘Rue De La Re’
Marcel Vogel – If You Like (Alma Negra’s Wisdom Of Oz Remix)
Kapote – Steal The Fuzz
Kapote – Want No More
Frank & DJ Aakmael – Mercy Of Means
Frank – Part Song (DJ Aakmael Remix)
Hugo LX – Phone Games
Tony Allen – Get Together (Folamour in Harmony Remix)
Kapote – Yeah Pass It
Folamour – Girl With Attitude
Folamour – Skin U’re in
Klubbhuset – Rehearsal
Kapote – Yeah Pass It (Mangabey Remix)
Cosmonection – Horizon
Kerri Chandler – Ye Yo Ma (a Doug Gomez RePercussion Edit)
Kerri Chandler – Keep Me Inside (Wolf Story Re-Edit)
Shan – Awakening
Shan – Who Run Things
Marlon Hoffstadt – Der Merowinger (Pepe’s Electro-Break-A-Rama)
Ejeca – Find Me (Addison Groove Remix)
Según Adewale – Ojo Je (SMBD Rascal Dub)
Según Adewale – Ojo Je (SMBD ’85 Raw Disco Mix)

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