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Discojuice – Dance in Outer Space EP – Flankup Recordings.

Kono Vidovic January 8, 2020 307 8 5

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Today it’s time to present to you our very first music review for 2020. As soon as this promo appeared in my promo email inbox and i took a good listen to all 3 tracks on this new EP i immediately got excited and very enthusiastic about them. Today i’m presenting you a name you might not have heard of yet but that’s about to change. Let’s look and listen at Discojuice – Dance in Outer Space EP on Flankup Recordings.

Discojuice - Dance in Outer Space on Flankup Recordings Paolo Russi Paolo Russi

The artist Discojuice.

Before we dive into the music let’s take a look at the artist, who is Discojuice? And what is it that he does? Well it’s pretty clear that Discojuice is the artist name from Paolo Russi an Italian producer and DJ who have been in the music scene since 2000 as a DJ and only started making music and publishing tracks since 2014. Next to creating new music like this latest release on Flankup Recordings, Paolo is also a music collector and curator and just like me here at Dirty Disco he loves to collect old and new vinyl. Not only his love for vinyl is something that we seem to have in common also his taste in various style of music is where we are aligned.

Instead of limiting himself to just one specific sound or sub-genre Paolo aka Discojuice likes to extend his range in his DJ sets to Disco, House, Jazz, Funk Soul and Electronic music. Sounds a lot like one of the Dirty Disco music podcast episodes aint it?

Discojuice - Dance in Outer Space on Flankup Recordings Discojuice - Dance in Outer Space on Flankup Recordings Discojuice on Flankup Recordings

The release Dance in Outer Space.

Discojuice – Dance in Outer Space will be released on the Italian in Milan based label Flankup Recordings that specializes in underground electronic music, and will come out on vinyl (12”), digital formats as available on music streaming services such as Spotify. The EP features three new tracks all written and produced by Paolo Russi aka Discojuice. His new EP ‘Dance in Outer Space’ comes up right after he released his Butterfly EP last summer and now once again we are able to enjoy and groove to his devine quality disco sounds.

As mentioned there are three tracks on the Dance in Outer Space EP, all three can be categorized in the Nu Disco, Disco / House genre. The tracks are excellent groovers and from high quality. Below you can read our basic experience with all tracks and take a listen for yourself.

1. Dance in Outer Space.

This is the EP’s main title track and a real journey through Nu Disco and the modern Disco era. Funky sounds like the hi hats and bass groove are the key ingredients of this track. As soon as the main break comes in the Disco journey starts to have shape and turns into an atmospheric space trip that lifts up the energy and makes you want to Dance in Outer Space!

2. Let’s Go Out.

Just like the main title track this track defines it’s title when you listen to it. It makes you want to go out for some real fun and proper dancing. If you love our Dirty Disco sounds we play you in our podcast you will surely like this perfect Disco track. It has everything you need in a modern Disco cut. That real Disco groove that makes you want to groove and move all night long. It is subtle in terms of tempo and can easily be marked as a slow Disco groove which is perfect for those laidback nights out where having fun with your friends is the main ingredient.

3. Disco Chop!

The last track on the Dance in Outer Space EP is Disco Chop! As you can hear for yourself by using the player below, you will notice why it’s called Disco Chop! The Disco sample got chopped into tiny pieces that together with great percussion makes this track into a great ‘keep the energy up and people dancing’ kind of track. While the others are also good to listen to this one is more for one the dancefloors and DJ sets to bring out the funkyness and that touch of stomp to the floor. Make sure to follow Discojuice here on Soundcloud.

I sincerely loved listening to this release and wrote this review with a honest opinion. Next to the music review here i will also feature it in my upcoming podcast, episode #338. If you like what you hear spread the word and support the artist and label. If you want to buy the vinyl release but co not own a record player yet, you might want to check into this article about 7 modern turntables to play your vinyl on.

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