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Discover the Musical Journey of Tigerbalm: A Dive into her Top 10 Career-defining Tracks.

Kono Vidovic June 15, 2023 144 4

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Loved music explorers! If you’re here, you likely share our thirst for distinctive beats, soul-stirring melodies, and sonic journeys that transport us to entirely new dimensions. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to an artist who delivers just that, and then some more.

Meet Rose Robinson, better known in the global music scene as Tigerbalm. This London girl has been spinning her unique blend of Matahari-esque aesthetics, global vibes, and electrifying sonics into a musical journey that’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. But don’t just take our word for it, she’s here to take you on this expedition herself.

Rose has generously offered to guide us through her personal discography, choosing ten tracks that serve as milestones on her musical journey. With each selection, you’ll get a glimpse into the experiences, collaborations, and inspirations that have shaped her unique sound. From sun-soaked Indonesian islands to vibrant New York clubs, each track tells a story, and each story is a chapter in the remarkable narrative of Tigerbalm.

So, grab your headphones, settle in, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable sonic adventure with Tigerbalm. As Rose herself says, “I hope you enjoy my selections.” Trust us, you’re in for a treat!

“Hola…This is Rose sharing 10 tracks from my musical voyage as Tigerbalm. It’s been such an unbelievable journey to get to this point. I’m extremely grateful to be able to do what I feel is my purpose and passion; my goal has always been to bring positive energy to this planet and to make people dance and be free. I hope you enjoy my selections… “

Ello Koko – Original Mix (Leng Records)

Ello Koko was released in 2020 on Leng Records. It was my debut single with two remixes from NYC legend JKRIV & Kiwi’s golden gem, Flamingo Pier. I started working on the track when I was in Indonesia, Gili Islands. I was there to DJ a friend’s wedding and had taken some time to relax afterwards on the local islands. I remember making the melody for this by the pool in this beautiful eco lodge. I used some Indonesian percussion throughout the track and turned it into Ello Koko with African vocals.

Balveyda – Original Mix (The Disco Express)

Balveyda was of the hand me downs from the Earthboogie split. I’d been quite attached to this track so made some changes and reworked it. Balveyda came out on my Jungle Pleasure EP on The Disco Express Label during lockdown in 2021.

Kete Radio Edit (Ubiquity Records)

Kete is the single from my International Love Affair LP which came out with Ubiquity Records in 2022. The track features Berlin- based singer Joy Tyson who I met when I sampled Farafi vocals from her Berlin act. She was starting her new solo career, so I sent her Kete which was a dub instrumental (I didn’t intend to have vocals on it but fell in Love with what she did). She’s incredibly intuitive, talented, and creative and suggested we celebrate our collaboration with a music video which we shot in Berlin. She really blew me away, bringing together such innovative ideas and creatives to make this video happen. Kete was remixed by Max Essa; Mang Dynasty & Massimo Lamagna so give them a whirl.

Waiheke Radio Edit

This was the second single from my International Love Affair LP. Waiheke was made after I visited New Zealand for Flamingo Pier’s Festival on Waiheke Island. The festival was really heart-warming, I played on the jungle stage; the setting was so unique and memorable – I wanted to make a track that could be played in that moment. Vocals were sampled with live percussion from Patrick Dawes

Tokyo Business (Ubiquity Records)

Tokyo Business was also selected from my International Love Affair LP. The track was originally called 24 hours in Berlin, but I changed the name after Joy Tyson sang the vocals. I still love the original but once again, Joy Sung gripping vocals so we evolved the name. I really enjoyed making this track. I used a Waldorf & Juno synth throughout the track with live percussion from Patrick Dawes

Cosmic Camel (Mystic Jungle Remix) (Ubiquity Records)

Naples- based Italian music producer Mystic Jungle remixed my Cosmic Camel track. It’s featured on my new ‘Remixes LP’ which dropped this year with Ubiquity Record as a follow up to my LP. Darius from Mystic Jungle blew me away with his rework; I’ve been following his label Periodica Records for years, so it was magical when he confirmed to remix one of my tracks. He did an Italo- Disco remix with a new twist, new vocals etc. Cosmic all the way!

Riad de Lister (Emperor Machine Remix) (Ubiquity Records)

This 10-minute-long remix from cosmic-disco legend has been a staple in my DJ Set’s. Emperor Machine did 3 remix’s (Extended Vocal, Dub and Intrumental). A bit like the original NYC Disco 12 inches. Really grateful to have him on my ‘Remixes LP.’

Nina Ft Farafi (Elado Remix) (RAZOR-N-TAPE)

Nina is the first single to come out on my new NINA EP with Razor- N-Tape Records in NYC. Razor- n- Tape feels like home to me; they have been pushing out the juiciest releases pushing afro/Latin/disco dance music which is my realm. My Nina single features vocals from Berlin based band; Farafi. I’ve chosen the Elado remix. The king of Tel Aviv beefed up the original to make the perfect summer dance floor banger. 

Sisters Ft Les Amazones D’Afrique (RAZOR- N-TAPE)

Sisters is the second single from my Nina EP. This tropical Balearic beat was an absolute joy to make. I love collaborating with female singers and Les Amazones D’Afrique are at the top of the list when it comes to inspirational powerful women. I saw them play at the Jazz Cafe a few years ago; their style and energy were so captivating. Wow it’s such a dream to have them featured on one of my songs.

Nina (Voilaa Remix) (RAZOR N TAPE)

Well, what to say…Voilaaa have dished up this tropical sun filled remix which will be a summer essential. I am the biggest fan of Voilaaa, I have every release they have made on vinyl so again another dream come true to have them on one of my own records with Razor- N-Tape.

Some final words.

The journey of Tigerbalm is a vivid tapestry of creativity, exploration, and connection, all underpinned by a relentless pursuit of her artistic purpose. From the sun-kissed shores of Indonesia to the vibrant energy of New York City, each track offers a unique snapshot of a singular point in time and space. They all come together to form a body of work that is as diverse and distinctive as the artist herself.

Thank you, Rose, for taking us on this incredible musical journey. Your selections, each imbued with its own story and significance, are testament to your talent, passion, and commitment to your craft. We look forward to seeing where the voyage of Tigerbalm takes us next.

In the meantime, dear readers, you’re invited to explore and enjoy these ten milestone tracks in the journey of Tigerbalm. Whether it’s your first time hearing her unique blend of global vibrations and vibrant sonics or you’re a long-time fan, there’s always something new to discover in her music. Tune in, dance, and be free.

Also make sure to check out Tigerbalm’s latest Nina EP here.

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