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Dive Into Dirty Disco 493 with Kevin Reynolds, Milton Jackson and More!

Kono Vidovic February 19, 2023 262 20 5

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This week, join us in the Dirty Disco Kitchen for Episode 493! After last week’s dope full vinyl take-over by our friend Dragan Kucirov, I’m back and got a fantastic set of tunes lined up to get your feet moving. From Kevin Reynolds to Milton Jackson and Ski Oakenfull’s Integration EP on Lazy Days Recordings, and Italian Disco legend Don Carlos there’s something for everyone. Plus, our friends “Afterculture” Rick is back with a brand new alias “Discoda” and sound along with singer Becca Whitbread. Alex Mase’s banger of a progressive track “Horizon” is also a one to listen on Clueless Music and it’s all featured here in this weeks music session of Dirty Disco 493!

Deep Disco, Future Electronica and High-Energy Music.

We’ve also got quality and solid deep disco vibes from Soul Central, Zoura DS, Katermurr, Craftmanship, and Ben Jamin. Plus some high-energy songs by Disco Lines & Gudfella, James Alexandr together with Penelope and Ampersounds who you might better known as Zen Freeman and Fred Falke that will put you in another state of body jacking. Finally the show ends with two perfect future electronica productions by 2 Alps, it doesn’t get much better than this! So what are you waiting for? Tune in to episode 493 now and let the music begin!

Last week I also featured a bunch of new music reviews on the website. Be sure to check them out and let me know what you think. Here is a small list with included links.

Milton Jackson & Ski Oakenfull - Integration EP

The Integration EP by Milton Jackson & Ski Oakenfull: A Comprehensive Review.

It’s been a full year since his last release, but Milton Jackson is back with a vengeance on Lazy Days Recordings. The UK house producer has released a flurry of singles and collaborations in recent months, leading up to his latest EP Integration. Following releases alongside Shur-I-Kan, Matt Masters, and Ski Oakenfull , the Integration EP marks an exciting return to form for Jackson and Fred Everything’s label. It’s great to have him back along with his new musical partner in crime, Ski Oakenfull! Read the full review here.

Track Talk & Q&A With Detroit Producer Kevin Reynolds About His New Album, ‘A Certain Circumstance.

Detroit is the birthplace of some of the most groundbreaking musical movements and influential artists in the last century. Despite all obstacles, this incredible city continues to inspire the world with its innovative music. Kevin Reynolds, a true native son of Detroit, is finally prepared to share his latest album ‘A Certain Circumstance’ with the world. We’ve had the honor to engage with Kevin in conversation before regarding his Riverfront EP, and now he’s back to tell us more about creating his new album, what it means to be from Detroit and how he intends to make an impact on the music scene in his hometown. Check the full interview here.

Kevin Reynolds - A Certain Circumstance
Don Carlos - i'm Steel Here

Italian House Music Legend Don Carlos Is Steel Here & Talks about his New EP, Career & More.

Legendary Italian house producer Don Carlos is back with his new “I’m Steel Here” EP and we had the chance to catch up with him for a Q&A. His debut release Alone, presented to the world via Calypso Records in 1991, quickly became a classic with its sun-drenched strings, laid back grooves and euphoric piano stabs – establishing the blueprint for what would come to be known as “Italian dream-house.” Don Carlos followed up a year later with his mini LP Mediterraneo, taking influence from Chicago master Larry Heard whilst adding a European “Balearic” perspective that has since paved the way for an abundance of emotive, evocative music. Read the full Q&A with Don Carlos here.

Horizon by Alex Mase is Our New Favorite Progressive Track.

Dutch DJ and producer Alex Mase released his brand new single HORIZON on February 17th, and this track will undoubtedly set the bar high. With its hypnotic groove and dynamic use of sounds, it’s the perfect dance floor filler that’s sure to get everyone moving. After a year spent perfecting his sound in the studio, be sure to check out Alex Mase’s latest track Horizon in our mix selection or check out the full music review here.

Alex Mase - Horizon
Lovebirds - Mar-A-Lago EP ft Declan McDermott

Lovebirds ft. Declan McDermott – Mar-A-Lago EP Review.

We’re proud to present our full electronic music review of the Lovebirds ft. Declan McDermott’s Mar-A-Lago EP! Following his previous release on Teardrops, Australian-born but Berlin-based producer Sebastian Döring brings us this latest project – and it’s a must-listen for lovers of Cosmic and Balearic Nu Disco vibes. Check out the music review here or witness it in next week’s podcast for a full feature.

Much more new music in the podcast and on the website.

Next to these featured tunes in the mix selection there is much more to witness in this great listening experience and for reading on the website. Make sure to check it all out and let us know what you think. Enjoy and spread the love for good music. Let’s keep supporting our artists with streaming, buying tracks and going out to events. And don’t forget to check out the links included in this article!

Final words.

As the electronic music scene continues to grow and evolve, we’re discovering more amazing producers who are pushing boundaries with their sound. From Jackson’s Integration EP on Lazy Days Recordings to Detroit producer Kevin Reynolds’ new album A Certain Circumstance, Don Carlos’ I’m Steel Here EP, and Alex Mase’s HORIZON single – there is something for everyone in this mix selection! We hope you enjoyed our full review of Lovebirds ft. Declan McDermott’s Mar-A-Lago EP as well. As always, please remember to support your favorite artists by streaming their tracks, buying them if possible, going out to events when it’s safe again, and spreading the love for good music. Thanks for tuning into our podcast today – make sure you check back soon for even more great tunes!

Hit us up on our website, Instagram or Facebook page, follow our playlist and tell us your thoughts on the show. Until then, keep dancing and stay connected with Dirty Disco!

Happy listening,

Kono & The Dirty Disco Crew 🎧💃

Full Dirty Disco 493 Tracklist.

  1. Kevin Reynolds – Family Tree
  2. Milton Jackson * Ski Oakenfull – Got To Find
  3. Discoda Ft Becca Whitbread – Revival
  4. Grand Garden Ft Lady Bird – Fairytales & Rhymes
  5. Kevin Reynolds – 12 Degrees
  6. Milton Jackson & Ski Oakenfull – Integrations (Fred Everything Dub)
  7. Soul central – Party Together
  8. Don Carlos – I’m Steel here
  9. Ben Jamin – The Feel Of Love
  10. Golden – Always Gonna Be Me
  11. Soul Central – Your Smile
  12. Shane Patrick Riley – Keep It Simple
  13. Zoura DS – Let It Slide
  14. Zoura DS – This Could Be
  15. Disco Lines & Gudfella – 2 Hearts
  16. James Alexandr – Attention (Ft Penelope)
  17. Ampersands – Nightdrive (Club Dub)
  18. Katermurr – Morning Sun
  19. Craftsmanship – Because I Love You
  20. Mario Franca – Alpine
  21. Alex Mase – Horizon
  22. 2 Alps – Blur Vid
  23. 2 Alps – Favorite State

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