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Doche Unveils Musical Inspirations Behind ‘Hit The Tracks’ | The Disco Express Exclusive.

Kono Vidovic April 15, 2024 28 2

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Summer is well and truly here, as Brazilian DJ and producer Doche jumps aboard The Disco Express with his brilliant new EP ‘Hit The Tracks’. Rich in soul and South American flavour, Doche’s debut EP explores the vibrant sounds of the colourful and highly charged Brazilian musical culture. Comprising of three Latin drenched original songs and a remix by the mighty Birdee, Doche expresses his flavoursome music through meticulous strings, jazzy saxophones, immersive bass lines, and infectious dancefloor grooves.

DJ Doche Hit The Tracks Interview The Disco Express

Collaborating with Brazil’s Carla Sceno, Italy’s Simona Sansovini, and Kria McKenzie who hails from the sunnier climes of Jamaica, ‘Hit The Tracks’ offers an EP full of variation and innovation. Doche’s music transcends borders and immerses listeners in his unique musical journey. Recorded at Ultra studio in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with more than eleven instrumental musicians, including saxophonists, trombonists, trumpeters, violinists, guitarists set the tracks on fire providing a floor bouncing, full bodied, authentic sonic experience. This masterfully produced EP is a buy on sight for disco divas, soulful dancers, and house music lovers alike! 

I will start from the beginning.

Hugo Doche

1. Jota Quest – Fácil 

“Facil” means “Easy” and this was the first song I played on the drums. I remember practicing the drum for weeks and weeks, and about that time, it became east.  Fortunately, a couple of years later I became friend of Paulinho Fonseca (the drummer) and got the chance to tell him personally how this song has deeply influenced me.

2. Lee Ritenour – Night Rhythms

A Couple years later, a jazz singer gave me a DVD of Lee Ritenour. I watched it so many times. It made me want to learn more about jazz, R&B and Fusion. I could say that this song was the main reason that I went to Los Angeles to study music.

3. James Brown – Funky Drummer

What can say about James Brown? I just love how his music makes me dance. I could listen to this drum loop all day, and while I was graduating at the LA Music Academy, I had to learn this groove, and it was one of the greatest experiences, because it seems so easy when you see Clyde Stubblefield playing, but when you start doing it, you realize that it is a blend of soul and great technique at the same time.

4. Banda Black Rio – Vidigal

“Banda Black Rio” presents to me the essence of Brazilian soul funky music. I love the way that all the instruments sound, how the band did something unique with the Brazilian rhythms and time signatures.

5. George Benson – Give Me The Night

I am just a big fan of George Benson. I love the way he does all those groovy riffs that makes me want to sing what his guitar is playing, not to mention the lyrics and the great vibe of his music.

6. Say Something – CHRISTIAN McBRIDE

This song hit me hard, right in the chest. What can I say about this drum on the intro? Just powerful, groovy, with a lot of timbers and variations. It used to be my phone ring. This is a mix of bee bop, funk and jazz … I can’t even express!

7. Gilberto Gil (expresso 2222)

This song just makes me feel so good! Gilberto has always influenced me. I also invite you to listen to “Gilsons”.

8. João Bosco – Incompatibilidade De Gênios

João Bosco’s band is just phenomenal, fast and classy samba with lots of solos, and he sings like he is singing a Bossa Nova lol.   I recommend you check a band called “Nosso Trio” with the drummer “Kiko Freitas”, Bass player “Ney Conçeição” and guitarrist “Nelson Faria”.

9. Manu Katché: “Number One” from the album “Neighborhood” 

This “Manu Katché” album made me think a lot how the drummer can be sensitive and compose songs that enhances and highlight other instruments. I feel grateful everytime i listen to it!

10. Doche ft. Carla – Dance

“Dance” is part of my EP on “The Disco Express”.  I couldn’t be more satisfied with the result. We had such a great time in the studio, we had the chance to create and change the lyrics during the recording session, also to create some great background vocals with Carla. This song is a big mix of all my influences around the world

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do!


Thanks for tuning in! A massive thank you to Doche for joining us today and sharing his musical journey and inspirations. Be sure to check out his stunning new EP, ‘Hit The Tracks’, available now, each track is a testament to his talent and passion for music. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell to stay updated with more exclusive talks. Dive into the Brazilian beats of ‘Hit The Tracks’ today, and let the music move you!

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