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Do i have a life, or am i just living? – Dirty Disco 280.

Kono Vidovic November 5, 2018 1544

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It’s week 45 and today its the 5th of November. In this weeks music podcast episode, i included a deep philosophical message that you can use to ask yourself” Do i have a life, or am i just living? Next to dope music, i always try to bring you a lot of positivity. To be open and able to receive my positivity, we also sometimes need to take a step back and re-think our lives for a bit. Next to a bit of mindfulness, what else do i have for you in Dirty Disco 280?

Dirty Disco 280.

Before i jump into my deep message that i included in this weeks radio-show. Let’s take a look at the musical selection i made for you. In this weeks podcast, there are 25 new tracks that i chose from a bigger selection of 100 tracks. That i selected last week from the promo’s that i receive, and through the other channels that i use to curate music for Dirty Disco. Over the last couple of weeks i have been highlighting new EP and album releases in my blog posts. Last week i featured the new album by Letherette and at the same time i discussed if cassette is back? Because of the release on cassette by the electronic music duo.

This week next to the standard track-list i included among the highlighted albums and EP’s. The new album by Ethyene – Brotherly Love, that has been released on the Moonrise Hill Material imprint. SHEE with Champagne & Guinness EP on Secret Society, and the latest release by DJ Spen collaborating with the Jasper Street Company on their track My Soul Is A Witness, which is released on the Nervous records label.

Ethyene - Brotherly Love

Ethyene – Brotherly Love – Moonrise Hill Material.

This new album release by Ethyene contains 9 new tracks that are a mixture between chilled jazzy vibed house tracks, and more towards the disco 4×4 house vibes. I really like all tracks on the album. And therefor i played at least 6 of them in this weeks selection. Brotherly Love is released on Moonrise Hill Material, and next to digital format also available as a 2 x 12″ LP sampler. Make sure to get your hands on the album, as it has been already sold out on several websites.

Check out the vinyl sampler on Juno.

SHEE - Champagne and Guinness

SHEE – Champagne and Guinness – Secret Society

To be honest even since i have stopped drinking alcohol since a couple of months. I really like the sound that is coming from this new EP by SHEE named: Champagne and Guinness. The EP is released on the Secret Society imprint and contains 4 tracks. That are all included in this weeks DJ mix in Dirty Disco 280. As most tracks are bringing that real Disco House sound, that really gets you grooving. There is also the track ‘Am i just living’ Which is a bit of a deep disco house track that brings a smooth groove. But more important, it also brings a deep message which i will use to dive even a bit further in the message.

The EP is available on Juno Download.

DJ Spen - My Soul Is a Witness

DJ Spen – My Soul is a Witness – Nervous Records.

The last of the 3 featured album and EP’s, is the latest release from Soulful House master DJ Spen (aka Sean Spencer). For his latest release on the New York based label Nervous Records. He worked together with the Jasper Street Company to create a soulful gospel house masterpiece. On My Soul is a Witness you can find 6 versions of the tracks. The originals by DJ Spen that include the vocal mix, the instrumental as a radio edit. Next to the original, there are also 3 remixes included by Spen & Jay Kutz. And Kaytronik’s Oh Yeah Dub, that we have included in our music podcast this week.

Find the full release here.

Do i have a life or am i just living?

One of the tracks from the new EP by SHEE, inspired my to take a look at our way of living and include a deeper message. In the track ‘Am I Just Living’ you can hear a vocal telling you about, that there will come a time in your life where you need to ask yourself some serious questions. Do i have a life, or am i just living? When we do what we do, life goes by so fast. That sometimes you need to step back and take a little bit of time, to re-think about some elements. Are you happy with who you are? Are you happy with the people around you, are you happy with what you are doing and how your life is going?

You really need to ask yourself ‘do i have a life, or am i just living? More and more people suffer from a burn-out and have mental health issues. You can find our long-read on mental health by Ian Skeavington here. The biggest reason for this is the continuously pressing society. That expects so much from us as individuals. We work hard, we have our obligations, we need to pay the bills. We want to be happy, healthy and become old. But is all of this doable in the way you are living your life right now?

Making a choice brings us to another track that i’m playing you in this weeks music podcast. The new EP from Catz ‘n Dogz – The Choice completes my message of stepping back and taking a look at your life. You’ll need to make a choice in what you want, if health and happiness is more important for you than being rich and successful, then you need to make this happen, as it will not come by itself. Even though life isn’t always going as planned. Referring to a famous movie quote ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ You are still the one with final control on the end direction of your life. Just remember that!

Last but not least. I’m convinced that, happiness, a good health and a peaceful mind are the only things that can bring you success and richness.

Track-list Dirty Disco 280.

  1. Ethyene – No Matter Quoi
  2. Ethyene – Gentleman Never Run
  3. Steve Spacek – Gimme Da Love
  4. Ethyene – Indigo Memories
  5. Ethyene – A Baddington Pear (Dirty Mix)
  6. Ethyene
    Should’ve Been The Place
  7. Hurlee – My Life
  8. Hurlee – Broken Funk
  9. SHEE – Experience
  10. SHEE – Spin Shit
  11. Addison Groove & Bim Sanga – Sudoeste
  12. JVXTA – SS Anne
  13. Javonntte – Detroit 9
  14. Louise Chen – Reach (Raw Mix)
  15. Ethyene – Brotherly Love
  16. SHEE – Am I Just Living
  17. Javonntte – 20 million of the planet
  18. Wyatt – J.A.L.S.
  19. Slim Hustla – Outer Streets Inner Peace
  20. Cat ’n Dogz – The Choice (Adryiano Super Relaks Remix)
  21. DJ Spen & Jasper Street Company – My Soul Is A Witness (Kaytroniks Oh Yeah Dub)
  22. SHEE – They Won’t Let Me Play
  23. Dope Ammo, Kathy Brown & Wyld Child – I’m Good (Man Without A Clue Remix)
  24. Cassettes For Kids – Lost
  25. Eben Rees – Zilch Qualms

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