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Help us support the show! As you can imagine, our weekly show is on a non profit base, but with the costs of hosting the shows, curating new music, the website and other expenses, we could very much use your support. So we can work towards a bigger Dirty Disco community and share even more great music with you. All donations are very much appreciated and invested in the growth of Dirty Disco The Electronic Music Podcast & Blog.

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Music is our passion, even though we love what we do, we need to pay the bills too. Creating a weekly music podcast & radio show without commercials not only takes a lot of time, but there are also a lot of hidden costs that come with a platform just like Dirty Disco. Here at Dirty Disco we love to share music with you in a positive way, without harming the original music creators. Therefore we are a platform that curates new music every week. That selects new music and promote it and the artists in our podcast and on our website.

Hosting a website and music podcast has a price since nobody works for free.  Hosting needs to be paid. The music needs to be bought, not even spoken about the time and effort is putted in. That’s is why we need you to support us! If you love the Dirty Disco sound, and love the music that we curate. You are free to support us with a small donation. Your donation comes for a good cause, since we put it all back in the music industry, and especially the talented artists and great labels that deserve the attention and playtime.

If you want to support us, you can choose one of the donation boxes here above, to choose the amount that you want to donate to us or donate a custom amount. We really appreciate your support! And will definitely send you a personal thank you and shout-out in our music podcast.

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