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Navigating a Sonic Odyssey: EG’s “Unexpected Journey” EP – A Review

Kono Vidovic November 20, 2023 104 9 5

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Here at Dirty Disco, we thrive on discovering fresh, electrifying sounds that redefine genres. Today, we delve into EG’s debut EP, ‘Unexpected Journey,’ released on November 17th, 2023, through Pont Neuf Records. EG, a DJ and producer balancing life between Paris and Brussels, has taken the European club scene by storm. At 25, she’s not just spinning records but weaving stories, transitioning from architect to DJ, her EP mirrors this life-changing journey.

Artist background story.

EG, juggling careers between Paris and Brussels, is no stranger to the European club circuit, having performed in renowned venues like Rex, Fabric, Audio, and Fuse. At just 25, her swift ascent in the DJ world, paralleling her architectural endeavors, paints a portrait of a multifaceted artist. This EP serves as a testament to her evolving artistic identity, where music becomes a medium to narrate her life’s transitions.

Telling this unexpected journey through music helps me gradually realize and embrace it.”


EG – Unexpected Story EP track analysis.

A1. Right From Wrong:

Style: Hip-Hop and Old-School Deep House

My Take: As a DJ, I’ve seen how the first track can set the tone for an entire album. ‘Right From Wrong’ does this beautifully, blending childhood influences with classic deep house vibes. It’s a nod to legends like Larry Heard and Jovonn, echoing the start of EG’s DJ journey in 2020.

A2. U Know What I Want:

Style: Balearic, Dream-House, Soulful

Insight: This track captures the essence of summer and the juxtaposition of EG’s dual life as a recent architecture graduate and a budding DJ. The emotional depth here, combined with a danceable rhythm, speaks to those moments of personal triumph and challenge.

A3. Interlude:

Theme: Transition and Inner Conflict

Reflection: Here at Dirty Disco, we love when artists get raw and real. ‘Interlude’ is EG’s heart on her sleeve, portraying her struggle between her past as an architect and her present as a DJ. It’s a moment of introspection amidst the beats, echoing the solitude and anxiety of such a drastic life change.

B1. Then It Goes:

Style: 90s Progressive House

Analysis: Shifting gears to a clubbier vibe, this track reflects EG’s darker, introspective side. It’s a journey through various iterations, ending in a danceable, yet emotionally complex composition. It represents the past but firmly plants EG in the present, a triumph in musical storytelling.

B2 . So Special (feat Mangabey):

Influence: 90s Electronic, Afrika Bambaataa

Collaboration: The synergy with Mangabey adds a rich layer to this final track, blending EG’s and Mangabey’s distinct styles. It’s a celebration of the 90s era, a testament to EG’s ability to collaborate and create something unique and memorable.

Personal reflection.

EG’s narrative resonates with anyone who’s faced career changes or identity shifts. Her music becomes a bridge connecting her past as an architect with her present as a DJ. This emotional depth adds a layer of relatability to her music, making it more than just a collection of tracks, but a story of resilience and self-discovery.

EG - unexpected journey Press Pic

EG’s own words.

EG’s own words encapsulate the essence of the EP: “Telling this unexpected journey through music helps me gradually realize and embrace it.” This statement highlights the cathartic nature of her work, where each track is a milestone in her personal and professional evolution.

EG - unexpected journey Vinyl artwork


“Unexpected Journey” is not just an EP; it’s a sonic diary that charts a transformative phase in EG’s life. It’s an invitation to explore the complexities of change and the beauty of embracing the unknown. For music enthusiasts and those embarking on their own journeys, EG’s debut EP offers a resonating soundtrack. Listen to “Unexpected Journey” on various platforms (also available on vinyl), and join EG in this melodious voyage of self-discovery and artistic growth.

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