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Kono Vidovic July 6, 2020 370 14 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Introduction to #363 | Electronic Beats & Deep House
  • fast_forward 00:12:53 – – Telephones – Point Breaks | European Carryall Music Feature
  • fast_forward 00:23:20 – – Telephones Feature | Offshore and Coen on Freerange Records
  • fast_forward 00:35:52 – – Mitiko – Disko Diss Album Review | Shee – Jiraya EP on HOD.
  • fast_forward 00:45:45 – – For The Love – Live Ones | Alps 2 & Simona Drive – Burnt Feature
  • fast_forward 00:58:42 – – Kousto – Guadapipi Music Review on Little Foot Records
  • fast_forward 01:12:40 – – Armless Kid – Rewind EP on Fina Records | Shee on House Of Disco
  • fast_forward 01:27:42 – – Caribou & Floating Point Remixes | Retromigration on GLBDOM
  • fast_forward 01:33:20 – – Music from Amsterdam: Kassian on Heist Recordings
  • fast_forward 01:39:10 – – Kassian – 8th Movement | Heist Recordings (12'')
  • fast_forward 01:45:30 – – Sophisticated House Music, New Kassian EP is a must have!
  • fast_forward 01:49:40 – – Save IPSE V.A. compilation | Herr Krank on Bellissima!
  • fast_forward 01:53:48 – – Introduction to weekly Free D/L & House Music History
  • fast_forward 01:59:45 – – Marshall Jefferson Free Remix | Outro speech Dirty Disco

Introduction to 363 | Electronic Beats & Deep House.

Episode 363 is not only another declaration of love for music. But also the 363th proof of dedication and passion in making guided music mixes. I must be honest that only with your support of tuning in and reaching , letting me know that you love what i do i could hold on to it for so long. Once again these elements resulted in this week’s episode with electronic beats and Deep House in Dirty Disco 363.

Musical contents | What’s in this mix selection?

Let’s get to it and look what i have prepared for you in episode 363. Like always this 2 hour mix will take you on a electronic music journey with 23 new recordings. Starting with some ‘funky beach breaks’ that start slow but in 5 tracks build up to a bit more groove before we dive into the sea of deep electronic house music. All the way at the end of this music show mix i will play for you the free download from this week that will also learn you a bit about the history of house music with a proper remix on a Chicago classic.

Episode 363 contents:

  • 23 new tracks separated on several EP’s and or music albums.
  • 11 tracks are also available on vinyl. Some even limited pressed.
  • 6 promo recordings on the time of recording this music show.
  • 3 albums are among the selection.
  • 1 free weekly download, which brings a bit of house music history.

Highlighted new releases.

I always try to give all the tracks in the mix selection the same amount of exposure and credits one way or the other. If not by featuring and reviewing them in the music show, or by a feature here below in the blog or by showing you the music cover artwork that you’ll find on this page. To make sure you can always find every played track, i always list a full comprehensive tracklist on the bottom of the music episode blog. Next to that i randomly feature a few releases that i think you will like here below.

Telephones – Point Breaks / Beach Breaks | European Carryall.

The from Bergen in Norway coming Telephones is a strong believer in quality over quantity. Instead of releasing many releases after each other, he chooses to put a lot of effort and quality in his music and then carefully considers something for a release. This way he builded up a humble collection of dope music releases on labels like Running Back, Sex Tags UFO, Acido and more…

In 2019 Telephones started his own label ‘European Carryall’, and recently released his: Point Breaks / Beach Breaks EP which is full of electronic goodness in the form of instrumental Hip-Hop and balearic cosmic future sounds.

I featured 4 from the 5 tracks on this well crafted EP to build up the mood and energy in this week’s show.

Mitiko – Disko Diss | Disco Fruit.

If you love Jazz infused House, Nu Disco and Deep House. You should check out the second album by the Montenegrin artist Sasha Mitich a.k.a.: Mitiko, who returns to the Serbian Disco Fruit label for the second time.

To give you a glimpse of the overall quality in music on this album, i’m playing you his track ‘Tell Me’ which is a deep electronic cosmic future disco refresher and really stands out from the album. As the other tracks are more sunshine ‘having good times on the beach’ focused. I have to say the quality and producing skills are very high on this album. Listening to this great art of work i can only conclude that we will hear a lot more in the near future from Mitiko.

Shee – Jiraya EP | House Of Disco.

House of Disco started out as a electronic music blog with the focus on Disco House and free downloads. A bit like Dirty Disco you can say. Through the years they worked towards starting a record company and since then HOD have been releasing many quality releases that we really love.

Their latest 12 inch release is the debut on the label from the rising Irish star Shee and his Jiraya EP. Listening to this EP clearly under stripes his talent and ability to create unique new music in different sub-genres of electronic music.

For this episode i used two from the four tracks. Starting with ‘Forgotten’ which perfectly connects with the above mentioned: Mitiko – Tell Me. A beautiful deep disco house groover with a cycling saxophone. The second featured track is ‘Funk, Nah’ which i mix in the show a bit later and brings in a bit of Acid House elements and def makes you move.

Alps 2 & Simona Drive – The Burnt EP | Ad Hoc Records.

This is probably my favorite track in the selection. If you love music from Maribou State you will like this one too. Alps 2 & Simona Drive already have a respectable work of state within the electronic music scene. After working with the mentioned Maribou State and releasing music on record companies like: Southern Fried Records and 2020 Vision. They are now back on Ad Hoc Records with their forthcoming ‘The Burnt EP’.

The main title and perfectly crafted deep electronic track ‘Burnt’ really brings in a lot of emotion and goosebumps.

The full EP including a remix from Manchester’s Goddard will be released on the 17th of August on digital formats and a lovely vinyl.

Pre-order this beauty here on

Kousto – Guadapipi | Little Foot Records.

The in London based producer but with French origins Kousto released his new four tracker EP Guadapipi on Little Foot Recordings. If you listen this weeks music show from the beginning to the end, you’ll hear me playing three tracks from this wonderful release.

You’ll also be able to hear how Kousto stays true to his origin and the French Disco House style while he explores different sub-styles and harmonies with a deeper dreamy vibe. This production is from high quality and a prefect EP to enjoy sunsets whether you are on Ibiza, in Croatia or enjoying the beautiful surroundings and beaches of the South of France.

Offshore and Coen – The Feeling | Freerange Records.

This week there are many Dutch productions involved in the selection. Even though all releases are international collaborations the next three releases have strong connections with The Netherlands. Starting with the Dutch duo Offshore and Coen who collaborated with Djana Covic and Tamara Chetty for their next release on Freerange Records.

A quality Deep House EP with two fantastic deep groovers. On the A side you will find ‘The Feeling’ a mellow deep groove with a solid acid style bass-line. Tamara Chetty top things off with her vocal lines.

On the B-side you’ll find “Modern Smoker” with the vocals from Djana Covic and a beautiful rich deep atmosphere. A dreamy deep house track with an outspoken bass groove.

Retromigration – Never Been | GLBDOM.

Another producer from the Netherlands based in my hometown Amsterdam is Retromigration. Who has been working together with the Russian GLBDOM label for this next EP release.

Retromigration Never Been is a four tracker Deep Disco House EP where i’ll play you the main title track from. The EP takes you on a little electronic music journey from classic house grooves with soulful elements al the way up to dance floor ready cuts that remind you of that 90’s house sound.

Never Been sits well between Caribou’s ‘Sister’ and the Floating Points remix on it (limited 12”). And Kassian’s Apollo which we’ll look at here below.

Kassian – 8th Movement | Heist Recordings.

This is not only a forthcoming release on the by Detroit Swindle runned Amsterdam based record label Heist Recordings. It also leans to the DS House Music style, so if you’ll love DS productions and other Heist Recordings releases you will like this one for sure.

After releasing ‘The Premise’ in 2018 Kassian is once again back on the Detroit Swindle label with a new solid House music EP: 8th Movement. The main title track even gave me goosebumps while i was recording the show. What an amazing track!

The release is set for 13-7 and will come available on digital, music streaming services and as always expected on Heist recordings as a beautiful 180 grams limited edition vinyl.

Pre-order the 12 inch here.

House Music History and free download of the week.

It’s crazy how much quality House music is coming from Russia lately. The free download of the week listed here below is another proof that music connects people and is the only language we all understand and can spread real love through. Russian Dormidontov and Newzs did a wonderful job remixing a legendary Chicago House Classic from Marshall Jefferson. Read the full in-depth music review here below, learn about House Music history and grab the free track.

Mix tracklist | all details included.

If you are looking for a specific track or would like to know what tracks i exactly mixed together to get these same transition effects. You are on the right spot of this blog. Here you’ll find the track listing of all electronic beats & Deep House tunes i selected and combined in this weeks self proclaimed essential mix. Feel free to share the mix set with track-list on your social channels including a link to the website. If you would like to listen to these tracks in the right order on Spotify follow this link. But please note: that this list is not complete because of the forthcoming releases which are not yet released for use on music streaming services.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelRel DateVinyl?
Le JuiceFontaineLe Juice96 Musique10-7-20
TelephonesGenesis (Swell 1019 Mix)Point Breaks / Beach BreaksEuropean Carryall26-5-2012”
TelephonesSummit (Wind Dance Dub)Point Breaks / Beach BreaksEuropean Carryall26-5-2012”
TelephonesSensei (5378 Exchange Mix)Point Breaks / Beach BreaksEuropean Carryall26-5-2012”
TelephonesPhase Alternate Line (Daybreak Mix)Point Breaks / Beach BreaksEuropean Carryall26-5-2012”
Offshore and Coen & Djana CovicModern SmokerThe FeelingFreerange Records26-6-20
MitikoTell MeDisko DissDisco Fruit26-6-20
SheeForgottenJiraya EPHouse Of Disco17-6-2012”
Intr0beatzFor The LoveFor The Love EPLive Ones18-3-2012”
Alps & Simona DriveBurntThe Burnt EPAd Hoc Records17-8-2012”
KoustoStanley on the BassGuadapipiLittle Foot Records26-6-20
KoustoMermaid KissGuadapipiLittle Foot Records26-6-20
Offshore and Coen & Tamara ChettyThe FeelingThe FeelingFreerange Records26-6-20
Armless KidShadowRewind EPFina Records29-5-20
SheeFunk, NahJiraya EPHouse Of Disco17-6-2012”
KoustoBarracuda QuartetGuadapipiLittle Foot Records26-6-20
CaribouSister (Floating Points Remix)Never Come Back / Sister Floating Point Remixes EPCity Slang31-7-2012”
RetromigrationNever BeenNever Been EPGLBDOM26-6-20
KassianApollo8th Movement EPHeist Recordings13-7-2012”
Kassian8th Movement8th Movement EPHeist Recordings13-7-2012”
Armless KidLe Club De Bons UcSave IpseSuol24-7-20
Herr KrankIs This GroovyLate Check OutBellissima! Records26-6-20
Marshall JeffersonMove Your Body (Dormidontov & Newzs Remix)Free Download Of The WeekMask Sexy29-6-20

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