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Electronic Music Mix 348 | #STFH | social distancing | flatten the curve | Happiness Therapy

Kono Vidovic March 23, 2020 518 27 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – Happiness Therapy & The Importance of Social distancing – Intro
  • fast_forward 00:13:28 – Max Essa & Jungle By Night feature – Music Talk 2
  • fast_forward 00:29:04 – Heads-up | Dan Shake & Dub Striker feature – Talk 3
  • fast_forward 00:34:30 – Music | Stay The Fuck Home & Practice Social Distancing – Talk 4
  • fast_forward 00:47:30 – Use your voice | Flatten the curve | Tips | Fight Together – Coronatalk
  • fast_forward 00:55:00 – Weekly Free Music Download | Jacssen – LA Nights – Talk 6
  • fast_forward 01:33:10 – Anil Aras | The Lost Projects | Madhouse Records – Talk 9
  • fast_forward 01:18:13 – Maurice Fulton & Peggy Gou | Gudu Records – Talk 8
  • fast_forward 01:49:45 – Retromigration | Aper House | Corona awareness talk – Outro

Normally i don’t talk about politics, economics or world problems in my weekly music shows. The main reason is because i want to give my listeners a moment of peace, a place where they can come to and listen to and get inspired by new music. To feel safe and where they can relax. But because i have a voice that i can use i feel obligated to address the virus in my podcasts, whether you like it or not.

It’s real, you better start acting like it.

Stay the fuck home.

There it is, i have said it. For a long time i have been thinking, should i talk about the virus and the problems or should i just bring music and positivity but nothing else.

Like any other human being i felt an urge, the urge to motivate people, like i always try to do with being positive and living in harmony and a good health. To keep doing what we love and to keep our heads up to stay positive minded we really need to start practicing social distancing.

Stay the fuck home may come in as something harsh, but when i look outside and or talk to other people there are so many people not getting the point of social distancing. There is even an actual #Staythefuckhome movement to stop the Covid-19, Coronavirus pandemic. They have a bunch of tips on their website, go check it out and remember that is to stimulate a positive way to fight Corona.

Many people think that this half-way lockdown is a sort of holiday until further notice. Well it’ isn’t! Stay the fuck home!

Kono Vidovic

Social distancing.

Last week it was the first time i addressed social distancing in my podcast and blog here. At that point is wasn’t so bad, but last week we had a bit of better weather. As temperatures are slowly rising and the sun comes out to shine people are going outside and gather in parks, on beaches.

Many people think that this half-way lockdown is a sort of holiday until further notice. Well it’ isn’t! Stay the fuck home! So far at the current time of writing we are not officially locked down like in France where you can’t go out without permission. Here that isn’t the case yet. But it will be when we all go outside and start celebrating spring. Don’t do that! Please stay the fuck home!

Flatten the curve.

Staying the fuck home, doesn’t mean you can’t really go anywhere. So far you still can, be responsible and keep a minimum of 1,5 meters distance from other people. Don’t go to gatherings or places where there are a lot of people. This is all needed to flatten the curve. Social distancing is not about you. It’s not about you who thinks he or she won’t get sick.

It’s about the speed of the virus spreading that we need to slow down so that everybody can get the help they need in hospitals when they need to. Otherwise people end up dying at home.

Social distancing is not about you.

Please, stay the fuck home.

There is nobody to blame in this situation. Only yourself if you do not follow the advice of your governments. I repeat STAY THE FUCK HOME!

I really wish it would be different this time. I wish i could just talk about music and all the great releases that are in this weeks music podcast. Such as the free download by Jacssen on Bunshin Records that i selected last week and wrote a music review on.

Use your voice to educate people and make them aware.

But like i said, i have a voice and clearly there are people out there who can’t understand what social distancing and flattening the curve is all about. Therefore in the sake of good health care and, our society we need to fight the Coronavirus together. Only together as a society we can fight the virus. It’s time to stand up, focus, take your responsibilities and fight the virus together with me. Spread the word and make people aware of how to fight the coronavirus with flattening the curve by social distancing.

Electronic Music Podcast 348.

Because i want to keep the main focus of this episode on fighting the virus i will not fill the blog with to much information about the played music. You can easily tune in and listen to all the great new releases from this week in this weeks essential mix.

Use the track listing here below. Listen to my corona tips, you can use the timestamps on the top of this blog to navigate through section in the podcast. In the meantime: stay positive, stay safe, stay healthy, keep calm and stay the fuck home! I love you!

Tracklisting #348

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord Label
Four Tet4T RecordingsSixteen OceansText Records
Max EssaThe Great AdventureThe Great AdventureHell Yeah Recordings
Jungle By NightLoveboat (Kuniyuki Remix)The Livingstone RemixedNew Dawn
Max EssaTomboloThe Great AdventureHell Yeah Recordings
Dan ShakeMosquitoMosquitoShake Records
Dub StrikerWild RhythmBirds Of A FeatherHappines Therapy
Dub StrikerMood, Pt 2Birds Of A FeatherHappines Therapy
Dub StrikerComputer GamesBirds Of A FeatherHappines Therapy
Dan ShakeThe Deep EndMosquitoShake Records
Dub StrikerWould YouBirds Of A FeatherHappines Therapy
JacssenLA NightsFree DownloadBunshin Records
Kill FrenzyCasioWheels Of Steel EditsFantastic Voyage Recordings
Dan ShakeHide & SeekMosquitoShake Records
Maurice Fulton & Peggy GouJigooEarthGudu Records
Anil ArasFree Your MindThe Lost ProjectsMadhouse Records
Anil ArasAdaraThe Lost ProjectsMadhouse Records
Anil ArasMad HouzThe Lost ProjectsMadhouse Records
Yann PolewkaBasixFeel The EnergyEsuoh
DJ SteawFat SherbetTwentiethRutilance Recordings
RetromigrationGone AwaySunny Side UpAper House
DeMarzoTalked AboutTalked AboutHouse Puff Records

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