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Electronic Music Podcast 341 | Music To Make You Dance.

Kono Vidovic February 3, 2020 643 23 5

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Electronic Music Podcast 341
  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – What to expect in episode 341? – Intro Speech
  • fast_forward 00:14:30 – Introduction to DJ Ciderman & Yoshinori Hayashi – Music Talk 2
  • fast_forward 00:29:55 – Music To Make You Dance Vol 1 Introduction – Music Talk 3
  • fast_forward 00:50:40 – Is 'Deep Deep' House a subgenre of Deep House??? 🙂 – Music Talk 4
  • fast_forward 00:57:32 – Mangabey & Kosmo Kint on Toy Tonics. – Short Music Announcement
  • fast_forward 01:05:39 – Introduction on the Toy Tonics crew collaboration. – Music Talk 5
  • fast_forward 01:10:06 – A heads up, get in touch & new website presentation. – Music Talk 6
  • fast_forward 01:27:13 – Your weekly free music download – Music Talk 7
  • fast_forward 01:32:34 – How to get on the list for free music. – Music Talk 8
  • fast_forward 01:40:45 – New Adryiano EP & New release by Afterculture – Music Talk 9
  • fast_forward 01:48:06 – Afterculture – Pulse & Harrison BDP on Lost Palms. – Music Talk 10
  • fast_forward 02:09:50 – Recap & useful information about this weeks show. – Outro Speech

Welcome to music podcast episode 341. This week featured in the show your weekly free music download, a new website design, a new Deep House Journeys mix part, 2 promo releases and a bunch of other dope new tracks including the new ‘Music To Make You Dance’ album on Shall Not Fade.

A new website design.

Before we talk about the music in this week’s podcast, let’s start with first things first. Since last weeks music episode, you may have, or you may have not noticed our new website design. That’s right the complete look and feel of the website has changed.

The reason is that the old website had some structural technical problems. For a long time i wanted to change this, but because of my lack in programming skills i wasn’t able to fix this that soon.

I finally took some time and invested a few days and bit of money to improve the Dirty Disco website. I really hope you like it let me know what you think of it in the comment section or through email.

So what changed? First of all the website is much faster than before, also the navigation structure is better and easier to understand where to find everything.

Improved audio player.

The new improved audio player is the showpiece as the music podcast is one of the most important elements here on the website, so the audio player is. It’s always there, which means that you can find the audio player on every page or blog on this website. You can find in on the top of the page (just below the menu bar) and on mobile devices it sits at the bottom of the page.

It’s not only always available, it also keeps playing the music while you browse the website. You can easily adjust the volume, create a playlist with multiple shows so that the music will never stop playing. Let me know your thoughts on the player in the comment section here below.

This week’s free music download.

Every week i send a free music download to my newsletter subscribers. The track is always from high quality and within the many genres being played here in Dirty Disco your weekly electronic music podcast. After i sended the free download out to everybody on the list, i also feature it in the show that comes in the next week on Monday.

This week’s free piece of music is NLY1P – Get No Love Until You Show Some. Originally released on the Bunshin Records label and given away for free.

NLY1P - Get No Love Until You Show Some

The track is what i like to call a deep Jazz House groover with funky elements, a solid rolling bass groove, beautiful lo-fi strings and high energy percussion.

To sign up for this free download all you have to do is sign up for the weekly newsletter here in the box below, or use the link in the menu bar for free music. I will never send you spam, only the weekly free download as an email with updates on the music show.

More free music downloads can be found here.

Featured music in episode 341.

This week you can expect various genres mixed together into this weekly 2 hour DJ mix. From solid deep Disco vibes to that 80’s Italo Disco feel and modern Disco that has a lot of synthesizer sounds in it. To try something new with so called R&B Disco lyrics driven dance music to finally end up with really deep house vibes like you are used to in my Deep House Dreams or Deep House Journeys serie where from the last mentioned i recently uploaded part 3 of the mix serie.

Shall Not Fade- Music To Make You Dance Vol 1

Music To Make You Dance.

After 5 years of releasing some of the best deep house music the Shall Not Fade label now decided to celebrate and start 2020 properly with a new various artists album compilation series called ‘Music To Make You Dance’.

On this first album (vol 1) you can find several high quality productions from producers like: Harrison BDP, Kettama, Demuja, Rick Wade, Fold, 1-800 Girls, Adryiano (who by the way has a new EP release in this show) and many more. The intention is to release the album compilation series with previously released highlights on the label.

I will at least play and feature 4 from the 18 tracks listed on this dope music album. Feel free to use the tracklisting below to find your favorite tracks.

Afterculture – Pulse.

The next music release and track i would like to highlight came in as a promo and will be released on valentine’s day, the 14th of February.

Afterculture is a very talented London based producer who you might not have heard about yet. But that soon may change, especially when you tune in to this weekly music podcast frequently as i occasionally play his tracks, like i did in this podcast 314.

His latest release Pulse comes out together with another track titled ‘Too Cool’ and will be released on Ditto Music. If you love laidback deep dreamy deep house with a dynamic set of sounds going on and a energetic touch that makes you want to move. Pulse is a must-have.

Harrison BDP - Cathedrals

Harrison BDP – Cathedrals.

While we are at that dreamy deep house vibe, let’s stay there and look at the latest release by the earlier mentioned and frequently played Harrison BDP on Lost Palms. His Cathedrals EP is just perfectly in tune with the above mentioned track by Afterculture – Pulse and therefore i mixed both together to end the show with some proper deep grooves.

The Cathedrals EP includes 4 new tracks by Harrison BDP. I will play you 2 of them, the main title track Cathedrals and Dark Water. Cathedrals takes you on a little journey and if you weren’t moving any body parts yet in the track from Afterculture you will def do so now. Deep pads, a steady beat with percussion and solid deep synth stabs and a dope ‘sounds like a flute’ melody takes you away into higher dimensions.

Dark Water on the other hand is a bit more relaxed but has a similar deep sound. There’s a reason why this track will also be on my forthcoming Deep House Journeys part 4 mix.

More music, just tune in and enjoy.

Like always i can keep writing about all these great new music releases. But clearly i want you to tune into this week’s episode and groove along with me. Even though i love to give some extra attention to unknown talents and dope new music releases there is no particular reason why some releases are mentioned in the blog and some not. The blog would be to long if i mentioned all tracks separately. With that being said, all tracks in this electronic music podcast episode are worth listening to and checking out. Feel free to support you favorite artists and music and make use of the tracklisting here below to find them. Enjoy this weeks music to make you dance or listen to.

Full tracklisting.

ArtistTrack titleEP / Album
1CemodeJudyIt’s All Good
2This Is Our SoundsystemZiza in SpaceThis Is Ourpeggio
3DJ CidermanDance Floor BeatThis Is Ourpeggio
4Yoshinori Hayashi0208 (Prins Thomas RemixBjorn Torske
5Rick WadeUp LateMusic To Make You Dance Vol 1
6DemujaDo ItMusic To Make You Dance Vol 1
7NicholasMeditationMusic To Make You Dance Vol 1
8PasoIt Was A Night In September (Flabaire Remix)InEx 009
9EMS 250Lettre Sure Route (Mydoz Remix)Lettre sur Route
10CemodeIt’s All GoodIt’s All Good
11Mangabey & Kosmo KintTime No MoreTime No More / Get Lost
12Mangabey & Kosmo KintGet LostTime No More / Get Lost
13Igor Gonya & Denis KazakovLuv & BourbonCloset Music
14Roman RauchPizza & Trumpets (Ft Peletronic)Pizza & Trumpets
15Jean Toniquemenariscrambled eggs
16G2SFallin’ DownDans Les Discos
17NLY1PGet No Love Until You Show Some
18AdryianoWant U 2 FeelWant U 2 Feel
19AdryianoJust A BeatWant U 2 Feel
20AfterculturePulsePulse / Too Cool
21Harrison BDPCathedralsCathedral
22Harrison BDPDark WaterCathedral
23FoldAstral PlanesMusic To Make You Dance Vol 1

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