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Electronic Music Podcast 344 | Here are your essentials for this Week.

Kono Vidovic February 24, 2020 488 25 4

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – This weeks essentials – Introduction
  • fast_forward 00:07:23 – Promo Feature: Lapha – Supernova | 96 Music – Music Talk 2
  • fast_forward 00:15:25 – Free Download | Elozzo – One Question | Disko Knights – Music Talk 3
  • fast_forward 00:20:03 – How to download for free – Music Talk 4
  • fast_forward 00:44:10 – Feature: Sofia Kourtesis | Andy Ash – Music Talk 5
  • fast_forward 00:56:35 – Support / listen on various platforms & apps – Talk 6
  • fast_forward 01:12:25 – Support Kev | Martin Alix Feature | theBasementDiscos – Music Talk 7
  • fast_forward 01:25:50 – Feature: Isolee – Candy Apple Red | Steve Spacek Album – Music Talk 8
  • fast_forward 01:30:50 – Steve Spacek – Music Talk 9
  • fast_forward 01:39:30 – Support The Podcast & Kev | Children With Cancer UK – Music Talk 10
  • fast_forward 01:49:50 – Features: Diamond | Aleksandir | Huerta & more – Music Talk 11
  • fast_forward 02:12:30 – Kassian Feature & outro – Outro

This week in music podcast 344.

In case you missed last week or would love to hear a replay. Remember that all podcast episodes are available through our website. You can always refer to this page with the latest music podcasts.

In this music podcast there are 25 tracks. With two of them begin a promo at the current time of writing and therefore still forthcoming. Last but not least there is the weekly free download.

Before i really dive into this weeks selected music essentials let us take a quick look at the labels and artists i will be playing for you.

This week’s featured dance music essentials.

  • Steve Spacek – Houses | Black Focus Music

I will be featuring some very hot must have essentials and their background stories. For example there is the new Steve Spacek album ‘Houses’ which is crafted and produced on an iPhone and then released on Kamaal Williams his label Black Focus Records.

  • Sofia Kourtesis – Sarita Colonia | Studio Barnhus

For some real dancefloor magic i selected the new EP from Sofia Kourtesis – Sarita Colonia which is released on the from Sweden record label Studio Barnhus. Next to the main title track, i will play you two other tracks.

  • Aleksandir – ARS003 Remixes | Artesian Sounds

I will feature tow selected remixes from the ARS003 remixes EP on originals by Aleksandir and the Hubie Davison Remix on Trying Your Luck, and the Harrison BDP remix on Hear Me Through.

  • Diamond Ft Alex Wilson – Target Blue | Salin Records

To stay in the dreamy landscapes and deep beats vibe. I will subsequently play the Tour-Maubourg Breakient remix on Diamond – Target Blue featuring Alex Wilson, which was released on Salin Records in the You Like Jazz EP.

2 forthcoming music releases.

  • Lapha – Supernova | 96 Music

In this weeks music podcast there are 2 promo releases. The first you will hear me playing will be released on the 28 of February on the French 96 Music label. And is by French producer Lapha. The track called Supernova will be his second release on the label and is very much influenced by the French Disco House music from the 2000’s. The track includes funky guitars, a steady beat progression with a very funkish bassline. The vocals are where the main focus is on and take you on a melancholic emotional ride.

  • 44th Move – Broken | Black Acre

The next promo track is by 44th Move – Broken where i will be playing the Dan Shake Remix from. This release will be available from also the 28th of February on Black Acre Records.

44th Move is a secret combination from two already established producers with very creative minds. And therefore the 44 Move refers to the classic chess match between Kasparov and Deep Blue (IBM) in 1996, and the moment the Grandmaster of Chess Kasparov realised that he was facing a very smart computer as opponent.

The Dan Shake remix on Broken is of the same superior quality and includes a lot of electronic emotions as you listen to to full track. A set of dynamic drums and percussions with a developing bassline and beautiful sounds together with dreamy chords make this track not only perfect to dance on but also listen and dream away with.

A free music download.

Last but not least there is this week’s free music download, which i send out every week prior to the next show. Last week and in this music podcast episode we need to travel to Mexico for this free track where we find the Disko Knights label and a very dope track by Elozzo – One Question. In this review on Elozzo where you will also find the free download, you will read more about the track and the very famous used house music sample that he used.

For more free music downloads sign up to our weekly newsletter. And receive a free track every week straight in your inbox with our music service. Or check the free downloads page for more music alternatives.

All played tracks listed.

Feel free to use the track listing here below to find the music that you love. I ordered them in the same order i played them and included both the EP / Album names and the labels where the music is released on so you can find them more easily. If you prefer to use Spotify to listen to these tracks in full-length. You can always follow my Spotify playlist here.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord Label
Steve SpacekWaiting 4 YouHousesBlack Focus Records
LaphaSupernovaSupernova96 Music
Onda CutsDancing ShadowsDW019Discoweey
ElozzoOne QuestionOne QuestionDisko Knights
Isoleecandy apple redCandy Apple RedMaeve Germany
44th MoveBroken (Dan Shake Remix)BrokenBlack Acre
Steve SpacekYu Used To Love Me (Bonus Track)HousesBlack Focus Records
Sofia KourtesisAkarikuSarita ColoniaStudio Barnhus
Andy AshActual PriceBottleneckDelusions Of Grandeur
Sofia KourtesisHollywoodSarita ColoniaStudio Barnhus
Sofia KourtesisSarita ColoniaSarita ColoniaStudio Barnhus
Martin AlixDollAfrodesiatheBasementDiscos
Martin AlixWestAfrodesiatheBasementDiscos
Martin AlixAfrodesia (Oscar Barila Remix)AfrodesiatheBasementDiscos
Treasure FIngersCloud LifeUnreleased Songs That You Might’ve Downloaded Off A Blog Back In The DayBandcamp
Isoleeyou areCandy Apple RedMaeve Germany
Steve SpacekSonglifeHousesBlack Focus Records
Steve SpacekRawl AredoHousesBlack Focus Records
AleksandirTrying Your Luck (Hubie Davison Remix)ARS003 RemixesArtesian Sounds
AleksandirHear Me Through (Harrison BDP Remix)ARS003 RemixesArtesian Sounds
Diamond & Alex WilsonTarget Blue (Tour-Maubourg Breakient Mix)You Like JazzSalin Records
HuertaWaxwing AirJuniperoVoyage
SweelyStronger Than MeLobster Deep ClassicsLobster Theremin
KassianShuffling WordsShuffling WordsPhonica White
KassianEx-CultureShuffling WordsPhonica White

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