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Electronic Music Podcast 345 | Extended episode | 29 new music releases.

Kono Vidovic March 2, 2020 470 24 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – Wajatta introduction new 2nd album – Intro Talk
  • fast_forward 00:17:08 – Wajatta album Feature | Kusmee – Panama – Music talk 2
  • fast_forward 00:24:50 – No Request Please Vol 1 | Free Music Download – Music talk 3
  • fast_forward 00:29:36 – Wataboi – Vibin | Music review & free download – Music talk 4
  • fast_forward 00:46:00 – Connect | Shouts | Matthieu Faubourg debut album – Music talk 5
  • fast_forward 00:58:26 – Kusmee – Rose Paris feature | 96 Music – Music talk 6
  • fast_forward 01:14:14 – Hurlee | Cassette For Kids – Music talk 7
  • fast_forward 01:28:53 – Kevin Over feature & Wan & Bagboy – Music talk 8
  • fast_forward 01:34:00 – New track by Disclosure – Music talk 9
  • fast_forward 01:42:10 – Girls Of The Internet & Laurence Guy feature – Music talk 10
  • fast_forward 01:52:33 – Matthieu Faubourg album feature | DJ only Mixcloud – Music talk 11
  • fast_forward 02:07:13 – Extended | Riva Starr, Robert Owens & Wajatta – Music talk 12
  • fast_forward 02:23:30 – Jeff The Fool & Wilt on Chat Noir + Kevin Over – Music talk 13
  • fast_forward 02:34:33 – Dauwd | Wajatta – Music talk 14
  • fast_forward 02:39:40 – – Outro talk

Welcome to a new week and this new electronic music podcast #345 filled with again the latest from the greatest in electronic music. Press play to tune in, or read along to see which new music releases i’m playing for you this week in Dirty Disco.

Electronic Music Podcast #345 | New music releases.

This week’s episode 345 is an extended one. Instead of the standard 2 hours of music selecting and mixing, i added an extra 40 minutes to the mix in this music podcast. Like always filled with new music releases that you need to check out. This time i selected 29 new tracks, with 3 of them being a promo (forthcoming on the time of writing) and the returning weekly free download.

New must hear albums.

First let me start with the featured albums in this week’s episode. There are 4 essential albums that i want you to check out. 3 of them are new albums from artists: Omar S, Matthieu Faubourg and Wajatta. And one album is a various artist compilation album on the French 96 Music label.

Wajatta – Don’t Let Get You Down – Brainfeeder

This is the second album by the musical wonder duo Wajatta who consists of beat-boxer & musician Reggie Watts and one of the most skilled electronic music producers and deep tech house legends John Tejada.

Not only their collaboration is what you can call remarkable unique. But also the music they create together is from out of this world. To create their album Don’t Let Get You Down, Wajatta always come together face to face to work on they tracks. They never share files or work remote on a track, but always in the same studio when Reggie and John are together.

The album can best be described as a confluence of Detroit Techno, Chicago House, 70’s Funk and New York Hip Hop music. Funky melodic rhythms and soul vibed vocals make all tracks really easy to listen to. The album will be released on the 28th of february 2020 on Brainfeeder.

Matthieu Faubourg – Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication.

This album is Matthieu Faubourgs debut album on the Jazzy Couscous record label. After producing a lot of deep house music the last couple of years, this was a chance for the producer to express his deeper shapes of his personality. He took a year to produce the album being mostly in Austria – Vienna. The music on his album Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication is not directly aimed at clubs and dance floors. But more to listen to and as a journey for the mind, body and soul.

Wataboi - Vibin
Click on the image to read the review & download for free.

This week’s free music download by Wataboi.

You probably know how it works with the weekly free download. If you are fairly new with listening to our electronic music podcast you might not know. Every week i send out a free music download to all of my newsletter subscribers. Just click on ‘Subscribe 4 Free Music’ in the menu bar on this website to sign-up. From here you wil receive a new free track every week straight in your inbox (make sure to check your spam folder)

In addition most of these free tracks are also reviewed and available through the website. This last week i reviewed Wataboi – Vibin who made his track available as a free give away.

More music to listen to.

As this is an extended episode this week. There are 29 new music releases in the essential mix and clearly i can’t feature them all in this blog section. The main purpose of a podcast is to listen to it instead of reading it ;-). With that in mind i want to leave a bit to your imagination.

To give you an idea of the overall sound this week. There are a bunch of dope new Disco House tracks included from Hurlee, Cassette For Kids, Wan & Bagboy with a sick disco banger including dope rap vocals. The brand new Disclosure tracks is also a real Disco infused house groover.

The deeper house sounds this week come from: Omar S and his new album You Want where i will play the track ‘Second Life’ featuring John FM from. Kusmee – Rose Paris on 96 Music from France. Laurence Guy with a very nice to listen to EP on Shall Not Fade Records titled ‘The Sun Is Warm And Directly Above You. Subjoi, MarzAttack, Jeff The Fool & Wilt are bringing in their contributions in deep house music.

Track listing 345

As you see there are more than 29 reasons to press play, tune in and witness these great new music releases and must hear essentials. Feel free to use the playlist / track listing here below to navigate through the music and support the artists. If you love what you hear and what i do here at Dirty Disco you can always support me by a small donation or telling your friends and family to tune in and listen to the music podcast.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord Label
WajattaDepth Has a FocusDon’t Let Get You DownBrainfeeder
Jamie PorteousJohnny DeepTwenty 20Citizens Of Vice
LovebreakHonestlyTwenty 20Citizens Of Vice
WolframAutomatic Dub (Cabletoy Remix)Automatic DubPublic Possession
KusmeePanamaNo Request Please Vol 196 Music
WataboiVibinFree DownloadFree Download
Agrume & LounesWhiskyNo Request Please Vol 196 Music
Felipe GordonDefinitely and Completely MayorWait On MeToy Tonics
Matthieu FaubourgWinter Will Be LongSimplicity Is The Ultimate SophisticationJazzy Couscous
Omar SSecond Life (Ft John FM)You WantFXHE
KusmeeProjectionRose Paris96 Music
KusmeeRose ParisRose Paris96 Music
HurleeFavorite JazzLa ToucheSUOL
HurleeLa ToucheLa ToucheSUOL
Cassettes For KidsDreamsDreams
Kevin OverLunteWRH006
Wan & BagboyFeel The BeatThe WallLDE Records
DisclosureEcstacyEcstacyIsland Recordings
Girls Of The Internet & Olivia LouiseI Don’t Wanna Lose YouI Don’t Wanna Lose YouDrab Queen
Laurence GuyUntitled NeedsThe Sun Is Warm And Directly Above YouShall Not Fade
Matthieu Faubourg Ft MeggyIf You CareSimplicity Is The Ultimate SophisticationJazzy Couscous
SubjoiBack DownMe & ULost Palms
Riva Starr, Federico Grazzini & Robert OwensGet OverGet Over Snatch! Records
WajattaAll I Need Is YouDon’t Let Get You DownBrainfeeder
MarzAttackVaronaNo Request Please Vol 196 Music
Jeff The Fool & WiltAll I NeedThis Is a StoryChat Noir
Kevin OverTry Minus 10WRH006We R house Germany
DauwdJean RouchPsssh 001Psssh
Wajatta138Don’t Let Get You DownBrainfeeder

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