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Electronic Music Podcast 347 | Coronavirus | DJ Kucirov & Essential mix.

Kono Vidovic March 16, 2020 741 33 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Intro + Flowers for you.
  • fast_forward 00:15:28 – – Intro to DD + Session Victim – Needle Drop Feature
  • fast_forward 00:17:21 – – Raising Awareness on Corona (Covid-19)
  • fast_forward 00:27:38 – – Music Talk 3 | Larry Houl on theBasementDiscos
  • fast_forward 00:47:22 – – Talk 4 | Locking things in | Tuesday Brunch Feature
  • fast_forward 00:52:32 – – Talk 5 | Free Download: Whitney Houston Bootleg
  • fast_forward 00:57:40 – – Talk 6 | Free DL & Start of DJ Kucirov mix session
  • fast_forward 01:15:00 – – Talk 7 | You are listening to DJ Kucirov in the mix
  • fast_forward 01:29:43 – – Talk 8 | Show your love and support DJ Kucirov
  • fast_forward 01:44:40 – – Talk 9 | DJ Kucirov | DJ Only Mix & Mixcloud Select
  • fast_forward 01:52:27 – – Talk 10 | Thanks to Dragan & Outro
  • fast_forward 01:55:08 – – Corona Virus Awareness | Stay Safe People

Welcome to the official and only blog-post that belongs to this weeks electronic music podcast. This time it’s a special podcast not only because of the #coronavirus which i’m addressing. But also because we have a guest DJ bringing in some positivity for you. Do you want to know what’s up? Press play, and feel free to use the time-stamps to navigate to specific parts of the podcast. And the tracklist on the bottom of this post to find your favorite music.

This week electronic essentials.

The second hour of this week’s music cast will be provided by our guest DJ, more about our guest in a bit. The first hour is like always filled by me with some new essentials and the weekly free piece of music. Read along to see what to expect in this electronic music podcast.

Coronavirus | Covid-19
It’ real, better be safe than sorry.

Coronavirus awareness | Covid-19

Before i jump into the music i would like to spend some words about the Coronavirus. As you will also notice in the music podcast, i would like to address something regarding the virus.

In every country governments are approaching this Coronavirus in different ways. Depending on the situation and the system of a specific country.

The virus is real, it’s here and there are no guarantees.

Kono Vidovic

What i see is that there are still many people out there who don’t want or can’t take their responsibilities in this matter. Some feel like they can give a big middle finger to their government, some think they are a rebel doing something like this and some simply don’t want to be a sheep that follows the hurdle.

Well it’s time to think wisely. It’s not about all of that, it’s about your and other people’s health. It’s about the health of our society, about hospitals that can’t work up to the demand of help. We have to flatten the curve!

The Coronavirus is real, it’s here and nobody can give you guarantees. So please don’t act like you have. Its not like the flu, not even close. Next to that you don’t know where it’s going and how it can mutate.

It’s not about being a rebel or smarter. It’s not about giving a middle finger to your government. #help #flattenthecurve

Kono Vidovic

Don’t be selfish or egocentric. Together we are stronger to fight the virus, together we can stop it infecting people. So once again, it’s not about who is smarter or more of a rebel. It’s not about giving a middle finger to your authorities. It’s about taking care of each other. Even when you are not sick, protect yourself, protect your children, the elder and your loved ones. Find more important information here. Stay safe beautiful people!

Session Victim – Needledrop | Night Time Stories.

The German music producers duo Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling who we know better under their moniker ‘Session Victim’ have released a new album full of uplifting and easy to listen to music. Their 4th studio album Needledrop includes 11 new tracks and is released on the London based Night Time Stories imprint which actually is a sister label of ‘LateNightTales’.

On the album is a collaboration with Beth Hirsch, who you might know from her vocals on the Moon Safari album by the French electronic music legends duo ‘Air’.

In this installment i’m featuring two tracks the track ‘The Pain’ and the main title track from the album Needledrop. Check out the full album and let me know your thoughts on the new music by Session Victim.

Fly Family Vol 1.

It has been a while since the last release of City Fly in 2018. Now they are back strong and in full effect in 2020 with a brand new album compilation. This new album is the first of many to come and is called Fly Family Vol 1.

The album features 12 tracks from a selection of the best underground music producers from around the globe and their unreleased original music. If you love deep house, soultronica, jazzy hip-hop beats. Deep drums and solid grooves in several lo-fi, broken beat house tracks. Then this is something you will like.

On the compilation you can find artist like: Lay-Far, NY*AK, Franc Syx, Felipe Gordon, Javonntte and Jank to just name a few. Support on this album from great names is also growing. Currently DJ’s and producers like: DJ Sneak, Jazzanova, Crazy P, Horse Meat Disco, Charles Webster and Laurent Garnier are already supporting the compilation just like we do here at Dirty Disco.

Larry Houl – From Paris To Mexico | theBasementDiscos

When theBasementDiscos label from Valencia in Spain releases a new EP, we know it must be good. It’s no surprise that we are finding more and more greater names on the label. This time they released a new debut EP from Larry Houl on the label called ‘From Paris To Mexico’

The new EP features 3 tracks that bring back memories of his time living in Mexico and the beautiful moments he experienced there. I will play you the two tracks ‘Mexico’ and Funky Plane in this weeks essentials mix. The only tracks i’m not playing but is also one to hear is the Whatever Charles remix on Funky Plane.

This weeks giveaway: A well crafted bootleg remix on Whitney Houston’s – I’m Every Woman.

That’s right! A dope remix on a great dance classic. Doing remixes like this is a fragile thing to do. People will listen very good and critical when it comes to remixing famous tracks. So when you do it, you need to bring in something unique and a lot from yourself.

In this case the remixer and bootlegger Seb Skalski and Andrea Fiorino did a very great job on remixing this track. You can ready the full music review below and download the track there too.

DJ Kucirov – Guest DJ Session.

Last but not least i’m proud to announce you our guest DJ this week. Yes i know it has been a while since our last guest was on the podcast. But ocasionally we invite people agian to come and show us their capability in selecting and mixing music. This time we invited DJ Kucirov from the North of Macedonia to show us his skills.

DJ Kucirov Guest Mix Session

Who is Kucirov?

Kucirov comes from a little border town called Gevgelija in the Northern of Macedonia. On a young age he got influenced by music whilst he was listening to pop and funky disco at that time. After being very active in music like playing the violoin and singing in choirs he started to work at Gevgelija’s only radio station ‘Time FM’.

From here it really started where his love for music grew bigger and he stared to learn the basics of DJ’ing. Now he is much more than just a DJ. He is a fanatic record collector, crate digger and uses his great finds, both digital as on wax to create us a dope funky and deep DJ guest mix session.

Show your love and support, and Follow DJ Kucirov here:

DJ Kucirov on Soundcloud

His mixes on Mixcloud

Connect with him on Facebook

Tracklisting + guest mix.

To not only support the artist and labels we play in our essential mixes. But also to provide you with some more insights in the music and the exact names and titles which makes it easier for you to find the music you like. We always include a full tracklist in the blog-post. Feel free to share the tracklisting, feel free to use it to support the artists and the music or get inspired for your own mix sessions.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord Label
NY*AK & Franc SyxFlowersFly Family Vol 1City Fly
Session VictimThe PainNeedledropNight Time Stories
Jank MineFly Family Vol 1City Fly
Session VictimNeedledropNeedledropNight Time Stories
Inkswel & Dave AjuThe PeopleThe PeopleBoogie Angst
NicsonI’m In Love Ft Dixie YureUpside DownPets Recordings
Larry Houl & Paul CutFunky PlaneFrom Paris To MexicotheBasementDiscos
Norm De PlumeSquarkerSquarkerDelusions Of Grandeur
Larry HoulMexicoFrom Paris To MexicotheBasementDiscos
Tete de la CourseLove LessonLove LessonPoetry In Motion
Tuesday BrunchGet On DownEditzFresh Take Records
Seb Skalski Ft Whitney HoustonI’m Every Woman (Andrea Fiorino Booty)Free Download

Kucirov DJ Session playlist

I GeminMisco Music
YuksekI Don’t Have A Drum Machine
Barry & GibbsMove On
Mark LowerDo What You Want
Risk AssessmentRemember Me (Natascha Kitty Katt Remix)
LEFTI ft Nicki B the VagabondI Can’t Get Enough
Alek SoltirovBoujee (Q Narongwate Remix)
Marc Cotterell & Dominic BalchinDeep Inside
Luis Radio & Stefano GuerraLet The Sun Rise
Snips Ft William StoweThe Product
Ms JanetteBreakjazz

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