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Kono Vidovic February 25, 2019 439

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Week in, week out. Every week I’m back at you with a new electronic music podcast filled with new and sometimes older music gems that deserve to be played and recognized by me and you. My selection process is very refined and delicate. Every week i check and listen to a bunch new releases, i check my promo box to see what dope tracks i can select for you in a new electronic music podcast and the next Dirty Disco episode.

Electronic Music Podcast.

If electronic music genres like: house music, deep house, tech, electronica, broken beat, nu disco, breaks, jazzy and soulful house are your thing. You should definitely add our weekly electronic music podcast to your bookmarks and favorites. Just like in last weeks episode, i always try to make electronic music work for you. Wether you are in search for new music as a DJ to play in your own DJ sets and on your own DJ gigs. Like these Nu Disco essentials right here. Or if you are in search for great music to listen to, in a sort of weekly mixed playlist. Dirty Disco is a electronic music podcast that delivers this to you every week.

More than just a podcast.

Dirty Disco is more than just a weekly electronic music podcast. We talk about all the new releases, but sometimes also give you a bit of background information on various releases, labels and artists. We talk about DJ gear like turntables, for example the new SL 1200. And give you free music from time to time. You can book Dirty Disco for your event, we can make you customized playlists and mixes for you as a private person or for your business as in branded music. Dirty Disco is more than just another DJ mix or radio show. We are a full electronic music lifestyle platform and brand that mostly is a platform for the great talent in electronic music out there. Great music that deserves to be played more than just a few times or a few weeks. We curate and promote music to bring the smaller and unknown labels, DJ’s and producers to the crowd.

Dirty Disco 296 – We love music!

As you can see our electronic music podcast goes way beyond just playing music. We grew out and still growing strong to be a worldwide community of electronic music lovers. Among us are professionals, like DJ’s and producers. Publishers, record companies. But even more music lovers, that love real made with passion music. There are vinyl lovers, that use Dirty Disco to dig for new dope 12” releases in electronic music. But also a lot of great people from al levels and classes that just like to listen to a refined sound that is selected with care and the same great passion as the music is being made with.

This weeks selected essentials.

This week i managed once again to create a mixed selection for you that I’m happy with. I came across a bunch of very nice Disco tracks, some Jazzy, Funk and Soul influenced Chill music. Like always some broken beats and great deep house moods for you to listen to, or in your DJ sets. Next to the highlighted albums and EP’s here below. I’m playing you new music from Hurlee on the Discoweey label. Fold with a new Ep titled Astral Planes on the Shall Not Fade Records label. John Tejada and Baaz on Slices Of Germany. Mangabey with a new EP on Toytonics and so much more great new music. The best way to discover al these tracks is to just tune in for the coming two hours and witness the power of music in this weeks electronic music podcast.

The Reflex - Million Sellers Valentine Edition Vol 2 - Electronic Music Podcast

The Reflex – Million Sellers Valentine Edition Vol 2.

This French producer that lives in London under the name Nicolas Laugier is worldwide recognized for his music under his artist name ‘The Reflex’. Many of the best DJ’s in the world frequently play his music and know him for one of the best re-mixers and edit producers out there. His edits on famous classic disco tracks are very much played by many DJ’s around the globe. And every time he releases a new EP or album. You know that it must be good and from high quality.

Recently The Reflex released a new album, titled: Million Sellers Valentine Edition Vol 2. Which is filled with great multi-track revisions of famous Disco, Funk and Soul tracks. Tracks like ‘It’s a Shame’ from The Spinners or ‘I’ll Be Around are re-visioned and edited on this great album without losing it’s originality and greatness. With the touch, high quality of the music and new arrangement by The Reflex this is what makes these tracks so great to play in your DJ sets, or just simply to listen to. Even-though i sincerely want to motivate you to get this album on Digital format and or listen to it trough a music streaming service or just right on his Bandcamp account. So far i know there is no 12” pressed from this release.

Folamour - Ordinary Drugs - Electronic Music Podcast

Folamour – Ordinary Drugs.

There are more and many producers around the world that know how to handle Disco and produce these great Disco edits or Disco influenced electronic dance music. But it seems like France knows how to maintain it’s name and leadership as country known for many Disco House producers, as so called back in the day’s ‘French Filter House’ where it all started with. And Daft Punk and Cassius where the leaders and founders of. Next to these great names France has another very talented DJ and producer that goes under the name of Folamour.

If you listen to our weekly electronic music podcast frequently. You know that i like to play Folamour a lot. In the beginnings he released many very dope EP’s on several great record labels. And not long after his name and presence around the world on various events grew. He came with his debut album ‘Umami’. Now he is back with his 2nd studio album on the FHUO label (For Heaven Use Only) Titled ‘Ordinary Drugs’.

If you ask me this new album is a must have. It’s not only dope and bringing you that unique Folamour sound. But it’s also a great addition to the first album, where there was a more refined Disco sound being used in his music. Where Disco, Funk and soul samples where being used in very great and creative ways. This second album has a more Chilled Jazz vibe. Where some tracks bring back those Disco vibes like you are mostly used to from Folamour. There are more Jazzy and soulful influenced together with that beautiful chilled house sound. Ordinary Drugs is available as a 12”, on Digital and through music streaming services like Spotify.

Electronic Music Podcast - Fabric Presents Bonobo

Fabric Presents Bonobo.

The last new release i would like to discuss with you is the quarterly release on Fabric Records. Which clearly is the imprint from the world famous Fabric club in London. The club started in 1999 and grew out to be one of the best and most famous clubs in the world. It even won an award for the best club of the world, and a few years in a row after that position it came in second. Next to representing the best DJ’s of the world in it’s weekly line-up. Fabric also release their quarterly Fabric presents series. Where they invite one of the great artists and or DJ’s to mix a selection of their favorite tracks at that time. Every time this creates a beautiful mixed album from several artists which gives a beautiful inside to listen to what DJ’s like and what they play in their sets without going out to see them live.

This time Fabric presents Bonobo. Definitely a great and well known artists for decades that released a many great albums and tracks. He travels around the world for gigs and has his very own and unique sound in electronic music. Bonobo is very versatile in producing and playing music. Even though he play’s Deep house, House music and anything related to electronic music. You can say his genre is more focused on electronica with side steps to related genres like deep house and broken beat. From this album compilation Fabric presents Bonobo i chose 3 deep-house tracks that i wanted to play for you in this weeks electronic music podcast. Where the track from Dan Kye – Focus is my favorite track.

The full release is available on digital format, you can find it in music streaming services. And you can get this full release on a 2x 12”. Just click here to check out the vinyl release.

Question’s, Bookings, or The DJ only mix.

That’s about it for this week. I really hope you enjoy this weeks electronic music podcast. If you have any questions about the music. Or if you want to DJ only mix, or to book me for an event. Feel free to contact me here. Even if you just want to say hello you can always get in touch with me.

Playlist in Dirty Disco 296.

Track title Artist EP / Album Record Label
As Long As I Got You (The Reflex Revision) The Reflex Million Sellers Valentine Edition Vol 2 (album) Not on label (Bandcamp)
After Winter Must Come Spring Ft Elbi Folamour Ordinary Drugs (album) FHUO Records (For Heaven Use Only)
We’ve Only Just Begun (The Reflex Revision) The Reflex Million Sellers Valentine Edition Vol 2 (album) Not on label (Bandcamp)
It’s A Shame (The Reflex Revision) The Reflex Million Sellers Valentine Edition Vol 2 (album) Not on label (Bandcamp)
Bad Weather (The Reflex Revision) The Reflex Million Sellers Valentine Edition Vol 2 (album) Not on label (Bandcamp)
Between The Nights Folamour Ordinary Drugs (album) FHUO Records (For Heaven Use Only)
A Palm In The Closet Ed Longo & Applied Arts Ensemble The Other Fantasy (ep) Early Sound Collective
I’ll Be Around (The Reflex Revision) The Reflex Million Sellers Valentine Edition Vol 2 (album) Not on label (Bandcamp)
Christmas Is Only Beautiful In TV Shows Folamour Ordinary Drugs (album) FHUO Records (For Heaven Use Only)
These Are Just Places To Me Now Folamour Ordinary Drugs (album) FHUO Records (For Heaven Use Only)
Paradise Disco Hurlee DW003 (ep) Discoweey
The Dance Floor Hurlee DW003 (ep) Discoweey
Try To Chill Mangabey Try To Chill (ep) Toytonics
I Love Daft Punk and You Should Too AceMo All My Life (album) Not on label (Bandcamp)
Buzzard Walk Titeknots Fabric Presents Bonobo (comp album) Fabric Records
Nia Ame Fabric Presents Bonobo (comp album) Fabric Records
Focus Dan Kye Fabric Presents Bonobo (comp album) Fabric Records
Where Is The Shredmaster Liem & Eddie Ness Where Is The Shredmaster (ep) Lehult Records
How I Used To John Tejada Sol 10.1 (various ep) Slices Of Life Germany
Fitzy Baaz Sol 10.1 (various ep) Slices Of Life Germany
Astral Planes Fold Astral Planes (ep) Shall Not Fade Records
Feelin’ Myself Ilana Bryne Low Earth Orbit (ep) Naive Records
Mmm Mmm Mmm (Ciel’s Sigh O’ the Times Rework) Ilana Bryne Low Earth Orbit (ep) Naive Records
Orange Blank Chaos In The CBD Orange Blank / Green Dove (ep) In Dust We Trust

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