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Kono Vidovic June 8, 2020 324 27 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Introduction to this weeks electronic music show #359
  • fast_forward 00:13:55 – – First 3 tracks | Promo: Blaqkongo on Odd One In Feature
  • fast_forward 00:29:05 – – Felipe Gordon – Júpiter | Blaqkongo – 38 Ways, 38 Days
  • fast_forward 00:36:35 – – De Dirigenten – Frenks Legacy | Clueless Music (Album)
  • fast_forward 00:47:50 – – Simon Hinter on Freerange Records | De Dirigenten – Chicago Love
  • fast_forward 00:59:15 – – Blaqkongo – Be Free | Free Download by Alex Arcocha
  • fast_forward 01:04:30 – – Spa In Disco Free Music Feature | Felipe Gordon on Lost Palms
  • fast_forward 01:15:55 – – Boys Noize – Mvinline on Defected Records Feature
  • fast_forward 01:20:20 – – Boys Noize is making Noise! Full Defected Feature in Dirty Disco
  • fast_forward 01:30:05 – – Djoko – Hooked on Shall Not Fade | Ruff Stuff on STRCTR
  • fast_forward 01:41:00 – – Ruff Stuff – Bouncing Hearts | Hector Plimmer & Andrew Ashong
  • fast_forward 01:47:10 – – Hector Plimmer & Andrew Ashong – Wall Street Full Music Review
  • fast_forward 01:53:10 – – Subjoi – Shelter Me | OUTRO talk | Djoko – Hooked On You

Introduction to Electronic Music Show 359.

To give you a bit of insight on my weekly selection procedure for this electronic music show. I started out with 130 tracks in my pre-selection that i liked when first hearing them. I download these tracks to my computer and start curating the EP’s and albums these tracks are on from a more critical point of view..

In this part of the music selecting process i end up deleting many of the tracks that i don’t feel or find useful for Dirty Disco. And so i ended up with still 98 beautiful tracks that i would like to incorporate in the electronic music show somehow. Clearly not all of these tracks make it to the final selection but at least i have some room for playing with vibes and harmonies.

I add the final selection of tracks to my Rekordbox library and let it analyze them so i have a better understanding of the BPM (Beats Per Minute) and so on. In this created playlist i do one more final selection with tracks that i feel i must play en these end up in another final playlist. These tracks than get mixed into this weeks electronic music show. While this is not the full procedure of making a show, there is a lot more going on for example the administration and so on. But last but not least i add the presentation and guide you through the new releases.

Music highlights from this week.

Among the EP’s and albums that i curate are always a lot of promo releases from all over the world. Well established names and unknown talent. In this the selection for this show there are:

  • 23 new tracks
  • 12 free downloads (I’m only playing you two of them)
  • 10 tracks are pressed on vinyl next to being available as digital formats.
  • 8 tracks are on the time of recording this music show forthcoming music promo’s.
  • There are 2 albums listed.

Every week i randomly pick a few EP and or album releases from the full selection to feature and highlight them here on the blog. First to give you a better understanding of what’s going on. Which music is being played and where to get it? Next, this way i can promote the music labels and artists that i play.

Featured highlights and music reviews.

Check out a few of the highlights from this electronic music show that made it to the essential mix selection in Dirty Disco 359.

Simon Hinter – Tired Up | Freerange Records.

I love the Freerange Record label and play their music occasionally but this is the first time i heard from this producer Simon Hinter. It appears to be that he is been making music for more than a decade releasing a handful of EP’s. Nevertheless i’m glad that i found him and his music as i really like the tracks on his Tired Up EP.

I ended up selecting and playing two of the tracks from the four brilliant tracks that are on this release. All are dancefloor ready and give a good perspective on his skills in creating diverse music. You’ll find me playing the tracks ‘Looking Back’ and Heaven & Hell.

Tired Up came out on 22-5-20 on Freerange Records.

Blaqkongo – 38 Ways, 38 Days | Odd One In.

Another producer i have never heard about until now. I’m happy Blaqkongo reached out to me and sended me his music as i immediately felt it. Great quality that easy goes among the other names i’m playing you in this weeks selection like Felipe Gordon and the ‘De Dirigenten’.

Blaqkongo’s music can also easily be placed in the style of Detroit Swindle, Joe Kay and Atjazz to just give you a few names. When you hear his music you will understand that i’m not the first one that endorses his skills in making music as he is also already being supported by Black Loops, Melvo Baptiste among others. Nevertheless i’m really proud to be one of the first to recognize his music talent and i’m looking forward to do a full music review on his EP, 38 Ways, 38 Days which comes out 19-6-20 on Odd One In.

Felipe Gordon – Júpiter | Lost Palms.

For this release we are heading over to the frequently played and supported music producer from Bogota, Colombia. As Felipe Gordon brings out an eclectic electronic music EP on the Lost Palms imprint that totally fits the Dirty Disco style. His Júpiter EP is where richness in influences are combined from styles of funk, soul and house music.

It will be no surprise that i’m featuring 3 from the 5 tracks on this EP in my selection. Kicking of with ‘The Júpiter Song’ which is a well crafted lounge house track with jazz infused drums and dope beats. Right after it and mixed together there is his funk filled bass track ‘Snake Jazz’ to finally end up with ‘Gotta Keep Us Separated’.

De Dirigenten – Frenk’s Legacy | Clueless Music.

This music album has a special story that goes about true friendship and love no matter what happens in life. De Dirigenten are Frenk and Dillon, probably better known as the Dutch DJ and producer duo Frenkay Fresh & Dillon Leroux. (i did this remix for them a couple of years ago).

The duo started out in 2010 after Frenk booked DJ to play at one of his parties. It seemed they had a mutual interest in the techno and house genres and together their musical creativity had no limits. Sadly in 2016 Frenk passed away because of cancer. After a few years Dillon decided to finish all the music they made together and turn it into this special album called ‘Frenk’s Legacy.’

De Dirigenten – Frenk’s Legacy will come out on 28-7-20 on Clueless Music.

Boys Noize – Mvinline | Defected Records.

When i first heard this record i really got excited not only because it’s dope and would still be even being released on every other music label out there. But the fact that Defected Records shares the same opinion the loads get heavier and excites me even more.

It also makes me happy to be able to once again play music from German producer Boys Noize as i i play his music rarely because even though he creates high quality music and very original tracks, they most of the times do not fit my musical journey and mix session here in Dirty Disco. This time his track Mvinline brings in another perspective. Playing this Disco House banger was a no-brainer for me this week.

Djoko – Hooked | Shall Not Fade.

Let’s stick to the banging House vibes for a bit longer. Shall Not Fade Records invited Djoko to the family with his new EP release ‘Hooked’ a 5 tracker banging house EP that fills dance floors worldwide and shows Djoko’s skill to create a groove.

3 tracks made the selection in this electronic music show 359. I’m playing you the chunky house pumper ‘Bad To The Bone’, with retro elements and funk filled ‘Facettes’, and the poppin’ sunkissed ‘Hooked On You’ as the last track in this Dirty Disco episode.

Djoko – Hooked will be available as 12” on Shall Not Fade Records on the 18th of June 2020.

12 free music downloads.

So far so good, but there is more. In this music mix i played two free downloads which come from the in Spain based Spa In Disco label and their ‘SpaFree’ album compilation, featuring 12 free tracks from artists like the two played: Alex Arcocha and Manuel Costela. It features more music from Chuggin Edits and Boogietraxx among others. You can grab all 12 tracks for free and find the link for that in the below listen music review that i did on the album.

Track listing, music information & vinyl availability.

I hope that you find the timestamp feature on the top of the blog useful to listen to this week’s electronic music show episode. You can use them to navigate to certain sections of the show where i highlight the music in and feature them. Next to my recommendation you can find the tracklist here below and use it to find the artist and their music that you like and want to buy for your own DJ sets or playlist. Additionally you can check out my Spotify playlist to find them there to add to your own playlists and library.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateVinyl?
Manuel Costela4Ur LoveSpaFreeSpa In DiscoAlbum28-5-20
SubjoiWhen You Love MeFairfaxDistant HawaiiEP29-5-2012”
Simon HinterLooking BackTired UpFreerange RecordsEP22-5-20
BlaqkongoSomethin’ Bout U38 Ways 38 DaysOdd One InEP19-6-20
BlaqkongoTrust In Me38 Ways 38 DaysOdd One InEP19-6-20
Felipe GordonThe Jupiter SongJúpiterLost PalmsEP29-5-2012”
Felipe GordonSnake JazzJúpiterLost PalmsEP29-5-2012”
De DirigentenReturn The FavorFrenks LegacyClueless RecordsAlbum28-7-20
Simon HinterHeaven & HellTired UpFreerange RecordsEP22-5-20
De DirigentenChicago Love (Frenk’s Original Remix)Frenks LegacyClueless RecordsAlbum28-7-20
BlaqkongoBe Free38 Ways 38 DaysOdd One InEP19-6-20
Alex ArcochaBlue CargoSpaFreeSpa In DiscoAlbum28-5-20
Felipe GordonGotta Keep Us SeparatedJúpiterLost PalmsEP29-5-2012”
Demuir & BlueyLusting ULusting UKaoz TheoryEP29-5-20
Boys NoizeMvinline (Extended Mix)MvinlineDefected RecordsEP29-5-20
DjokoBad To The BoneHookedShall Not FadeEP18-6-2012”
DjokoFacettesHookedShall Not FadeEP18-6-2012”
Ruff StuffAuzBouncing HeartsSTRCTREP2-6-2012”
Ruff StuffBouncing Hearts (Demuja Remix)Bouncing HeartsSTRCTREP2-6-2012”
Hector Plimmer & Andrew AshongWall Street (Matthew Herbert’s Street Dub)Wall StreetAlbert’s FavoritesEP29-5-20
Hector Plimmer & Andrew AshongWall StreetWall StreetAlbert’s FavoritesEP29-5-20
SubjoiShelter MeFairfaxDistant HawaiiEP29-5-2012”
DjokoHooked On YouHookedShall Not FadeEP18-6-2012”

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