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Kono Vidovic June 29, 2020 270 15 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Introduction to my weekly hosted & mixed electronic music show
  • fast_forward 00:11:36 – – Summer Vibes by Session Victim | Disco Flavors by Ethyene
  • fast_forward 00:31:55 – – Sweely – I Gotta Keep On Remixes EP Feature on CDH Records
  • fast_forward 00:42:44 – – Retromigration & Dimsum | Hotmood on Ravanelli Disco Club
  • fast_forward 00:48:15 – – Hotmood – Magical Flight | Hotmood Remix on Jazzman Wax
  • fast_forward 00:59:53 – – Art Of Tones on Z Records | Tender Games – Love Oddisee
  • fast_forward 01:17:48 – – Ssin – The Soul Inside on theBasement Discos | Music Feature
  • fast_forward 01:27:18 – – Moon Boots – Pure Moons Vol. 1 | Paul Rudder – Glue
  • fast_forward 01:39:43 – – Paul Rudder | blaqkongo – Dirty Disco Exclusive Free Download
  • fast_forward 01:45:14 – – Dirty Disco Exclusive Free DL by blaqkongo + Music feature
  • fast_forward 01:53:35 – – Moon Boots – Together Forever | Harrison BDP on Talman Records
  • fast_forward 02:02:03 – – Dirty Disco 362 Outro Speech

Introduction to Dirty Disco 362.

Welcome to electronic music show 362. Every week there are hundreds if not thousands of new tracks being released in just only the electronic music scene. Because of this mechanism most of the music dies pretty quickly and some even never reach one sale.

Unfortunately the top 10 charts in every genre on some of the biggest music platforms i.e: Beatport, Traxsource and Juno do not represent the majority in quality music. These charts are based up on marketing efforts from publishers and labels instead of true love for the music. Which basically means that the one with the most money can get the most plays. Don’t get me wrong there still needs to be a quality factor in the music.

Because many artists and or labels do not have big marketing budgets (and we are among these) their tracks easily get forgotten and fade out quickly after being released. That’s where i try to step in with my weekly electronic music show and blog to find the electronic music gems among all published tracks every week and show you what else is there to listen to that deserves attention next to the top charts.

Electronic music show 362 highlights.

The electronic music show selection for this week contains 25 new tracks within the sub-genres and sound styles: Dreamy electronica, Laid back Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo Disco, Hot Summer Disco House, Deep Disco, House and Dreamy Deep House. I know these are not all official genres or sub-genres but when we look at the scene and the philosophy of music there are not real strict rules for this. The only rule is: It has to sound good.

Here is an overview from what i’ll be bringing you in this weeks essential selection.

  • 25 tracks in different sound styles from the electronic music genre.
  • 1 free music download which is also an Dirty Disco exclusive.
  • 7 tracks from the selection are available on plastic (vinyl).
  • 2 are promo release (on the time of recording and writing this blog post).
  • Among the selection of 25 tracks, are 2 new albums. One artist album, and one label various artists compilation.
  • All mixed into a 2 hour presented mix session, which is also available as an DJ only (no presentation mix).

Featured Music LP & EP’s.

Now that you know what style, how many tracks and what there is more to expect from this electronic music show episode. Let’s get down to show you a glimpse of the featured music recordings and their backstories.

Session Victim – Needledrop Remixed | Night Time Stories.

Session Victim is without a doubt of one Germany’s best export formation in the electronic music scene and especially Deep House genre. The House Music duo has an incredible international list of performances and quality releases.

I play a lot of Session Victims music in Dirty Disco, i can even remember how much episodes i used their music in. But i do remember episode 347 of Dirty Disco, where i not only asked you to flatten the curve in order to fight the Coronavirus. I also featured Session Victim’s 11 tracker album ‘Needledrop’ which came out on Night Time Stories.

After receiving bunch of support from Dummy, Mixmag, DJ Mag, Resident Advisor and XLR8R and Dirty Disco. The duo is back with a bunch of remixes on various tracks from the album. Needledrop Remixed is a must have / listen to LP for real lovers of electronic music.

Sweely – I Gotta Keep On Remixes EP | CDH (Chineurs De House).

The underground music scene always has been a place where great talents are born and beautiful passionate music flows in all directions. Unfortunately the scene has always been under the pressure of lack in fair financials. Therefore it’s even more encouraging and blissful to see that many recording companies and artists are giving their musical effort to charities and people who are even more in need of help.

The CDH record label (Chineurs De House) decided to run their first remix contest a while ago. For this contest they took “I Gotta Keep On” from Sweely’s first “Calm Down Homie” EP in 2016 on the label.

The result: over 100 remix submission with 16 that rose above all. The jury who chose the winners decided to put all tracks on an amazing remix EP well let’s say LP. That shows the diversity of electronic music in beautiful well crafted high quality remixes of the original. 15% of the sale revenue goes to a French charity: Fondation des Femmes.

Jazzman Wax – San Francisco Remixes EP | theBasement Discos.

Mark my words, when i say that the Spanish theBasement Discos is going to be among the most influential House music labels in the next decade. When you have been tuning in to my electronic music show frequently over the last couple of months. You have witnessed that many music releases from the record company got featured. We even did an interview with them and a music special on their “Beyond Paella” compilation album. See the links here below to find out about what i have posted so far from the label.

And guess what it’s not over! In this episode i’m playing you new music from two new releases on the label. Starting with the remixes EP on San Francisco (The Mission EP) from one of Spanish most promising DJ’s and producers Jazzman Wax. While all remixes are dope, i decided to select Mexican’s finest Disco House producer Hotmood’s remix. And the unique remix from Rhode & Brown.

Tender Games – Love Oddyssey | Bandcamp Exclusive.

For this next feature i made myself to decide between this new track from Tender Games – Love Oddyssey. Or the latest release by Art Of Tones – Flower Child, who are both in the mix selection in this electronic music show and played after each other.

I decided to go for Tender Games as i believe this Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer and DJ lies in the same category of music and quality as ‘Art Of Tones’ who also makes music under his real name Llorca.

Tender Games is also a common name here in Dirty Disco and i really love to play his music diverse styled music. His latest release will be a Bandcamp exclusive and available from the 3th of July.

Ssin – The Soul Inside 98| theBasement Discos.

Once again back to the beloved theBasement Discos who recently have been releasing so much music that i can hardly track all of them. If you love Disco and Deep House but never have heard of the music label before. Make sure to check out their catalogue here on Bandcamp.

Next to the successful and above mentioned remixes EP on Jazzman Wax his San Francisco. There is a newcomer to the label. The Nottingham based producer Ssin (probably announced as assassin) just dropped his first EP “The Soul Inside 98” on the Valencian label.

On the EP you’ll find three originals and an additional remix by Braga Circuit. The main goal from the creator Ssin was to make sure everybody gets pumped on the dance-floor.

Paul Rudder – Glue | Lazy Days Music.

After playing and featuring many Disco House tracks. It’s time to shine a light in the bit more deeper side of House music with this new release from Paul Rudder on Lazy Days Music.

You might know Paul from his fantastic releases on record music labels such as: Poetry In Motion, Exploited and Peppermint Jam among others. After his debut “Sun Rising” last year in the label he is now back with an astonishing great new Deep House EP called “Glue”.

On the main title track you will hear the sweet smooth vocals from Segilola (from Girls Of The Internet). The second track is called Asleep which goes even deeper into sound and ads a remix from the South African based producer Julian Gomes.

Moon Boots – Pure Moons Vol 1 | Bandcamp.

Last but not least among the features in this 362nd episode of my electronic music show is the alter Ego of Pete Dougherty “Moon Boots”. Since the very beginning of Dirty Disco (over 7 years ago) i have been playing music from him and seen him grow into a great versatile artist he is today. With many Nu Disco releases in the beginning and exploring the Deep House genre he is now a master producer that adapts to every subgenre easily and showcases his versatility in his productions.

His latest release comes direct from Brooklyn (where he lives) and is a 3 tracker EP called “Pure Moons Vol. 1”. Straight up Deep House that lends more towards that real House vibe with the featured tracks: Together Forever and Deep Love. A must have for all Deep House Heads out there.

Dirty Disco Exclusive – Free Download by blaqkongo.

Right after the featured music releases always comes the free download from the week. This week i’m proud to present you a special download with a Dirty Disco exclusive. This means the track we are offering for a free download is exclusively available through the Dirty Disco platform.

A few weeks before i did this music review on blaqkongo – 38 Days 38 Ways EP. I already featured the EP and some tracks from it in my electronic music show here. After getting in touch with this Deep House talent we agreed to collaborate on a music review including a free download which resulted in blaqkongo making a exclusive remix on his on the EP included “Somethin’ Bout U’. The result his: Forgotten Feelings Remix exclusively here at Dirty Disco.

Read the review, listen to his music, grab the free track and support this fast rising talent by buying his 38 Days 38 Ways EP here.

Track listing & music release information.

As you may have noticed by reading this full music blog that accompanies this weeks electronic music show. There goes a lot of effort in creating all content every week. Therefor i really hope the blogs find you and you are able to read them. Also, it would be great if you could support Dirty Disco with a small financial compensation here. I would be very thankful and show my appreciation for you in one of my next shows.

Last but not least feel free to use the track listing to find your favorites from this music mix session. Share the list with your friends if you liked what you hear and think others should tune in as well. And always feel free to contact me for any reason. Thanks for listening and reading, take care and see you next week.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelRel DateVinyl?
Leon RevolCircuit BreakerEnter A ZirconChurch Records30-6-202×12”
InterstateNorthern LightsThinking You Me We12 Records18-6-20
Session VictimJazzbeat 7 (Dday One Remix)Needledrop RemixedNight Time Stories16-6-2012”
Session VictimIsle Of Taste (Patrice Scott Remix)Needledrop RemixedNight Time Stories16-6-2012”
EthyeneLet LoveDisco Selections Vol. 1Ravanelli Disco Club24-6-2012”
Ghosts of VeniceFeel The HeatGhost Of Venice EditsStreet Meat Records15-4-2012”
SGSLaziest LoopHappy House Vol. 2 V.A. CompilationHappyness Therapy19-6-20
SweelyI Gotta Keep On (Moonee Remix)I Gotta Keep On RemixesCDH (Chineurs De House)4-6-20
CarloPaco BuyoUna Vida De Barrio19-6-2012”
Retromigration & DimsumSwiss ParadiseHappy House Vol. 2 V.A. CompilationHappyness Therapy19-6-20
HotmoodMagical FlightDisco Selections Vol. 1Ravanelli Disco Club24-6-2012”
Jazzman WaxSan Francisco (Hotmood Remix)San Francisco RemixestheBasement Discos19-6-20
Art Of TonesFlower Child (Ft Anduze)Flower ChildZ Records19-6-20
Tender GamesLove Oddisee (Instrumental Mix)Love OddiseeBandcamp only3-7-20
SsinLove AffairThe Soul InsidetheBasement Discos23-6-20
SsinJust HouseThe Soul InsidetheBasement Discos23-6-20
Jazzman WaxSan Francisco (Rhode & Brown Remix)San Francisco RemixestheBasement Discos19-6-20
Moon BootsDeep LovePure Moons Vol 1Bandcamp19-6-20
Paul RudderGlueGlueLazy Days Music18-6-20
Paul RudderAsleepGlueLazy Days Music18-6-20
blaqkongoSomethin’ Bout U (Forgotten Feelings Mix) (DD Exclusive)Dirty Disco Exclusive | Free Download19-6-20
blaqkongoAlways There38 Days 38 WaysOdd One Inn19-6-20
Moon BootsTogether ForeverPure Moons Vol 1Bandcamp19-6-20
Harrison BDPLullabyReminders Vol. 10Talman Records12-6-20
DJOKODialerReminders Vol. 10Talman Records12-6-20

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