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Kono Vidovic June 22, 2020 250 18 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Introduction Music Talk to Dirty Disco #361 | 25 Essentials
  • fast_forward 00:15:17 – – Andrés (DJ Dez) – Allergia De Vino | Chromeo New EP Features
  • fast_forward 00:24:35 – – Chromeo – Quarantine Casanova Review | Free DL By Igor Gonya
  • fast_forward 00:28:45 – – Igor Gonya – Kitchen Ninja Feature | Care4Life: Luke Solomon
  • fast_forward 00:35:56 – – Igor Gonya – Kitchen Ninja | Free Download of the week.
  • fast_forward 00:39:38 – – Dirty Disco Promo | Jacques Renault – No Strings Attached
  • fast_forward 00:59:22 – – Soul of Hex & Cornelius SA | Delusions of Grandeur | Feature
  • fast_forward 01:07:03 – – Xinobi & Moullinex – Azul | Music Album music review
  • fast_forward 01:17:47 – – Mr Beatnick – Honeycomb | Music album feature | NYRK >
  • fast_forward 01:22:02 – – NYRK – The Muse | (Moodymann?) Music feature on Eshuo Records
  • fast_forward 01:41:20 – – Harrison BDP – Sun Dial | Berg Audio | Enflure – La Paix
  • fast_forward 01:51:58 – – Dirty Disco – Electronic Music Podcast Show Outro

Dirty Disco 361 introduction.

It’s been 361 episodes ago since i started with the weekly Dirty Disco installments, bringing you music that you wouldn’t hear that much at other places. Every week i continue to seek for new music and promo releases which has been a success. In all episodes i always managed to keep the refresh rate of the music between 98 and 100% with most shows probably 98% having new music every time.

Essential music selection in this weekly mix.

This week’s live mix session is no different. I included a nice eclectic electronic music selection that will give you listening pleasure if you love: Electronic music, free downloads, vinyl releases, DJ mixes and wine. (yes the liquid drink).

The ambiance and electronic music styles ranges from laid back downtempo hip hop instrumentals. To the bit more uplifting funky beat and Nu Disco instrumentals from Chromeo to the four to the floor Disco House beats. Slowly but steady deeper elements are added to turn them into proper Deep Disco tunes to finally let the real Deep House take it over.

Let’s look at the contents of this essential music selection:

  • 25 new tracks.
  • 2 (from 4) free downloads.
  • 16 tracks are also available on 12 inch (vinyl)
  • 4 promo tracks. (forthcoming on the time of recording)
  • 3 album reviews.
  • With 1 album being available as a cassette.
  • A 2 hour hosted DJ mix. (which is also available as DJ only mix)

Featured albums & EP’s on vinyl (12 inch).

While your best move would be tuning into the show by using the audio player on my website or by tuning into other platforms. That way i can guide you through the music while we listen to it together. In addition i highlighted a few of the 12 inch releases from the essential music selection in this episode. Because there were so many vinyl releases i decided to list and highlight them here below.

Andrés – Allergia de Vino | Motor City Wine Records.

I’m starting the show with a couple of tunes from two of the latest (forthcoming) releases by Detroit based DJ and producer Andrés a.k.a. DJ Dez.

With his recent Allergia de Vino Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, he joins the Motor City Wine records label i a suitable style. As he delivers two EP’s with a selection of downtempo Hip Hop instrumentals that celebrate their favorite red, white and pink wines.

I will play you 3 tracks from the total of 6 on both vol.1 and vol. 2 EP’s. A cool thing is that these EP’s are available in a dope 7 inch package.

Care4Life V.A. Sampler Selection | NHS Support.

This next release is probably the most unique one in this essential music selection. As we know that there are many organizations who try to do something for a good cause, and with now being in this strange Covid-19 situation.

The Above Board Distribution, Dispersion PR and Your Army Music collaborated on this so called ‘Care4Life’ selection that showcases an unique collection of electronic dance music from artists in all layers in the industry, who you most probably won’t see together on a selection like this again soon.

All proceeds will go to support the UK NHS frontline workers through the Covid-19 challenges.

Mr Beatnick – Honeycomb | Mythstery Records.

From the highlighted essentials music selection this is the only one nog available as a 12 inch. But is till wanted to mention it as it’s a very dope new album by Mr Beatnick.

His Honeycomb album is Mr Beatnick long awaited second album after releasing his debut album in 2013. The styles and sounds witness a wide eclectic range in music from Funk, Boogie, Broken House, Hip Hop and Deep House.

Mr Beatnick loves using live percussion, the kalimba, piano and using samples from world sounds in his productions. If you love electronic music in all ranges, you should def take a listen to this new album. I’m playing you two tracks in the selection, ‘To Meet Her’ Which is a down tempo dreamy Hip Hop instrumental. And ‘Invisible Elevator’ which shows his Deep House production skills.

Chromeo – Quarantine Casanova | Bandcamp.

As they are putting it themselves. The funk lordz Chromeo (Dave 1 & P-Thugg) said this is probably their most funny release ever, which started out as a joke with the track Clorox Wipe.

After putting the track up on the world wide web, their fans asked for more and more came. Finally they ended up with 5 new original tracks on their new ‘Quarantine Casanova’ album. To finish it they added the instrumentals from all tracks.

To funk things up in my live mix session i added three from the 5 instrumentals and playing you: Stay In Bed, Roni Got Me Stressed Out and Clorox Wipe.

All proceeds from this will be donated to Know Your Rights Camp’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.

AIAE – V.A. EP | Let’s Play House White.

If you love Disco House that leans a bit towards the Deep Disco, and a bit of that classic Acid styled vibe. This next release is something for you.

As i’m only featuring the track by Jacques Renault – No Strings Attached from the AIAE various artist EP on Let’s Play House White. The selection is quite dope and includes 3 other tracks from: Keita Sano, Kristy Harper and Laroze. All well worth to listen to and play in your own DJ sets.

This is the 3rd and most probably the last installment of the LPH White series. So go on grab it while it’s hot and available as a 12 inch.

Joe Corti & Madcat – Pusic Records Vol 012 | Pusic Records.

From this new EP on Pusic Records where Joe Corti and Madcat collaborated on i included the two tracks from Joe Corti in the mix. Not too long ago i featured a quality free track from Madcat and Cosmonection here.

There is a total of 4 tracks. Two by Joe Corti and two by Madcat. I included Joe Corti’s I Just which is a dope Deep Disco style House track ready to own every dance floor and brings in a big layer of energy.

The other track is ‘Mitchell’ which is also from Joe Corti and is more of a deep dreamy House track. This one is available on all digital formats and as 12 inch.

Soul Of Hex – Disco Permanente | Delusions Of Grandeur.

Deep Disco House music presented on the Delusions Of Grandeur label by Soul of Hex. After Gerardo and Emanuel Cedillo dropped two quality EP’s on the Freerange record label. It’s now time to the Delusions Of Grandeur label to inhouse the two brothers who are better known as Soul of Hex.

Their Disco Permanente Ep is a quality work of dope Deep House music with Disco influences. From the EP i’m featuring one track which is their collaboration with Cornelius SA: Polygon Alpha Funk.

Xinobi – A Collection Of Xinobi Dance Songs | Disco Texas | Cassette.

The last highlight in this essential music selection is the new album by Xinobi – A Collection Of Xinobi Dance Songs. The album is naturally available on all digital formats and music streaming services. But also as a cassette through his Bandcamp account.

The album consists tracks that he created in the past two years without setting any real goals for himself. This way he was able to create music he really felt and wanted to make.

In my selection i’m playing you his collaboration with Moullinex – Azul which is a perfect sunset piece of music.

Igor Gonya – Kitchen Ninja | Free Download & Music Review.

Every week i bring you new free downloads. Sometimes just a free track, sometimes a full free album and this time a full free downloadable EP by Lisztomania head honcho Igor Gonya. Read the full music review i did on his free Kitchen Ninja EP, and read about the man himself to get to know Igor just a bit better. Done reading? Grab the free tracks and enjoy the music in your playlists or mix sets.

Track listing Dirty Disco 361.

The second most popular part of my weekly music blog and electronic music show is the tracklist. Logically when you hear great music, you’ll automatically want to know which track it is. Not only because of that, but also to give credits to the creator i always list a full detailed track listing from every essential music selection on my website. All you have to do is find the corresponding music blog that goes with the episode, scroll down and find the track listing.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelRel DateVinyl?
AndrésAllegria de VinoAllegria de Vino Vol. 1Motorcity Wine Recordings3-7-207”
AndrésRock JuiceAllegria de Vino Vol. 2Motorcity Wine Recordings3-7-207”
Mr BeatnickTo Meet HerHoneycombMythstery Records12-6-20
AndrésBordeaux Pt. 1Allegria de Vino Vol. 1Motorcity Wine Recordings3-7-207”
Luke VibertThat’s Ill FolksCare4life Sampler 1Care4Life19-6-2012”
ChromeoStay In Bed (And Do Nothing) (Instrumental)Quarantine CasanovaBandcamp12-6-2012”
ChromeoRoni Got Me Stressed Out (Instrumental)Quarantine CasanovaBandcamp12-6-2012”
ChromeoClorox Wipe (Instrumental)Quarantine CasanovaBandcamp12-6-2012”
Igor GonyaSwinging HammockKitchen NinjaFree Download1-6-20
Luke SolomonWaitCare4life Sampler 1Care4Life19-6-2012”
Igor GonyaKitchen NinjaKitchen NinjaFree Download1-6-20
Jacques RenaultNo Strings AttachedAIAELPH White3-6-2012”
Joe CortiMitchellPusic Records 012Pusic Records2-6-2012”
Joe CortiI JustPusic Records 012Pusic Records2-6-2012”
Cornelius SA & Soul of HexPolygon Alpha FunkDisco PermanenteDelusions of Grandeur16-6-2012”
Xinobi & MoullinexAzulA Collection Of Xinobi Dance SongsDisco Texas12-6-20Cass
Marc BraunerLiberte (Ft Maéva)SLRVA004Start Local Records4-6-20
Mr BeatnickInvisible ElevatorHoneycombMythstery Records12-6-20
NYRKThe MuseThe MuseEsuoh19-6-20
EjecaNever ShouldPolar NationShall Not Fade12-6-2012”
Max TelearRaw Cut TwoRaw CutsBeing All Here Records12-6-20
Harrison BDPSun DialThe ArchivesBerg Audio30-6-2012”
EnflureLa Paix (Garret David Remix)La PaixYung Dumb Records12-6-2012”
HATT.DYou Were There (Presence Mix)Natural SurroundingsSengiley Recordings19-6-20
Archie HamiltonWaiting GameCare4life Sampler 2Care4Life19-6-2012”

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