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Exclusive Q&A With Steve Mill: About his new Love Attack EP, the Music Industry, DJ gigs, studio time and more…

Kono Vidovic October 9, 2022 234 4 5

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Steve Mill is a man of many talents. He’s an artist, producer and music industry professional who has been releasing music for more than 15 years. His work has been featured on some of the biggest labels in the electronic music world, and he currently works as an Artist Services Manager at Beatport. I had the opportunity to interview Steve about his new Love Attack EP, the music industry, DJ gigs, studio time and more. Read on to learn more about this talented musician!

Q&A with Steve Mill from beatport

1. Hi Steve, it’s a real pleasure to have you here at Dirty Disco. Please can you introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi all! My name is Steve Mill, hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece. I am an artist, producer and music industry professional working for Beatport as an Artist Services Manager. I have been releasing music for more than 15 years, with notable successes on labels such as Global Underground, Renaissance, Balance, Madhouse, Z Records, Large Music and most recently Tensnake’s True Romance and the excellent Dirt Crew! 

2. How long have you been working in music and what are the different roles that you’ve worked in?

As an industry professional I have been working for more or less 10 years, have worked in distribution, label management, music curation and most recently in my role at the Artist Services team at Beatport I have been helping new as well as established artists to show their great work through our platform.

Steve Mill Interview

3. What is the most recent gig that you’ve played at and how was it for you from behind the decks?

I recently played in Barcelona for this great House music night called Jackies, who are holding parties around the city as well as internationally. This one was in the W Hotel, such a stunning location on the 26th floor. Very House kinda crowd, so I had the chance to play some Soulful, some Afro and I really enjoyed it.

4. What kind of vibe should we expect in a Steve Mill set?

I am focusing on musicality on my dj sets as well as grooves. I always have vocals taking the main role, but not always in the Soulful kinda way. I love the Afro syncopations as well as the straight up more Tech drum lines. I like long mixing, tracks blending into each other slowly. I’m from the generation when House and Techno tracks were 7.30 minutes long.. So you can imagine I take my time to mix, but that creates a very distinctive journey in my sets which I really enjoy. I love playing for 4 hours or longer, start deep and slow, 120 bpm and go up to max 124.

5. You’ve had some 40 plus releases over your time. What do you think was your most impactful release?

My work stood out when heavyweights like Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren picked up tracks for their compilations more than 10 years ago. Then my sound changed, I explored my roots, House music. When I signed with Kerri Chandler’s label, that seriously put me on the map and made some heads turn.. The Supernova remix in particular of my first record for Madhouse, was played all around. Most recently, having Tensnake remixing my record on his label was huge too for me and It brought a lot of recognition for my work again. Now, releasing on Dirt Crew, a legendary label, for me is like a huge achievement and the feedback is already great

6. Who are the artists from the past that inspire the music that you make?

Past as well as present, Todd Edwards, Cassius, Kerri Chandler, Kaytranada, Todd Terje, Enduro Disco, Dam Swindle and a lot more.

7. Is there an album from back in time that touched your soul?

Cassius 1999, hands down, no second thoughts.

8. Have you been a big collector of vinyl over the years? Are you still collecting?

I haven’t been one, I still buy records though that I want to play or I want to have in my collection.

9. What was the last piece of vinyl that you bought?

It was the SADE album, This Far. A collection of all her records. A must have for me! 

10. What is your view on music made in digital format and that released on vinyl. Do you feel that only specific tracks should be on vinyl or is this a myth and it’s all just the same? 

Vinyl is a medium for music listening. Anyone can print their music on vinyl as long as they have the financial means. The quality control relies on the label. Any music can go on vinyl. That doesn’t automatically mean it will sound great. If it’s been produced with mediocre equipment or samples, or it’s been recorded badly, it will still sound off, regardless of it being on vinyl. It will of course have the medium’s sounding identity, but still mediocre final result. So no, any music can be printed on vinyl, as long as there are the financial means.

11. Where is your studio Steve and what’s the most important thing in it?

My studio for the last 2 years is in Thessaloniki, Greece. The most important thing in it is the sound treatment, without it I wouldn’t be able to produce fine results. So, I’ve put a lot of effort into making it sound as good as possible. I built my own low end absorbing tubes! So you can imagine the amount of determination here:) If you wanna talk about hardware, my MPC Live II

12. What kit did you use to make this record?

MPC Live II for sampling, drum programming and writing the instruments. All recorded in Logic where I added the additional elements, then mixed.

Steve Mill - Love Attack

13. What can you tell us about your new ‘Love Attack EP’ on Dirt Crew?

It started when I wrote “Make Me Feel”, again with my MPC, where I programmed and then recorded the chords. I then sent the idea to Tee Amara, a very talented Spanish singer songwriter who lives in Berlin. She came back with plenty of ideas, which I then put in my MPC (again!) and started chopping and sampling and creating lines (Todd Edwards style!). 

Dirt Crew loved the track, with a bit of back and forth, we shaped the final result. Then “Love Attack” happened. I had written the arpeggios already but then I couldn’t find the right drums. Until I bumped into this big, 80’s kinda snare. This changed the whole track and I was like, “Yes! This is how it should sound. Gerd Janson, Krystal Klear style” Finally, “Next To You” was a bonus addition..

14. How did Lorenz enhance the original track in your view?

He kept the vocal sample on his original remix version. Then he wrote these amazing funky keys on top, that take his version to a whole new level! I always loved his work, so him putting his touch on my track is amazing.

15. Where should we listen to your new EP and what should we be drinking?

Haha! Go straight to the Dirt Crew Soundcloud and you will find it there. Serve yourselves an Aperol Spritz and enjoy! 

Some final words.

Steve Mill is a music industry professional with over 15 years of experience. His new Love Attack EP, released on Dirt Crew (featured here), is a testament to his skill as a producer. The interview provides some great insights into the process of making the record and what went into it. If you’re an electronic music fan, this is definitely worth a read! We would like to thank Steve Mill for taking time with me for this Steve Mill Q&A, and I’m very much looking forward for his future musical activities.

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