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Experience the Cutting-Edge Sounds of Electronic Music with Dirty Disco 498: A Journey through the Latest and Forthcoming Tracks.

Kono Vidovic March 26, 2023 315 7 5

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Are you ready for a journey into the cutting-edge sounds of electronic music? Then get ready to be enthralled by Dirty Disco 498, the latest installment of the weekly podcast hosted and curated by the acclaimed Kono Vidovic. With an unparalleled selection of the latest and forthcoming tracks, Kono takes us on a sonic adventure that explores the most innovative trends and subgenres of the electronic music scene. From funky house beats to hypnotic deep rhythms, this mix showcases the avant-garde sounds and techniques that are pushing the boundaries of the electronic music landscape. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be transported to a world of sonic exploration and musical enlightenment.

Featured Music in Dirty Disco 489.

The auditory journey commences with Scruscru, Jean & Meowsn’s “Love Letter for Meowsn,” a riveting house composition that serves as a harbinger of the tonal tapestry to come. As the soundscape unfolds, Sirens of Lesbos & Peace’s “Sweet Harmony” ushers in a mellifluous and soulful interlude, paving the way for Scruscru, Jehan & Meowsn’s “Scru’s Hustle,” an irresistible deep disco track that is sure to have you moving to its groovy rhythms.

As the mix progresses, Moon Boots & Dope Earth Alien’s “On & On (Effortless)” elevates the sonic landscape with its upbeat tempo and captivating vocals that beckon you to the dancefloor. Meanwhile, Blazers’ “Klein & Blue” delves into the deeper and darker recesses of electronic music, imbuing the mix with a sense of introspective intensity. The ethereal soundscapes of Cosmocomics’ “Be With You” and “Right Back” take us on a dreamy sonic journey, where lush melodies and hypnotic synths converge to create a transcendent and introspective vibe, perfectly suited for the contemplative moments on the dancefloor.

From Haunting Atmospheres to Dreamy Euphoria: The Captivating Highlights of Dirty Disco 498.

Moon Boots continues to tantalize our auditory senses with “Take Me To Your Body” featuring Nic Hanson and “Hot Minute” featuring Black Gatsby, two funk-infused and soulful tracks that exude a contagious energy that will have you moving to their infectious rhythms. Finest Wear’s “Take Me To The Deep” shifts the mood, imbuing the mix with a mellow and introspective vibe that lulls us into a contemplative state. As the night deepens, Red D’s “Scattered Dub” takes us on a trippy and hypnotic journey, where experimental soundscapes and heady beats converge to create a haunting sonic tapestry.

Get groovy with Dirty Disco 498’s funk-infused and ominous tracks!

The mix then takes a funkier turn with Zodra DS’s “It’s Dangerous,” followed by Lose Ends’ “Experimental” and “Emergency Exit,” which bring an edgier and more ominous sound to the mix, evoking the funky atmosphere of underground disco parties. Finally, the mix culminates with a bang as Currents & Jesusdapnk remix of Zoura DS’s “It’s Dangerous” infuses the soundscape with a powerful and hypnotic groove that will leave you yearning for more.

Traumer, Gunnter, and 1tbsp will take you on a hypnotic journey with their hauntingly atmospheric soundscape, intricate percussion, and playful beats.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the highlights of Dirty Disco 498. Traumer’s “Current” takes center stage with its hauntingly atmospheric soundscape, ethereal synths, and relentless beat that will leave you in a trance. Gunnter’s “Omaha Beach” and “Cafe Cheri” showcase intricate and complex percussion, transporting you to a world of hypnotic rhythm. For a playful and quirky addition, check out 1tbsp’s “Four Tet is my Godmother,” a delightful tune that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

“Get lost in the euphoric beats of Fred Again, Skrillex & Four Tet’s “Baby Again” and the funky basslines of Midnight Magic’s “I Found Love (Perel Remix)””

And that’s not all – the mix features Fred Again, Skrillex & Four Tet’s “Baby Again,” an epic track with dreamy vocals and lush synths that will have you feeling euphoric. The disco touch arrives with Midnight Magic’s “I Found Love (Perel Remix),” with its funky basslines and groovy guitar riffs that make you want to boogie.

As the Dirty Disco 498 nears its end, Scruscru, Jehan & Meowsn’s “Doin’ Haws” and Lose Ends’ “Night Sesh” provide a serene and relaxing finish to the journey. Trauma’s “District” and Traumer’s “100system” bring the mix to an enthralling and compelling conclusion, leaving a long-lasting impression.

A few final words.

Dirty Disco 498 is a stimulating and passionate mix that showcases the latest and most exceptional in electronic music. Whether you are a seasoned electronic music connoisseur or a novice to the genre, this mix offers something for everyone. So, dive into the full tracklist below and be prepared to embrace the rhythm and dance like never before.

Dirty Disco 498 Tracklist:

1. Scruscru, Jean & Meowsn – Love Letter for Meowsn

2. Sirens of Lesbos & Peace – Sweet Harmony

3. Scruscru ,Jehan & Meowsn – Scru’s Hustle

4. Moon Boots & Dope Earth Alien – On & On (Effortless)

5. Blazers – Klein & Blue

6. Cosmocomics – Be With You

7. Cosmocomics – Right Back

8. Moon Boots & Nic Hanson – Take Me To Your Body

9. Moon Boots & Black Gatsby – Hot Minute

10. Finest Wear – Take Me To The Deep

11. Red D – Scatted Dub

12. Zoura DS – It’s Dangerous

13. Lose Ends – Experimental

14. Lose Ends – Emergency Exit

15. Zodra DS – It’s Dangerous (Currents & Jesusdapnk Remix)

16. Midnight Magic – I Found Love (Perel Remix)

17. Scruscru, Jehan & Meoswn – Doin’ Haws

18. Traumer – Current

19. Gunnter – Omaha Beach

20. Fred Again, Skrillex & Four Tet – Baby Again

21. Gunnter – Cafe Cheri

22. 1tbsp – Four Tet is my Godmother

23. Lose Ends – Night Sesh

24. Trauma – District

25. Traumer – 100system

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