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Exploring the Depths of Electronica with 10 tracks: Secret Witness Unveils ‘Have You Ever’.

Kono Vidovic December 4, 2023 86 17 5

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Welcome to our exclusive track talk where we delve into the latest sensation in the world of electronica, Secret Witness’s new release ‘Have You Ever’. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Montreal, this quartet is not just a band, but a symphony of talent and creativity. Comprising producers Gabriel Rei and Gene Tellem, vocalist and songwriter Laroie, and the rhythmic backbone, drummer Pascal Deaudelin, Secret Witness is setting a new standard in the genre. Their latest masterpiece, released on Bienvenue Recordings, is a testament to their dedication to crafting deep, warm, and soulful sounds. With influences from electronic legends like Larry Heard and Ron Trent, join us as we uncover the ten tracks that have shaped their unique sound and continue to inspire their musical journey.

secret witness have you ever

Diane Tell – Souvent longtemps énormément

As a prominent figure in Quebec’s musical landscape, Diane Tell’s legacy has instilled an aspiration for liveliness in our compositions. While her songwriting predominantly leans toward pop, it consistently allows room for dynamics and movement—a quality we find immensely valuable in the creation of house music.

Laid Back – Fly away

This delightful track has an obvious attractiveness that emanates pure lightness and nostalgia. Emotional and dreamy, the vocals and lyrics are based on simplicity, just like the beat and melodies. That is how the track undoubtedly comes together as being so hooky, every distinctive part of it. 

Sade – Cherish the Day

Sade stands as a collective inspiration for all of us, taking us back to the roots of our musical journey and leaving an indelible mark with its soulful voice and rhythms on our musical consciousness. ‘Cherish the Day’ epitomizes a timeless vibe, serving as a perennial inspiration that shapes the diverse grooves in the music we create.

Zhané – Crush

Connecting to the 90s and early 2000’s R&B influences with this one. This kind of R&B is definitely a big part of the foundations of Secret Witness. The melodies, delivery, harmonies, and groovy/sexy beats are all aspects of our music we tend to go for. For sure this resonates with our musical direction and mutual inspirations. 

Larry Heard – Where Life Begins

We can’t discuss our influences without acknowledging the profound impact Larry Heard has had on our musical perspective, particularly in the realm of long formats. When immersing ourselves in his albums, what truly resonates, is the seamlessness of the listening experiences he provides, a quality we aspire to convey in our own music.

Todd Terje – Swing Star Part. 2 

A well textured evolving dancefloor track from a unique electronic music composer. It’s epic-ness fits like a glove on this great album. You can feel the fun Terje had while creating these tracks and that makes it even more enjoyable. That tends to be an important part of the basics of our creative process; taking pleasure through hard work.  

Ron Trent – Prescription

Ron Trent holds a significant place in the collection of influences that guide our musical exploration as a band. This track entered our musical landscape just when we were diving into a deeper exploration of music. Its groove has left an indelible mark, influencing the rhythmic essence of many songs we’re currently working on. ‘Prescription’ is a constant reminder for us to keep electronic music connected to funk, jazz, and soul, contributing to the unique sound we’re cultivating as a collective.

Erika De Casier – Make My Day

Erika De Casier’s vocals on the rhythmic beats is definitely a vibe that inspires the delivery and writing of Laroie when creating with Seret Witness. Mixing soulful melodies into very laid back delivery is an example of how we also like to play around with the vocals when creating a new piece. The R&B aspect of Erika’s music also resonates a lot with us.

Secret Witness – Secret Witness

This is an eponymous track from our first outing, Volume I, that effectively encapsulates the whole project’s general sound. Be sure to give the music video a watch!

Secret Witness – Have You Ever (Main Mix) 

Written during the summer of 2022, this is a piece that’s all about hypnosis. Although the structure appears free form, the listener is well-guided as the song revolves around distinct movements. The vocals come and go like a mantra, an invitation to let loose while providing a moment of connection.

secret witness have you ever

A few final words.

Thank you for joining us on this enlightening track talk with Secret Witness. Their latest offering, ‘Have You Ever’, is a rich tapestry of electronic music that reflects their dedication to quality and innovation. Be sure not to miss the ‘Main Mix’ and ‘Club Mix’ from this release. Experience the depth and warmth of their music in its full glory. Available in digital format through Prime Direct Distribution, this is a release that truly stands out. Explore the sounds of Secret Witness and let their music inspire you. Grab your copy of ‘Have You Ever’ and immerse yourself in the world of Secret Witness. Thank you for tuning in, and remember, great music is just a play button away!

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