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Feel the Beat: Journey Through Dirty Disco’s Electrifying Episode 508.

Kono Vidovic June 18, 2023 394 3 5

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The Power of Music.

Hello, music aficionados! I’m Kono Vidovic, your friend, host, and guide into the pulsating heart of electronic dance music, and I welcome you to an exciting exploration of Dirty Disco Episode 508. There’s a saying that music is the strongest form of magic. If that’s true, then we are about to embark on a magical journey together. It’s time to immerse yourself in an auditory experience filled with love, positive vibes, and an electrifying spectrum of beats.

Immersing in the Rhythms.

In this latest two-hour rollercoaster, we kick-start our journey with the scintillating and tantalizing beats of Gratts’ “Pretty Lights”. Like a beacon in the night, it lights up the musical landscape, setting the mood for what’s to come. From there, we dive into the rhythmic depths of tracks like Sledger’s “What’s That Thing Called” (Bootleg Mix) and GLORIA ANN TAYLOR’s “Be Worthy” (Flying Mojito Bros Refito). Each beat connects us, each note tells a story, and each track builds the next chapter in our shared experience.

The World of House Music.

House music, and electronic dance music more broadly, is a vibrant and living entity. It breathes, evolves, and moves with us. I invite you to feel this vibrancy with the foot-tapping groove of Pinto & Jerk Boy’s “The Drake” and the soulful rhythms of Gleb Filipchenkov Ft Steveaio’s “Reflection” on theBasement Discos. Let’s keep the energy flowing and the conversation going. Join me on Instagram and Facebook, and let’s deepen our connection through the universal language of music.

The Benefits of Membership.

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes? Or wanted to dive deeper into the ocean of electronic dance music? I have a solution for you. Consider becoming a premium Dirty Disco member on Apple Podcasts and Mixcloud Select. As a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to my DJ ‘only’ mixes and enjoy the privilege of a bespoke musical journey.

A Custom Mix, Just for You.

We all have stories to tell. How about telling yours through a customized DJ mix? Here at Dirty Disco, I offer a bespoke DJ mix service. You provide the inspiration, and I’ll craft a mix that narrates your story through music. Let’s transform your personal experiences into a captivating symphony.

The Final Tracks and Outro: An Invitation to Keep Dancing.

As we approach the end of our journey with Dirty Disco Episode 508, we’re reminded that the beat never truly stops. With the final invigorating tracks from artists like JOHN ROCCA, Roy Ford, Ortella, and Folamour, we’re left with a lingering sense of connection, unity, and rhythm. It’s been a joy to guide you through this remarkable auditory landscape.

Join me, Kono Vidovic, for our next thrilling exploration of electronic dance music. Remember to live life with positivity, dance to your rhythm, and share your love for music. See you next time at Dirty Disco, where we keep the beats alive and the music flowing. Until then, keep moving, keep vibing, and most importantly, keep the love for house music alive.

Dirty Disco 508 playlist.

  1. Gratts – Pretty Lights
  2. Sledger – What’s That Thing Called (Bootleg Mix)
  3. GLORIA ANN TAYLOR – Be Worthy (Flying Mojito Bros Refito)
  4. Pinto & Jerk Boy – The Drake
  5. Gleb Filipchenkov Ft Steveaio – Reflection
  6. Depaart – Ufo Trip
  7. Steve Mill – Whatever It Takes (Ft Tee Amara)
  8. Jordi Cabrera, Neil Chin & Mariana Luv – Catching Feelings
  9. Piem – You Said
  10. Piem – 4Real
  11. Gleb Filipchenkov Ft Steveaio – Faces
  12. James Curd & Jonasclean – Mullen It Over
  13. James Curd Ft Robert Owens – Tried For Love
  14. Eldeanyo – Want You (Niles Cooper Remix)
  15. P-Lask – Nobody
  16. Roy Ford – Friday (Baltra Remix)
  17. Gratts – Polaroids (Glenn Davis Remix)
  18. JOHN ROCCA – I Want It To Be Real (Late Nite Tuff Guy Edit)
  19. Roy Ford – Victoria’s Secret
  20. Ortella – Needin’ U (Yann Polewka Remix)
  21. Folamour – Amore (Ft Baccus)

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