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Fish Go Deep: Inside ‘What I Mean By Beautiful’: A Deep Dive into the Album’s Creation.

Kono Vidovic November 20, 2023 133 15 5

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As dedicated aficionados of the ever-evolving house music scene, here at Dirty Disco, we’re thrilled to offer an exclusive peek into the creation of the latest album by Fish Go Deep – What I Mean By Beautiful. Born from a seamless transition from their last record in 2021, this album reflects a consistent sound evolution, blending traditional house rhythms with unique lyrical insights. The title, inspired by a John Coltrane interview, perfectly encapsulates the album’s ethos, a recognition that beauty is a subjective experience, unique to each listener’s perspective. For this amazing new release we had the chance to talk to Fish Go Deep about how the album came to life and the idea behind each track.

Fish Go Deep - What I Mean By Beautiful Album Review and Interview for Dirty Disco

Fish Go Deep about What I Mean By Beautiful.

We started work on this album soon after the last one was released in 2021. There had been much longer gaps between our previous albums but for this it felt right to go straight back in to the studio. As a result, the sound and vibe are probably more consistent across the two records, although our more usual house rhythms did make a resurgence as this one came together. It took ages to come up with a title but when we settled on What I Mean By Beautiful it seemed like the most obvious thing in the world. The line is from a John Coltrane interview where he tries to explain what he means by beautiful – “more lyrical” – but a more general sense I take from it is that each of us sees the world through our own lens and that view isn’t necessarily the only valid one.

Fish Go Deep - What I Mean By Beautiful Album Review on Dirty Disco

I Float In The Clouds

This was just a guitar and Rhodes riff for a while – I think there may even have been a straight house beat underneath it originally. It started to come together when I programmed those half pace drums and stuck a huge sub bass underneath. Greg got his melodica solo in right at the end too!

So They Were Changed

We’re big fans of a chuggy, low-slung groove. 100BPM is an underserved tempo in house music. Lots of Arturia’s gorgeous Polybrute synth on this one, alongside a heavily treated vocal lifted from a documentary on republican gun runners. No political message… it just sounded good.

Love The Other

Slightly different vibe to the rest of the record but I think it makes sense and I love the groove. The title is inspired by A Complete History of Sexual Jealousy (Pt. 17-24) by Momus. A wonderful song. Check it out.

Sown Seed

Marco Pantani’s mother is the featured vocalist here. Documentaries are a great source of odd samples. I often have to pause something I’m watching, rewind and record a phrase or snippet that has caught my attention. Those distorted bits are pleasantly heavy… we embraced a bit more noise and chaos on this record.

What I Mean By Beautiful

This bones of this one came over from another project. It was an instrumental for a long time but we thought it needed a little vocal hook. After trying out a bunch of different snippets we returned to an old favourite John Coltrane interview that we’ve sampled a few times in the past. His laconic drawl and thoughtful words slotted in perfectly and provided us with a title for the album as well.

Low Tide Dub

Again, this was a groove that had been knocking around for a while but only finally found a home with these tracks. Slow and low with a deep dubby bassline and another heavily treated vocal.

You Came Into My Life

This was also working as a purely instrumental number until quite late in the day. When I first put in the vocal loop we weren’t quite sure if it was totally wrong or totally right but it’s impossible to imagine the track without it now.

High Wire

Another one of those slow house chuggers. Greg’s modular machines are all over this, from that snaking main line to the distorted breakdown at the end.

South Gate Step

SOMA Laboratory make unique and inspiring synths, drum machines and effects. Greg used their Cosmos – a “Drifting Memory Station” – throughout the album, most extensively at the end of this track. You feed audio in, adjust the array of knobs to your liking, and beautiful musical chaos ensues.

All In Everything

Probably the closest we came to a straight up dancefloor number on the record. I’ve tested it on a few dancefloors recently and can confirm it works!

Be Brave

This started life as part of a soundtrack to an audio short story that was set in and around Cork. The story was written by Lisa McInerney and narrated by Hilary Rose. The listener donned headphones and walked around the city following the action from location to location. We liked it as an instrumental but that little phrase retained from the original piece adds a whole other layer of meaning.

Fish Go Deep - What I Mean By Beautiful Album Review and Interview

My end conclusion.

‘What I Mean By Beautiful’ is more than just an album; it’s a journey through diverse soundscapes and philosophical musings. From the melodica-infused ‘I Float In The Clouds’ to the dancefloor-ready ‘All In Everything’, each track offers a distinct glimpse into the artists’ creative process and their interpretation of beauty. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the artists for sharing the stories behind these tracks. To everyone out there, immerse yourselves in the lyrical depth and rhythmic complexities of ‘What I Mean By Beautiful’, it’s an auditory experience that redefines the boundaries of house music. Buy the digital or vinyl edition here directly on Bandcamp.

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