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Free Music Monday & Explicit Content in Dirty Disco 298.

Kono Vidovic March 11, 2019 409

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Welcome to Free Music Monday, and before we start i have to warn you. We are probably to late since the show automatically starts playing and you already heard the intro message saying things that are not suitable for younger ears. So cover your children’s ears if you still can. There is a bit of explicit content in the opening and ending of this episode, so please be warned if you don’t like that kind of stuff. But please do remember that this is Dirty Disco and we like things to be a little bit dirty and sexy sometimes. Next to that there is more good news and i titled this installment Free Music Monday.

Free Music Monday.

That’s right! In the early day’s of Dirty Disco i liked to play a lot music that was available for free. And i included a lot of these so called free downloads. Through the years the amount of free downloads in my weekly music show became less, and only occasionally. Because i know that you miss these free giveaways in music and i also like them very much, i decided to include them more often and try to find a bit more of them for future episodes. Since i have some for you in this episode i decided to call this one ‘Free Music Monday’ In the last couple of episodes i already included some other free downloads as well. Check them out here below:


As you can see i have been very busy collecting free music for you in the last couple of episodes. These tracks are not only free to download. But also from very high quality. It’s not that because it’s free, they are less good. Now in addition of this list with free downloadable music i have for you a new free giveaway EP in this Free Music Monday episode. These are 4 free tracks, all included in this weeks installment. And if you want to know and find out which those tracks are and how you can download them, keep reading. 😉

Explicit content intro.

Before i continue with this weeks music essentials ‘Free Music Monday’ and our weekly playlist, i want to talk to you about the explicit content i used in the intro opening. Even though this is Dirty Disco, i do not always use dirty talk. But that not mean I’m not open to it. Every episode is a new journey for me. Music is a feeling and sometimes i find tracks that inspire me and bring joy and fulfillment. I like to make fun and not to take everything so serious and there for you can expect these dirty talks and jokes in our weekly episodes. In this specific case i can imagine that you would not want your children to hear this. So therefor my pre warning so that you can cover their ears or even your own adult ears if you do not like dirty talk.

Do you like Dirty talk?

If you do like dirty talk, feel free to e-mail me. 😉 If you like to talk about life, the good things and the bad things as well. Always feel free to get in touch with me. But if you like dirty talks and especially dirty intro’s like the one from this week. You came to the right website and podcast. You might want to know where the sample is coming from? I heard it while i was listening to Sunni Colon on Spotify, and artist i really like and makes great soulful electronic music with sometimes even a touch of disco and in this case Dirty disco. Sunni Colon – Water is where i took the sample from.

Dirty Disco 298, heading for 300.

Yes only 2 episodes away and we are at episode 300. Time goes really fast, can you imagine that i have been doing this for 6 years. And the only thing that drives me is you and my love and passion for music. There is no money involved doing this. I have been doing Dirty Disco all that time and never received a paycheck for it. Yes occasionally i receive donations, and occasionally i get booked because of Dirty Disco. But that’s really not that much compared to what i do every week. As long as you are here with me, i will keep on doing this and make you happy and inspire people with new music on a weekly base.

Harrison BDP - The BDP Tape Vol. 1

So what’s going on in Dirty Disco 298? Like i mentioned in the beginning i named this installment ‘Free Music Monday’. That is because i have for you 4 free deep-house tracks. by another dirty player from the electronic music scene. Harrison BDP recently released a new EP titled: The BDP Tape Vol. 1 on the UK based PIFF records imprint. The 4 tracks are a nice combination of deep-house, UK garage, beats and breaks. The high quality just like you are used to from Harrison BDP. The beauty of this EP, is that is available for free. Click this link to download the EP for free: Harrison BDP – The BDP Tape Vol. 1.

Harrison and PIFF records are giving this EP away to say thank you to all his fans that helped him become a superstar DJ.

Becoming a superstar DJ.

Now that Harrison BDP became a superstar DJ, maybe you can use some of your spare time to help me reach that superstar status as well? Can you imagine Kono Vidovic from Dirty Disco being a superstar DJ? Wouldn’t that be awesome? That way i could travel the world and meet you all in person, playing you the Dirty Disco sound live in front of you while i make a living from it. That would be really awesome. So how can you help me with that? First if you are a party promoter / organizer or other sort of music professional. You can book me for your party. The more booking i get the more people i can inspire with new and good music.

If you are not a promoter or music professional. You could tell your music professional friends and promoter friends that frequently throw events and parties to book me as a DJ for their event. That would be very kind if you could do that to help me reach a superstar DJ status just like Harrison BDP. At least if you don’t have these kind of friends that you can manipulate to book me for their party’s. You could go out their and find those friends. First find party promoters and other music business professionals. Make friends with them, and then when the time is right, introduce the Dirty Disco podcast to them. Tell them to book Dirty Disco and me as a DJ sound-system and that people will like it. 😉

If that’s not your cup of tea? Well then you could just tell your real friends on your social media channels about me and create a bit of exposure that way. You could share links to this website, specific podcast episodes of your choice, for example this one because of this little joke and bit of sarcastic message. 😉

That’s it for this week. Let me know what your thoughts are on this weeks installment, on the blog-post here and anything else. Let’s get dirty and enjoy music together. You can find the complete playlist here below.

Dirty Disco 298 playlist.

Track title Artist EP / Album Record Label
Carn FT SMBD Dampé Peach Shuffle EP Dirt Crew Recordings
Loose Luster Nicolai Zagrodnick LTDBLBL 002 EP LTDBLBL Records
I Love The City Jex Opolis & In the Nite Good Timin’ Vol 1 | Various Artists Album Good Timin’
Laffs Jex Opolis & Hoiyo Good Timin’ Vol 1 | Various Artists Album Good Timin’
Totally! Eric Anada Good Timin’ Vol 1 | Various Artists Album Good Timin’
Move Me Ft Laura Steel Dampé Peach Shuffle EP Dirt Crew Recordings
Zongo Junction At Night Dampé Peach Shuffle EP Dirt Crew Recordings
168 North Conga Radio Good Timin’ Vol 1 | Various Artists Album Good Timin’
Surf Domination Donald Dust Surf Domination EP Enter Planet Dust
What Ya Need Jex Opolis Good Timin’ Vol 1 | Various Artists Album Good Timin’
Liquid Lush Kornum & Karma Fresh NY Talent EP Lisztomania Records
Fresh NY Talent Kornum & Karma Fresh NY Talent EP Lisztomania Records
Fresh NY Talent (Aron Volta Remix) Kornum & Karma Fresh NY Talent EP Lisztomania Records
Glad I Stayed Harrison BDP The BDP Tape Vol 1 Piff Records
Peach Shuffle (Nebraska Remix) Dampé Peach Shuffle EP Dirt Crew Recordings
Positive Distraction Chris Carrier Positive Distraction EP Kwench Records
Dream Nation Chris Carrier Positive Distraction EP Kwench Records
Detect Dub Taylor Detect (Album) Forms & Figures
Peach Shuffle Dampé Peach Shuffle EP Dirt Crew Recordings
Sacrifices Must Be Made Harrison BDP The BDP Tape Vol 1 Piff Records
I Can’t (Fall In Love With Another One) Ft Per Fourier Dub Taylor Detect (Album) Forms & Figures
John Wayne Dub Taylor Detect (Album) Forms & Figures
Observer Dub Taylor Detect (Album) Forms & Figures
Missed The Boat Harrison BDP The BDP Tape Vol 1 Piff Records
Make Her Kill Harrison BDP The BDP Tape Vol 1 Piff Records
Tom’s DIner Pepe H0RT4 3D1TS EP
Controll4 Pepe H0RT4 3D1TS EP
St James Road Dampé Peach Shuffle EP Dirt Crew Recordings

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