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From Vinyl Scratches to Ibiza Beats: A Deep Exclusive Dive with DJ Milica.

Kono Vidovic September 27, 2023 182 6 5

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In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, there are few as versatile and passionate as DJ Milica. With roots steeped in a melange of genres and a journey that has taken her from Vienna to the electrifying scenes of Ibiza and London, Milica’s story is one of persistence, evolution, and pure love for the craft. Today, we peel back the layers of her journey, discussing her early influences, memorable performances, and her vision for the future. Join us as we tap our feet to the beats of Milica’s life.

1. You have a rich background influenced by various music genres since your childhood. Can you share how your early exposure to diverse music styles has shaped your current sound?

Vinyls and tapes from my parents from the 70s and 80s. Ranged all from Disco, Michael Jackson, Kim Wilde, Bob Marley to AC/DC, The Doors, rock and even some folk music. I believe the catchy 80s (synths, vocals) left a big trace on me. When I hear an electronic track I always recognise the sampled sounds and automatically like them. 70s soul music and the vinyl scratchy noise. 

2. Your musical journey started at a very young age with you even orchestrating small “performances” at home. Do you remember a specific moment when you realized that music wasn’t just a hobby but a passion you wanted to pursue professionally?

I don’t remember a specific moment. It was always just fun for me. Back then I thought the only way to “make” music is to play instruments or sing. So I started to play piano and flute. 

I studied acting where I had apart from acting also dancing and singing classes. 

3. From live streams of festivals to being in the heart of the electronic music scene in Ibiza and London, can you describe the evolution of your connection with the electronic music world?

When I want something I am going for it and do whatever it takes for me to reach my goal.

When I was a young girl, I was watching a Love Parade on TV. When I was a student I found a job that brought me to Ibiza. Slowly I started to meet the right people there and hear the best electronic music and the best DJs.

4. You’ve mentioned that during your time studying acting and engaging in theatre, opera, and ballet, classical music gave you “peace and order.” Can you expand on how these experiences influence your music production?

Playing and producing music involves knowledge about diverse music. When you understand how music works and what effect it has on people you can apply it in your sets. 

A ballet, an opera and also theatre has always the same structure. It builds up, then comes the climax(highlight) and then drops slowly down. 

I also apply this to my sets. It’s always different, but when I have this story in my head, I tell it and make people go through the journey.

5. Your transition from Vienna to Ibiza marked a significant shift in your career. Can you describe the Ibiza scene and how it played a pivotal role in shaping your music style?

Being able to listen to different DJs and their weekly residency. My sharpness of hearing and preferences in music changes or better said evolved. In Vienna the only parties I liked to go to were Techno and Minimal (especially Romanian Minimal. When I arrived to Ibiza I heard for the first time Tech House and saw beautiful people and way more girls dancing than I have ever seen in Vienna at parties. The sexy tech house left a big impression on me!

6. You have played alongside and built friendships with several big names in the tech house music industry. How have these relationships and experiences influenced your growth as a DJ and music producer?

I was listening to their music, going all over the world to see them play. Then when I started professionally DJing and producing I was given a chance by very influential people from the tech house music scene to be heard and given a chance to play.

7. How has your music evolved since your move to London, a place with more opportunities to build your electronic music career?

Dynamic London scene is full of opportunities. I have learned and understood diverse music and what people like to dance to. 

8. The pandemic seems to have been a turning point for many artists. How did the time spent in Tulum, Mexico, help you rejuvenate and innovate your approach to music?

Back then it was the only place where DJs were still playing during the pandemic. Living there helped me to connect closer to some DJs I already knew from Ibiza and also met new DJs and new talents that I started following. This motivated me to be brave and finally start to turn my hobby into a profession.

9. As someone deeply concerned about environmental issues, can you share more about your initiatives like the beach clean-up in Tulum and how you plan to integrate environmental advocacy into your music career further?

I organised the beach clean up at the end of my residency because I wanted to give something back to this amazing place that gave us a home in that difficult times. 

After the clean up we had an event where DJs played who also helped with clean up. I wish to do more events like this with a good cause and environment issue awareness. 

10. Can you tell us about your most memorable performance to date and what made it so special?

This summer at Music On in Destino Pacha Ibiza. It’s one of my favourite venues and favourite parties in Ibiza. It was an honour to be invited to play a warm-up set and open Music On. The soundsystem was perfect and a lot of people came to see me.

11. You have played at various renowned venues and events. Do you have a favourite venue or event where you felt most connected to your audience?

E1 in London is one of my favourite venues where I play frequently in the winter for different events. Next one is Saturday 23rd of September for the event of Nicole Moudaber and Paco Osuna.

12. What can fans expect from your upcoming projects? Are there any collaborations or new styles you are exploring?

I am working on new tracks also in collaboration with colleagues. My tracks that were played this summer were all tech house. I will still do that but also produce some  minimal tracks.

13. In an industry that evolves rapidly, how do you stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your music remains fresh and engaging?

Listening to a lot of music weekly and download a lot of music. I don’t usually play what I’ve heard other DJs playing. I am trying to find a lot of promos and demos.

14. You mentioned that creating a hit that DJs play even after 20 years makes one a superstar. What, according to you, are the ingredients of such a timeless hit?

That doesn’t only apply to DJs but also pop songs and other music genres, not only electronic music. A good track is a good track. If I knew the right ingredients I would make one right now but I am still figuring that out. Smile. 

15. Looking ahead, what are your major goals as a musician and producer in the next few years?

My goal is to find the right label to release my 2 tracks that were played this summer. Besides more international gigs. Ultimately, the most important thing is to make the people dance.

My end conclusion with DJ Milica.

DJ Milica’s journey reminds us that passion, determination, and a genuine connection to one’s craft can pave the way for tremendous success. As she continues to rise in the world of electronic music, her commitment to authenticity and innovation shines brightly. We want to thank DJ Milica for sharing her story, her music, and her aspirations with us. Here’s to making people dance for many more years to come! Make sure to follow DJ Milica on Soundcloud here and on her Instagram account.

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