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Galactic Grooves: An Intergalactic Journey with Kontroversi, the Electrofunk Masters on Wild Wood Disco.

Kono Vidovic May 31, 2023 95 1 5

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Kontroversi is an electrofunk duo whose live show embraces 80’s funk, building a foundation of heavy beats from classic drum machines and chunky analog basslines to get the dancefloor rocking. Imagine Prince, Parliament, New Order and Jamiroquai taking a road trip across the galaxy in a ’59 Cadillac and you’re halfway there! Performing in June at the Wild Wood Disco, we have a little chat with this awesome twosome.

Kontroversi - Wild Wood Disco

Thanks for taking the time to talk! Where are you at this moment and how are you spending the day?

Right at this moment tucked away in the mothership adding the finishing touches to our Galactic Vibe Check Mixtape – designed to test the musical compatibility of newly discovered beings before we make our initial contact.

Where are you guys from and where are you based?

When we’re not traversing the outer reaches of the funk galaxy you can find us both in Cambridge.

Kontroversi – Can you tell who the main members are and what are your roles in the band?

There’s just two of us: G.S.D, who is in charge of lead vocals, and guitars, with the odd keyboard line thrown in here and there, and Mr Margaret Scratcher who mans the synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers, as well as providing backup vocals and Talkbox.

If you had to put your sound into three words, what would you say?

Intergalactic Bassline Funk

Kontroversi - Wild Wood Disco

You take inspiration from the 80s. What is it you love about this decade and who are some of the artists that you worship from that era?

The combination of amazing musicians with incredible chops, alongside drum machines and synths is just absolutely killer as far as we’re concerned.

There are too many inspirational artists to list, but obvious standouts include: Prince (of course), Zapp and Roger, Parliament, New Order, Chaz Jankel, Mr Flagio.

You are a live band first and foremost. What is the set up for your live? Are there additional band members in the live performance?

Our live show revolves around Ableton providing the backbone, where we have stripped out as many elements as we think we can handle playing live. Keeping busy while leaving ourselves enough wiggle room to let loose and jam, basically!

Have you ever collaborated with other artists or vocalists?

We’ve not yet, really, although we did have a live drummer for a Michael Jackson cover version a while back.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Probably Chromeo. Prince if we could bring him back…

Are you DJ’s too? What might we expect to hear in a Kontroversi set?

Scratcher is – and can be very often heard playing a mix of funk, soul, hip hop, and disco edits!

Where was your most recent live show and how was it? What do you love most about performing live?

We recently played a gig at a sold out venue in Soho, to a crowd that were fully into it. Having a roomful of people who have never heard your stuff singing along and doing the dance moves by the end of the song is a very rewarding feeling indeed!

Wild Wood Disco Festival Line-Up

Festival season is here and you are performing at The Wild Wood Disco Festival. What kind of performance are you planning?

Expect to see Scratcher ripping it up on the keytar and Talkbox, and G.S.D. belting out the soulful vocals and shredding on the guitar. On top of that, expect to try to follow along with a few tongue twister raps and dance routines.

Is this your first time at the event, what can you tell us about Wild Wood?

We’ve played a few times, and we love the great party atmosphere

Who do you hope to catch on the line up?

It’s a great line up – It almost goes without saying but Crazy P is always a must, of course, and then Optimo, Bradley Zero and Slothboogie to pick out a few personal highlights.

How do you feel about sleeping in tents?

A necessary evil…

What is your top tip for festival survival?

Gyration, Hydration, then beam back to the Space Station.

Some final words.

From jamming on the mothership to rocking the stage at Wild Wood Disco, Kontroversi showcases an irresistible mix of talent and funk. Inspired by the music legends of the 80s, they keep their footprints anchored in the ‘Intergalactic Bassline Funk’ genre while also exploring the outer reaches of the musical galaxy. Being a live band at heart, their ultimate joy emanates from getting their audience lost in the funk, while reciprocating the energy back to them.

As they prepare for a standout performance at the Wild Wood Disco Festival, the duo remains ever-curious, ever-evolving, and undoubtedly one to watch for those in search of funky, soulful and interstellar vibes. So, if you’re ready for a unique musical journey and willing to pass their ‘Galactic Vibe Check’, make sure to catch Kontroversi in action, and remember their festival survival mantra – Gyration, Hydration, then beam back to the Space Station. Get your tickets here!

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