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Gerd Janson, Earl Jeffers, and Tatyana Jane Deliver Solid Remixes of Marina Trench’s “Imperméable en été EP”.

Kono Vidovic January 31, 2023 146 5 5

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Recently, Marina Trench released a new EP called “Imperméable en été.” The EP was very well-received, and now she’s back with a series of remixes by some of the most talented artists in the industry. First up is Gerd Janson, who delivers an epic remix of “Ose ft. Hugo Lx.” Next is Earl Jeffers, who delivers a deep and down groove lead style that sits at the crossroads of afro and UK house. Finally, Tatyana Jane delivers a brilliant effort that blends influences of breakbeat to techno to afro-futurism. These remixes are sure to get your toes tapping and your head nodding!

Marina Trench

Who is Marina Trench?

Marina Trench is a name that shines brightly in the deep house underground. With an impeccable taste, she knows just how to move crowds at festivals and clubs worldwide with her elegant and mature sound. Already, her music has been featured on a variety of labels including Wolf Music Recordings, Deeply Rooted, Heist Recordings, and Paloma Records VA with Gerd Janson. Her star continues to rise as more and more discerning music enthusiasts gravitate towards her captivating artistry, one can feel it in the air that this sensational producer and DJ will soon be counted among the greats.

Imperméable en été EP remixes.

Ose (Gerd Janson Remix):

A majestic electronic dance extravaganza is what awaits us as Gerd Janson, one of the music industry’s leading icons, steps onstage to deliver his crowd-pleasing version of ‘Ose ft. Hugo Lx’. His signature artistry shines through every beat and flourish, expertly crafted in such a way that boosts the intensity with each listen. Atop this exquisite accompaniment rests Marina’s mesmerizing vocal, lingering in the air like the sweetest of memories. Captivating rhythms and tantalizing melodies seamlessly come together to orchestrate an unforgettable journey for all listeners, leaving us wondering if it’ll ever end.

L’Orage: Earl Jeffers Remix)

Introducing the talented Earl Jeffers, with his mix on ‘L’Orage’ taking center stage, a vibrant fusion of afro and UK house creates an energetic ode to the dancefloor. A masterful blend of pads, synthwork and solid bass entwined in a deep groove, sweeps you up into the compelling hues of Earl’s creative vision. This captivating remix will transport you through generations and have you lost in sound from the ripple of your first listen to its memorable climax.

Hirondelle (Tatyana Jane Remix):

Tatyana Jane has done it once again. Her flawless production work, combining an array of elements from breakbeat to afro-futurism, is on full display in her amazing rerub of ‘Hirondelle’. Marina’s alluring voice takes the lead and is backed by powerful, ever-building drums that take the listener on an ear-pleasing sonic journey. With Tatyana Jane at the helm, it’s no surprise that this reimagining is as captivating as it is mesmerizing. It’s a stunning piece of music that proves she’s here to stay!

Final words.

Marina Trench has certainly made a name for herself in the deep house underground. With her skillful remixes by Gerd Janson, Earl Jeffers and Tatyana Jane, it’s no wonder that more and more music lovers are gravitating towards her captivating artistry. As Marina continues to rise as one of the greats in this genre, we can only imagine what else she will bring us with future releases – but until then, these solid remixes of her “Imperméable en été EP” are sure to keep your head nodding and toes tapping! Grab your copy here!

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