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Glasgow City Guide: Must-See Places with Manakinz’s Max Raskin.

Kono Vidovic January 23, 2024 111 11 5

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Welcome to the pulsating heart of Glasgow, a city that beats to its own unique rhythm, echoing through the lively streets and vibrant clubs. In this special feature of this Glasgow city guide, we’re diving deep into the essence of Glasgow with none other than Max Raskin of the dynamic duo Manakinz. Born and bred in this iconic city, Max shares his intimate connection with Glasgow’s spirited life, reflecting how it has shaped him and the sensational music of Manakinz. From the city’s legendary club culture to its hidden gems, Max’s guide is more than just a tour; it’s a journey through the soul of Glasgow, wrapped up in the electrifying energy of electronic music.

Introducing Max Raskin from Manakinz.

Hey, I’m Max from Manakinz. Except for two years living in London, studying to be an actor, I’ve lived in Glasgow all my life. The slogan of our city is “People Make Glasgow” and as all of it’s residents would testify, it’s absolutely, unavoidably true. It’s a friendly place full of mad and interesting characters. You’ll always be able to strike up conversation with anyone you meet, whether or not you want be in that conversation is another matter, but I certainly owe a lot of my personality to being raised here and consequently, being involved in its club culture from the early noughties to present day. 

Manakinz Duo from Glasgow

Max’s Glasgow city guide.

Clubs close at 3am so the afters are where the magic happens here, and you cannot escape their welcoming grasp if electronic music is your thing. I played at a party called Sunday Circus during my twenties which was a daytime party. Many life-long friendships were formed, and that post-club ethos of bonding with strangers and rubbing shoulders with like-minded hedonists was epitomized. 

There are plenty of bars playing traditional Scottish music, amazing museums, theatres and of course, clubs and music. The Glasgow crowd is like no other. I say this without bias, as I’ve been to many gigs where the acts on stage openly testify to that. I’ve certainly seen the city change over the years, though, the streets have become more pedestrianized and bike-friendly on a whole, it’s greener. On the flip side, I see a lot of shops closing down, empty units and post-Covid, less people going out. 

I belong to Glasgow though, no matter how it morphs and evolves. Here is a list of my favorite things and places in the city. 

Botanic Gardens.

My favorite place to sit and watch is in the Botanic Gardens, in the west end. It’s home to the Kibble Palace which looks like a spaceship, it’s great for strolling around all the mad plants, watching the giant goldfish and escaping the throng of city life. But when the weather permits, Harri and I like to sit on a park bench, talk pish and watch the world go by.

Botanic Gardens in Glasgow


There are loads of music venues to choose from in Glasgow, but my favourite is still the Barrowlands. I’ve seen DJs, bands and even been to a wedding there, it’s just an amazing place steeped in history and is the perfect venue for live music in my humble opinion. 

Barrowlands Glasgow City Guide


Again, so many restaurants to choose from but my favourite has to be Gaga in Partick. Amazing Malaysian/Asian food, great staff, cocktails, music, it’s always delicious and the vibe is strong.

Gaga restaurant


My favourite bar is Bananamoon on Great Western Road. They’ve got excellent DJs every Friday and Saturday night; the staff and crowd are class and I host a pub quiz in there every week which is always a delightfully silly experience. 

Bananamoon bar in Glasgow

Sub Club.

I love The Berkeley Suite and Stereo, but my favourite club is the Sub Club. I was there pretty much every Saturday at Subculture in my early clubbing years, and it will always have a nostalgic place in my heart. Harri is still a Subculture resident and if I’m out on a Saturday nowadays, I’ll normally end up there.

Sub Club


Although I was a big vinyl guy when I was starting out, I don’t really buy records anymore so I’m a bit clueless to be honest. I used to go into Rubadub back in the day, and although I’ve not been in for years, it’s still alive and well. Seems to be the most prominent place to go for records and electronic music gear today. 

Rubadub Record store in Glasgow

Barras Market.

When time permits, I love going to the Barras Market. It’s got great stalls for clothes, music, and food underneath the Barrowlands mentioned earlier. But there are still loads of street vendors selling a whole bunch of mad shit (pictured) you won’t find anywhere else in the city, as they have been for many decades.

Barras market

Conclusion and thank you.

As we conclude the exhilarating tour of this Glasgow city guide with Max Raskin, it’s clear that the city is much more than a backdrop for Manakinz; it’s a source of inspiration, a canvas of creativity, and a place where music and culture intertwine in the most magical ways. Remember, the journey doesn’t end here. Dive deeper into the Manakinz universe with their latest release, the ‘Model Citizenz EP’ on their new label. This maxi EP is a testament to their mastery, offering a mesmerizing mix of Alfos chug, dubby disco, and Detroit-tinged sounds. It’s an invitation to explore the depths of electronic music through the lens of Glasgow’s finest. So, head on over, give it a listen, and let the vibrant beats of Manakinz transport you to the lively streets and pulsating clubs of Glasgow. Thank you for joining us on this unique adventure, and don’t forget to stay tuned for more innovative sounds and soul-stirring rhythms from Manakinz!

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