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Groove Through Time: Laroye’s Top 10 Milestone Tracks that Shaped His Deep House Odyssey

Kono Vidovic September 21, 2023 159 5 5

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Everyone loves Laroye right?  The French deep house producers whose deep house, afro house flavour has been mesmerising discerning dancefloors and radio airwaves. He is back for his second release on Freerange Records with his ‘First Sight’ EP, that truly showcases this vibe! Here we are Tom Laroye to talk us through ten tracks that are milestones along his musical journey.


THE BAND: “Up Cripple Creek “ 

The kind of tracks my dad played in my house when I was 2 years old. My early listening experience, while I was cheekily scratching the turntable needle, was around those late 60’s mid 70’s classic US rock and folk. Like this tune I’m realising how The Band managed to create incredibly groovy tunes!

David Bowie:” Changes”

This track is me, dancing and singing at many of those parties organised in my house. I was probably 6 or 7 and my passion for Bowie’s music was undeniable! This album has so much to offer; incredible lyrics, song arrangements, genuine recordings and this theatrical approach in David Bowie’s voice performance makes it one of my top ten album of all time.

Lenny Kravitz: “What goes around comes around”

It’s jazz, it’s pop, it’s underground and mainstream at the same time, it’s sexy and raw, The soundtrack of a summer, discovering independence and the feeling of growing up… in a nice way.

Herbie hancock:  Spider 

He opened my mind, the mix between textures, synthesizers sound FX, all the percussion, and the groove of course ! It was another dimension for my late teenage years!

Voices: “Voices in My Mind”

Part of Louie Vega’s mixtape “United DJs Of America”, this track is one of the reasons that made me want to start to play, mix, buy records and fall in love with house music.  Discovering this new kind of soul driven by drum machines and listening to all those tracks on a big sound system was a revolution in my head and my ears. 

Agent K aka Kaidi Tatham : “Feed the Cat” 

The broken beat and future jazz has been an important part of my music Journey. A new kind of groove refreshing my brain after a few years of digging all kind of house music. 

A big influence to my first productions when I started in 2002 which were mainly Broken beat tunes.  

Laroye : “ B the One” 

B the One is the song that got me real recognition in the music world. It represents perfectly how I wanted to present myself as a music producer, bringing a lot of my funk jazz soul and house influences in a single track. It has been played by so many radio DJs and still is the favourite track of loads of people who call it a Classic and I am truly honoured with that title haha!!

Ray Baretto “Oye La Noticia»

I started to learn to play conga with master “Orlando Poleo” in Paris in 2004 and I’ve been hooked by the fascinating world of Afro Cuban poly rhythm and the complexity and the beauty of Salsa music. The richness, strength of this music, I can’t really find them anywhere else and the smile that it puts on my face when I play or dance!!! 

Qwestlife: “Fever“ feat Sugarhill Gang, Siedah Garrett, Grandmaster Melle Mel & Scorpio 

Qwestlife is my Disco project in Collaboration with Yamwho. Having the Sugarhill Gang and Siedah Garrett (who wrote man in the mirror for MJ) on a track I produced and arranged is definitely a big stamp in my music carrier! One day I’ll have to tell you the story about the recording day spent with some true legends of Hip Hop.

Laroye “ Uku Dance” 

My second release on Freerange records, included in “First Sight” is a true representation of the Afro and deep house mood that runs through my veins. 

I used samples of classic vocal house, tweaked some tribal and Jamaican sound FX, and also played congas and slide guitar to create that unique atmosphere in that cosmic and percussive jam for dance floors. 

End conclusion.

Wow, what a musical journey we’ve just been on! From the classics that rang through Laroye’s childhood home to the iconic tracks that have put him on the map, these ten milestone tracks offer a rich tapestry of sound and emotion. We want to extend a huge thank you to Tom Laroye for giving us an intimate look into the tracks that have shaped his eclectic style.

If you’re as mesmerized by his work as we are, don’t forget to check out his latest EP, ‘First Sight,’ available on Freerange Records. 🔥

So, what are you waiting for? Keep the groove alive and update your playlist with these milestone tracks today!


Click the link below to listen to Laroye’s ‘First Sight’ EP and let us know your favorite track in the comments! Buy the EP here.

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