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Celebrating a Half-Decade of Grooves: Happiness Therapy’s 5 Years Vibrant Journey.

Kono Vidovic November 9, 2023 124 9 5

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As I sit back in my studio, headphones gently resting on my ears, I’m reminded of the musical journey that has paralleled my own as a DJ, the symphonic narrative of Happiness Therapy (now existing 5 years). From the vibrant streets of Lyon to the heart of the global electronic scene, this label has crafted a five-year story that resonates deeply with those of us who live and breathe the rhythm of life. Let’s take a moment to revel in the ethos and evolution of this remarkable collective.

About Happiness Therapy and its 5 years existence.

Happiness Therapy isn’t just a label; it’s a beacon of authentic sound emanating from France’s finest. Founded by the visionary Crowd Control in 2018, it has etched its melody into the hearts of the discerning listener. But the seeds were sown earlier, back in 2014, amidst the charm of Lyon, where passion for grassroots music blossomed into a collective destined for greatness.

Crowd Control founder of HT

It’s the people, the artists like Jesse Bru, Baka G, and B From E, who create the tapestry of Happiness Therapy, quality music intertwined with quality souls. The rebranding in 2017 wasn’t just a change of logo, but a declaration of identity, meticulously crafted by the talented Valdodouc. As a real music lover, I’ve witnessed their ascension, and at Dirty Disco, we’ve been entranced by the HT sound, celebrating their tracks, including those from the much-anticipated compilation, in (coming) episode 527 of Dirty Disco.

Compilation and exclusive playlist.

The anticipation building within me for the vinyl release of “5 Years Of Happiness” is electric. This compilation is not just another milestone, but a profound narrative that captures the essence of our musical expedition. The previous collections, such as “3 Years Of Happiness,” were more than sequences of melodies and beats. They were an anthology of emotions, a lexicon of the moments we’ve shared, bound together by the harmony and rhythm that pulse through our veins.

The forthcoming “5 Years Of Happiness” vinyl is a testament to our journey, promising a tapestry of auditory delights. With it comes a blend of beloved anthems and new exclusive collaborations that showcase the best and brightest of the HT family. It’s a curated soundscape that promises to bring together the familiar with the avant-garde, creating an aural experience that is both fresh and timeless.

It is this blend of innovation and nostalgia, the promise of continuing to deliver sonic narratives that draw from the well of our shared memories while inviting us to make new ones, that keeps the fire of anticipation burning. The tactile sensation of vinyl in hand adds a layer of intimacy to the experience, connecting us to the music in a way that is as much physical as it is emotional. It’s this promise of new stories, new memories, encapsulated in the grooves of the vinyl, that keeps us yearning for the needle to drop, for the next chapter of “Happiness Therapy” to spin into life.

Also make sure to check out the exclusive HT 5 Years playlist on Spotify below.

Tour dates.

With the music comes the communion, the Happiness Therapy tour. The stages across Europe, from Berlin’s Sisyphos to Paris’s DJOON, have been graced with the label’s presence. The previous tour, with Jesse Bru leading the charge, was nothing short of electric. And as we look to the horizon, the Euro Tour that accompanies the “5 Years Of Happiness” will bring that electricity back, connecting fans and artists in a celebration of the beat that unites us.

Happiness Therapy 5 years Tour dates

A few final words.

As we stand at the threshold of this half-decade milestone, it’s not just about looking back at what Happiness Therapy has achieved, but also about looking forward to the beats yet to come. For all of us at Dirty Disco, the HT sound has been a staple, a narrative that weaves through our own stories.

To the loyal followers and the new ears just tuning in, I extend an invitation to immerse yourself in the “5 Years Of Happiness” compilation. Follow the journey on Instagram, groove to the rhythm of their upcoming tour, and share in the jubilation that only quality music can provide. Here’s to the next five years of beats, grooves, and, undoubtedly, more happiness.

Happiness Therapy 5 years

Connect with Happiness Therapy and join the celebration:

Follow Happiness Therapy on Instagram

Let’s make this anniversary a resonant echo in the halls of music history. Keep grooving, keep loving, and remember, in the world of Happiness Therapy, the music never really stops.

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