Harvey Sutherland – Brothers (Voyage Recordings)

Harvey Sutherland – Brothers EP

I haven’t heard much from Voyage Recordings yet but with this EP release from in Melbourne based Harvey Sutherland – Brothers they have my attention. When i visited their Soundcloud page i also noticed that they have Andy Hart on their label, Andy Hart which we posted an E.P. from not so long ago on the famous Dutch Heist Recordings from World Famous House Duo Detroit Swindle.

This E.P. From Harvey Sutherland – Brothers is a 4 track E.P. which is a combination of deep boogie funk house with jazz influences and very atmospheric pads and synths taking you into another dimension of sound.

My favorite track on the E.P. is Harvey Sutherland – Bamboo, which is a laid-back peaceful 4×4 kick stomper with a very grooving bass-line and off-beat jazz percussion. The main melody of the track is also very off beat and makes it interesting and tasteful.

I’m definitely going to watch out for Voyage Recordings and Harvey Sutherlands and their future sounds.

Harvey Sutherland on Soundcloud.

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