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Heardle: The New Game for Music Lovers Inspired by Wordle.

Kono Vidovic July 10, 2022 577 13 5

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Do you love music as much as us? Do you love trying to figure out what songs are playing? If so, then Heardle is the game for you! Heardle is a new game that is heavily inspired by Wordle, the popular word game. Here, you are given a set number of tries to guess the song of the day. The songs are pulled from a list of the most-streamed songs in the past decade, giving contemporary music fans a decent chance to guess each one. So what is this music trivia game all about and how do you play it? Keep reading to find out!


How does the game work?

Heardle has the same basic aim as Wordle- to figure out the answer of that day in as few tries as possible. Snippets of the song are given as clues to the player.

The game is designed so that players have six attempts, just like in Wordle. The length of each clip gets increasingly longer to give them more information about the song they need to guess!

That’s it! It’s a fun and easy game that anyone can pick up and play.

Who created Heardle?

The game was created by Omakase, a company that is passionate about music and games. The app was created with the aim of bringing people together through music.

Heardle works on any device.

How can I play Heardle?

The music game app is available here. It can be played on any device! So what are you waiting for?

Heardle 80’s & 90’s.

For the fans of 80’s and or 90’s music there is also a variation with music from these era’s available here 80’s and 90’s here. Can you guess what today’s Heardle answer is?

Is this game for you?

If you are a real music lover and if you like to guess which song is currently playing, whether you listen to radio, an essential mix or our Dirty Disco podcast. If music guessing is your thing then this is a must-have game for you.

Whether you’re a music lover or just looking for a new game to try, Heardle is definitely worth checking out! Head on over to Heardle.app today and give it a go. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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