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Hell Yeah’s Next EP Features a Collaboration Between Musical Legends Calm & Jimi Tenor on “Big City Takes”.

Kono Vidovic January 23, 2023 218 6 5

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Italian Hell Yeah’s next EP is a collaboration between two musical legends from opposite sides of the world. The EP features two new singles as well as remixes from celebrated producers Tapes and Vendetta Suite. This most satisfying of EPs came together when psychedelic space-jazz-funk king and noted musician, composer and producer Jimi Tenor was on tour in Japan. Label head Marco arranged for him to head into Calm’s studio in Kawasaki, Tokyo, and real magic happened.

Calm & Jimi Tenor - Big City Takes EP

Calm & Jimi Tenor – Big City Takes EP.

It was a moment of musical magic when the incredible Jimi Tenor, renowned king of psychedelic space-jazz-funk and masterful producer, composer and musician visited Calm’s studio in Kawasaki, Tokyo. Thanks to Marco, head of the label taking on tour in Japan at that time, this most satisfying EP came to life. The captivating melodies and magical soundscapes created during his visit are proof positive that even from out of this world come unforgettable classics!

“Big City Takes” is a warm, romantic and altogether captivating listen. Tenor’s honey-smooth croon and the billowing waves of lush instrumentation provide an enriching yet soothing effect, sure to melt the heart of any listener with its tranquil melodies and delicate flutes. The organic percussion infuses a soulful, intimate mood that creates an aura of introspection and idyllic late-night musings. A truly delightful experience from start to end!

Mesmerizing remixes by Tapes.

Tapes deliver two mesmerizing remixes that are sure to get you on the dancefloor. Their first remix is a pure example of classic drum breaks sprinkled with delicate euphoria and an understated bassline for an ultra chilled-out vibe. The second remix takes it up a notch, shifting into high energy as pulsating rhythms mingle with phantasmagoric bass and bright spread chords for an unforgettable sunrise experience. Get ready to let loose with these two colorful grooves!

On the B-side.

If you’re looking for an undeniably serene listening experience, The Vendetta Suite has the perfect soundtrack for a soulful journey. His revitalizing rework of ‘Time & space’, taken from his label regular duties, breathes fresh air into Balearic post-rave comedowns. Gently pulsing chords envelope like peaceful water ripples, enchanting flutes glide like birds on a new spring day while dreamy synths and delicate drums invite movement with their life-affirming melodies. Nearly eight minutes of transcendent downtempo bliss awaits in The Vendetta Suite’s heavenly rendition of ‘Time & Space’.

Bonus track.

The musical journey of the EP closes with an entrancing, flute-led piece – ‘Trans Siberian Express’. The moniker itself delivers an aura of mystery; this sense is only amplified by its dubby jungle jazz composition. Allow yourself to be soothed by its charm and set off on a sonic trip from one end of the Earth to the other.

Final words.

Take a journey with Hell Yeah and their new EP featuring collaboration between musical legends Calm and Jimi Tenor titled ‘Big City Takes’. This album is a perfect mix of soulful funk and jazz sounds, vibrant rhythms, lush sounds and captivating melodies. Experience the organic percussion, croons from Tenor’s honey-smooth voice, and two power-packed remixes from Tapes and Vendetta Suite. Whether you’re chilling late at night or hitting the dance floor, you’re sure to find something incredible in this delightful collaboration! 

Calm & Jimi Tenor – Big City Takes EP

Release date: January 27th, 2023
12” vinyl + download + streaming. Get it here!

A1 Big City Takes (Original Mix)
A2 Big City Takes (Tapes Remix 1)
A3 Big City Takes (Tapes Remix 5)
B1 Time & Space (Calm’s Version)
B2 Time & Space (The Vendetta Suite Remix)

Bonus track: Calm & Jimi Tenor – Trans-Siberian Express

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