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From New Orleans Heat to Global Beats: Hiatt dB’s 10 Most Influential Tracks.

Kono Vidovic August 12, 2023 92 6 5

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New signing to Razor-N-Tape Hiatt dB was born and raised in the south. On his ‘11pm – Til LP’ you can truly feel the New Orleans heat! Hiatt dB Runs the Mystery Zone label and the party night. Here we ask him to talk us through ten tracks that mark his musical journey and have made an impact on him.

Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Beats.

Gahhh what a tune! One of my earliest, “favorites”. I wore my Dad out requesting this one over and over again from my car seat.

Little Feat – Spanish Moon.

These days I talk a lot about, “Country Funk” and many people don’t know what I mean. This tune is what first sent me down the rabbit hole. It has elements of Southern rock, country, and blues – but in a danceable, 4 to the floor funk context. Absolute gem! 

Lipps INC – Tight Pair.

When I moved to Austin I started a new party called, “Dustbowl” that focuses on the sounds of “Rock Disco”. This tune is my mood board in one song. Peak hour dancefloor madness every time.  

Epsilon – Ayayaya.

I remember the first time I heard this song I nearly lost my mind. It’s so unhinged and wild, with a certain “attitude”… I don’t know the word. Not happy, not sad, just… tough. I try and imbue all the music I make with that same feeling.  

The Voices of East Harlem – Can You Feel It?

Sometimes slow songs feel fast, and fast songs feel slow. This tune taught me that tempo doesn’t define energy… my copy is marked at 88bpm, and it’ll still send me into a fit on the dance floor. I can feel it! 

Alhaji K Frimpong – Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu.

I was lucky enough to hear this song for the first time live, performed in all its original grandeur by the Kumasi Afrobeat Orchestra in New Orleans. That experience jump started my obsession with West African Music… Highlife, JuJu, Afrobeat, Afro-Funk, Boogie, and Jazz, and even some sacred and secular traditional music of the Ewe and Fon people in modern day Ghana and Benin. 

Spoon – I Turn My Camera On.

Highly temporal and overplayed for many (including myself, really), but this tune does hold an important place in my musical journey. I was a huge Spoon fan growing up, especially with them being right up the road in Austin (I grew up a couple hours South in San Antonio, TX). This song became a massive hit, and I loved it. And through it, I became aware of the Punk-Funk-Rock crossovers they were drawing on from Parliament to Liquid Liquid, Lizzy Mercier to Gang of Four and on and on. That gave me a certain awareness of dancing and, eventually, club culture.

!!! – Slyd.

I’ve got this album burned into the front of my brain. !!! Really helped bridge the gap in my mind between the 80’s punk disco stuff I was into and more modern, synthesized club music. I started looking for my first synth after seeing them play live in high school. 

Johnick – Play the World.

This tune sold me on House music. It’s got that gritty, tough funk working on the bassline, with an ethereal, elevating string section all coming together in a truly hypnotic rhythm. After hearing this, I was hooked. 

Hiatt dB – First on the Floor.

This single, the third track on the record, represents the *Rising Action* of my new LP “11PM -’Til” out now on Razor-n-Tape. The album is conceptual, following the arc of a twisted, sinister disco bender over the course of 6 tracks. To me, this song evokes that moment when the floor starts to fill, a critical mass is approaching, and it’s nearly time to blast off. Enjoy it loud! 

My final words.

As we journey through the rhythmic landscapes of Hiatt dB’s musical influences, it’s evident that his deep connection to diverse genres has shaped his unique sound. From the sultry vibes of New Orleans to the magnetic pull of West African beats, Hiatt has woven a rich tapestry of musical inspirations into his work. Experience the culmination of these influences in his latest LP, “11PM -‘Til”. Dive deep into Hiatt dB’s world and let the music move you.

Discover more of Hiatt dB’s sonic journey by grabbing your copy of “11PM -‘Til” on Razor-n-Tape now.

Thank you Hiatt dB.

A heartfelt thank you to Hiatt dB for sharing these intimate glimpses into the tracks that have fueled his passion and creativity. Your dedication to the craft and ability to seamlessly blend genres is truly inspiring. Here’s to many more musical milestones ahead!

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