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Experience the Pulse of Berlin: The Best 18 HOR DJ Sets Unveiled.

Kono Vidovic December 18, 2023 947 15 5

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As a seasoned DJ and music curator deeply entrenched in the pulsating heart of electronic music, my journey has been a kaleidoscope of rhythm, sound, and culture. Among these rich tapestries of sonic experiences, HÖR Berlin emerges as not just a standout, but as a revolutionary force. With its unwavering commitment to innovation and a showcase of raw, unfiltered talent, HÖR Berlin has redefined the landscape of live DJ performances. This article is a heartfelt homage to this avant-garde platform, a testament to its transformative impact on the music scene and on artists like myself.

HOR Berlin, Best DJ Live stream Sets (HOER)

What is HÖR (HOER) Berlin?

In the heart of Berlin, a city synonymous with groundbreaking electronic music, lies HÖR Berlin, a live radio hub that has become a cultural phenomenon. At its core, HÖR is more than just a streaming service; it’s a community, a space where creativity and beats merge to create something truly magical. For those who breathe music, HÖR is a sanctuary in Electronic music where you can easily hear and see your favorite artists play and discover new ones while you discover new music with track ID’s and much more.

The Best HÖR Berlin DJ Sets

Delving into the pulsating heart of Berlin’s electronic music scene, HÖR Berlin emerges not just as a platform but as a cultural phenomenon, showcasing some of the most electrifying and innovative talents in the world of electronic music. Here, I present to you the crème de la crème, the top 18 DJ sets that have not only captivated audiences worldwide but have also left an indelible mark on the very fabric of electronic music. These sets are not just performances; they are narratives, each telling a unique story through the language of rhythm and beats.

1. Nastia.

Her set is an electrifying journey through soundscapes, each beat and transition telling its own story. Nastia’s mastery is evident in how she captures the essence of Berlin’s underground scene. 

2. Siggatunez.

Siggatunez‘s HÖR set is a testament to his deep understanding of rhythm and mood. His fluid transitions and eclectic selections create a sonic tapestry that is both invigorating and introspective.

3. Iron Curtis.

Iron Curtis’s set at HÖR Berlin is a masterclass in blending genres. His ability to fuse soulful melodies with robust techno beats creates a uniquely immersive experience. It’s a musical journey that echoes through the corridors of Berlin’s nightlife. Check out his mesmerizing set.

4. Quadrakey.

The duo Quadrakey (which we interviewed here) brings a refreshing energy to HOR Berlin. Their set is a beautiful blend of deep house and minimal techno, showcasing their impeccable skill in creating a narrative through music. Their chemistry behind the decks is palpable, making their performance a must-watch. 

5. Johannes Albert.

Johannes Albert’s performance at HÖR Berlin is a testament to his versatility as a DJ. His set traverses various shades of electronic music, from uplifting house to darker, more introspective techno. Each track is carefully chosen to build an unforgettable atmosphere. Experience his set here:

6. Ruff Stuff.

Ruff Stuff’s set is an exhilarating ride through raw and energetic beats. Known for their dynamic style, they deliver a performance at HOR that is both powerful and emotionally resonant, perfectly capturing the essence of Berlin’s underground scene.

7. Tom Trago.

Tom Trago‘s HOR Berlin set is a vibrant showcase of his eclectic taste. Merging classic house elements with modern electronic sounds, he creates a sonic landscape that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. His set is a journey through the history and future of dance music.

8. Ben Hauke.

Ben Hauke takes listeners on an explorative journey with his HÖR Berlin set. His blend of lo-fi, hip-hop, and house elements creates a unique sound palette that is both intriguing and irresistibly groovy. His set is a testament to his innovative approach to music. Discover his rhythm in the video below.

9. Seth Troxler.

Seth Troxler’s performance at HÖR is nothing short of a spectacle. Known for his charismatic presence and eclectic selections, he delivers a set that is both unpredictable and thoroughly captivating, embodying the spirit of Berlin’s diverse music scene. Witness his magic in the video livestream and also make sure to check his performance at Cercle.

10. FS Green.

Dutch FS Green’s set at HOR Berlin is a refreshing mix of classic house grooves and modern electronic flair. His ability to read the room and adapt his style creates a dynamic and engaging performance that resonates with the Berlin crowd. Groove along with him:

11. DJ Minx.

DJ Minx lights up HOR Berlin with her vibrant and soulful set. Her selections, rich in rhythm and melody, create an uplifting atmosphere that is both empowering and deeply moving. Her set is a celebration of the diverse sounds of electronic music. Feel the vibe with her liveset below.

12. Secretsundaze.

The Secretsundaze set at HÖR is a journey through deep and melodic house music. Their seamless blending and track selection create an immersive experience that captures the essence of Berlin’s electronic music culture. 

13. Galcher Lustwerk.

Galcher Lustwerk’s HOR set is a hypnotic blend of deep house and ambient textures. His unique approach to storytelling through music creates a mesmerizing experience that is both introspective and groove-inducing. Experience his unique style in the video.

14. Sofia Kourtesis.

Sofia Kourtesis delivers a set at HOR that is a vibrant tapestry of sounds, blending cultural influences and electronic beats. Her set is a journey through different worlds, each track a new chapter in a story that is uniquely hers. Explore her musical landscape and enjoy her grooves.

15. Theo Kottis.

Theo Kottis’s performance at HOR Berlin is an elegant blend of emotion and energy. His set journeys through uplifting melodies and deep, rhythmic beats, showcasing his ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level. Experience his emotive set for yourself.

16. Felipe Gordon.

Felipe Gordon brings a refreshing Latin flair to HÖR Berlin. His set is a fusion of jazzy elements, deep house, and Afro-Latin rhythms, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that is both exotic and familiar. 

17. Amy Dabbs.

Amy Dabbs‘s set at HOR is an exhilarating mix of classic and contemporary sounds. Her selections are carefully curated to create a journey that is both nostalgic and innovative, perfectly embodying the spirit of Berlin’s electronic music scene. Tune into her set here.

18. Damiano Von Erckert.

Damiano Von Erckert’s performance at HOR Berlin is a celebration of diversity in electronic music. His set seamlessly blends genres, from disco to techno, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere. His energy behind the decks is infectious.

How to Play at HÖR Berlin?

For aspiring DJs looking to grace the decks of HOR, the path is one of passion and perseverance. Networking within the Berlin club scene, showcasing unique style, and consistently producing quality mixes are key. Remember, HOR is about authenticity and vibe, so let your music speak for you. You can always email them directly through their website and ask for specific details on how to contribute to their platform.

Similar concepts like HÖR.

While HÖR Berlin stands as a unique bastion in the live electronic music world, it shares the stage with several other influential platforms, each with its own unique contribution to the scene.

Boiler Room is renowned for its raw and intimate sessions, capturing the essence of underground music from around the globe, making it a cultural beacon in the music world. Cercle mesmerizes with its blend of stunning visuals and electronic beats, hosting cinematic live streams in breathtaking locations.

The Lot Radio from New York offers a dynamic mix of music, operating as an independent online radio station and becoming a hub for both emerging and seasoned talents. Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio is known for its experimental and eclectic sound, broadcasting from the heart of the city’s Red Light District.

Joining these names is Dirty Disco, the platform where this very article finds its home. Dirty Disco stands out as both a website and a podcast, carving its niche in the electronic music community. It not only offers curated musical experiences but also serves as a beacon of information, discussion, and appreciation for electronic music. Through its podcasts and articles, Dirty Disco provides a unique perspective on the scene, connecting listeners and readers with the latest trends, tracks, and artists in electronic music.

Each of these platforms, including Dirty Disco, plays a pivotal role in shaping today’s electronic music landscape, offering unique experiences and contributing to the rich, diverse tapestry of the global electronic music community.


HOR Berlin is more than a streaming platform; it’s a pulsating heart in the body of electronic music. Its contribution to the scene is immeasurable, continuously pushing the boundaries and showcasing incredible talents. As a DJ who has seen the industry’s many faces, I believe platforms like HOR are essential in keeping the spirit of electronic music alive and throbbing. Check out the platform here.

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